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Oprah show on Swingers - - WOW.. we need to watch that.. if there is something going on in our neighborhood, we want to know so we can join.

Utah? - - Well, that all depends on what interests you besides swingers! LOL ;) kisses

Exclusive FWB??? - - [quote=SwingNHit]Just as an observation, it seems to us that many (if not most) couples on this site are looking for exclusive friends with benefits. To us, that sounds like polyamorous dating, not swinging. No judgment whatsoever, hopefully everyone finds what they are looking for. We are simply surprised at how few couples actually want to swing - that is, have sex with lots of different couples. (Please spare the "labels" comments.) Again, no judgment, but I guess we are "swingers." Oh God, we finally said it! Hahaha! Everyone, we hope you each get what you are looking for![/quote] Well said. It is difficult to find good matches. Let alone four perfect ones. Often we are presently surprised when we meet new friends that we were skeptical about at first. In talking with others, the term exclusive seems to be a hurdle to jump as most want to be free to do who, what and went they want.

Button Up Tonight - - Is buttons up still open? Especially to the swingers? I haven't been there, we are looking for a fun place to go.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - [quote=TIFFND]Appreciate what you are trying to do...it is admirable. Just finished the survey. I did leave it in the comments section, but will include our opinion here, as well. And we are NOT trying to flame anyone's efforts. Just putting our thoughts in. For us..the single most turn off of any event is limiting who may attend. Excluding the old or young ones, or the heavier ones, or..etc....you get it. We all have our preferences for play partners, but believe it or not, We are both a bit curvier, and me a bit older, but we still have younger, AND thinner friends who seem to enjoy our company both in, and out of the playroom. As we enjoy theirs. I must qualify this a bit, tho, in saying that what we have encountered in the events we have hosted. We have found that although some folks do enjoy the company of the single guys, attendance is often severely limited if you include too many single males without dates. Sorry guys..just the way it is. And..perhaps, as much as we disagree, it is the same. Just as with the single guys, too many of us, as an older/heavier couple may do the same in limiting the folks you are really trying to target. No butt hurt intended for anyone, as I said...just our two cents! There I said it so you don't have to...LOL[/quote] Hear, hear! But one disagreement, sort of. Or maybe it's just a more specific comment about the topic. While I can't argue with limiting single men, simply because of numbers if there was no limit many things would have a population of maybe as much as 75% single guys, and neither they or many of the other attendees would have a great chance of hooking up. But I don't think they should be strictly forbidden. If nothing else, because of my wife's night time working schedules, I often end up being one of those single guys, and I nearly ended up sitting home alone for both last Christmas and last New Years Eves. And it's a special aggravation when looking at the RSVPs for some "no single men" party or event that is happening on a night when my wife has to work, and I see in those RSVPs some lady who I know would be VERY happy to see me there. A better policy, I think would be to limit the number of single men on a sort of sliding scale. State in the event or party description, for instance, that single men can request to come, and will be kept on a list. Then, at some specific date before the party/event, the hosts will look at how many couples and/or single women are coming, and decide on allowing some appropriate number of single guys, who will be selected from that list based on first signed up, first invited. I also have a problem with selecting attendees based on some of the standard criteria, such as age and even weight. Like with the "no single men" thing, I do have a personal interest here. Even though I do just fine at parties/events, if the hosts were screening for age I'd probably never get in the door. Hell, I'm finally 65 now, and am all too aware of all the assumptions many people make about anyone that old. And I imagine that if they got past the age and looked at our profile pics, they'd probably be certain that my pics are like 20 years old, if not older. (Actually, I admit that one of them IS a bit over a year old now.) And if they notice that my wife's 24 years younger, they probably figure she must have been either crazy or desperate. And I've met some ladies in their early to mid 20s who are just as much fun to be with, and I don't mean just physically, as those in, say, their late 30s or older. So yeah, I have a big problem with eliminating prospective attendees based on what age group they're in. OK, you probably wouldn't want to end up with something like 85% people from 20 to 35 and 15% over 55 (or the reverse), but just plain ignoring all people in some certain age group, or level of fitness group, or whatever is, I think, just plain ridiculous. And BTW, we did do the survey. ~ Terry

Swingers at work... - - About a year ago my wife was visiting one of the fast food stores she owns. It is one in the next town that has a full time General Manager and a manager so she spends minimal time there. She was walking thru and over heard two employee talking. Clearly it was about a local swing club but no one but a member would know. She discretely took one employee to the side and asked if they were speaking (female first name) and (male first name)'s party. She was. Ended up that several of the employee's were attending the same party we were going to. Apparently we had all been going but just never on the same nights. Needless to say it was an interesting evening the time where my wife and I along with three of her employees were all at the same party. A little space was given but by the third or forth time we were all at a party at the same time it worked out ok. The no play rule is VERY firm and it is NEVER mentioned at work. Thank goodness the store was eventually sold to new owners so the concern is much less.

Funny Joke About Forums - How Many Forum Members Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb? - :i Don't you all think this should have been posted under "Lifestyle Questions" since the basis of the inquiry was to determine how many forum posters from this, a swingers site, it would take to perform a given task? So, it is a question from a swinger about swingers... definately a "Lifestyle Question". Sorta like this one: "How many single men, on a swinger site, does it take to get 5 pages of forum comments from fellow swingers?" Apparently 1 if he's from another planet and a profound tard. Definately a lifestyle question. :z just couldnt resist

Swingers at work... - - My wife and I have had much the same experience. Recently, at my work a long time swing friend of ours that we had lost touch with (moved out of state) got hired to work at my company. At first I thought it could get a bit awkward, but it is all good. Luckily, our friend is very discreet and NEVER brings up anything about it at work. In the past, we have had to deal with the indiscreet folks that want to babble on and on about this party and who they saw there, but we haven't had to deal with that in several years which is a great thing.

If your family or non swinging friends found out you swing - - In UT it has some different connotations because of the predominant religion here. Although a few of the people we have met are still practicing, it is definately frowned upon and the majority have parents or family that are still card carrying (*UT JOKE) members. So, that the big risk of being found out, but they way we look at it, if my family came to me and said "so and so said that you were swingers...." my response would be "my sex life is private, just like yours, and if you want to tell me how your wife likes it and give me all the sordid details of your sex life, then I can answer your question, if not, we both can go on our merry way and not delve into each others sex lives, where it is none of our business anyhow!"

How to find other swingers - - MissyVern I think I read that the wristbands glowed under black light? Please consider having single straight males wristbands say something like : Remember, put her desires first or nice guys finish first or ask not what the couple can do for you, but what you can do for the couple Just a thought. Why not groom single guys into what you'd like them to be?

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