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Gordon Swingers

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Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - I think over 10 years in the lifestyle qualifies the research. What you're refering to has a lot to being open minded and approach sex as a healthy activity. AGAIN - when you think of the lifestyle and the term "swinging" a single person doesn't fit the description as there is no swapping on both sides.

Mormonmomtok - Tiktok mormon swingers - Ya I call bullshit on what I have seen.

Rules to hooking up - - [quote=FUCKCHASTITY]Maybe we all ended up swingers because we don't play games. Sounds like everyone was as surprised by these revelations as we were. We are all here for the same thing, no need to dance around it.[/quote] I for one, am grateful.... I'm too lazy to try translating code... It takes up time that would be better spent actually tasting new friends.

First time flop rule - it happens - [quote=T4REAL69][quote=DARJEN]Levitra will never let you down. Swallow your pride, go to your Doctor and tell him you can't get it up. Get a perscription and have some fun. I don't need it, but tried it once with some friends. It was incredible. It will make you harder, your recovery time is almost instantaneous and it feels soooo good. You'll never have a problem with nerves again. I can live with out it, but I would rather not.[/quote] [/quote] Better living through pharmaceuticals....lol....I hear ya! Mmmmm I wonder if they will give me a swingers discount? Guess it couldn't hurt to ask ;)[/quote] Don't want to burn that bridge too early...fine line between enjoyment, and dependency.

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - I agree . We would attend

Another Swingers Show on TV - - Sounds like it is time for a Secret Sex Lives Party

Just a little friendly advise to most single male swingers. - Male swingers - thanx

Another Swingers Show on TV - - video clips are available on the website - http://health.discovery.com/tv-shows/secret-sex-lives-swingers/secret-sex-lives-swingers-videos/hali-throws-a-swinger-party.htm

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - LoveShack2018 & McMeister01 can you add us pls?

Lying About Your Age? - Is lying about your age considered proper? - Does age really matter? I know several couples on this site and others that have porposely lowered their age. Basically, lying about how old they are. Is it considered proper among swingers to lie about how old they are? If they lie about their age, what else are they lying about? Once you find out how old they really are, and knowing they lied, would you trust them? Or, can you say you are younger if you look younger than your age? Does lying about age fall into the same catagory of deceit as posting pictures that are 5 to 10 years old, or saying 10 lbs or more overweigth is "Average"? Would having a penile implant or hysterectomy matter. Some would think it would matter more than age would. What's your opinion?

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