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Question - do you talk about other swingers? - Bottom line is, no matter how big an area you reside in, (it can be the entire state) if you drop dime, it WILL catch up with you! Always best to keep your guts on the inside... ~D&T~

Swingers Next Door! - ABC news story on Swinging! - This looks to be the same show; they're touching on how it can affect their very young kids; since the internet's forever I suspect there will be some repercussion for them socially. http://morningafter.gawker.com/how-children-of-swingers-are-affected-by-their-parents-1694568833/+richjuz

What are swingers really looking for ?Are they looking for frien - Has the happen to you. - i think as long as u are honest on your profile about everything that u want and dont want then they cant blame u if they dont want to take the time to read it all before they try to email u . just be honest with yourself and others . and tell everybody up front . it would also be more helpful if u wrote the people that u wanted to meet that way u have some control over who the people are . adn the ones that write u that are looking for something else . dont worry about it . it happnes to all of us . dont let others get u down . find people that are looking for what your want and have fun . we tell everybody that we are just looking for friends and we hang out with alot of different people . and we have been with different people looking for different things . sometimes people just clikc and can have fun . and some dont click even wanting the same things .jsut be honest and look and try to find people like u and make friends on the way . if u want to try someting new then do it . if not stick to what u like . i like females . but we have a hard time finding a single female . so sometimes we find where the wife and i can play . and sometimes the husband wants nothing more then to watch . and we all have a great time . dont give up on your search . naughty dreams freaky kitty

Where are all the MEN - looking for men that arent afraid of furthering the aspect of sex - I am very sorry to offend all the homophobics out there especially you fun4u. I myself did not mean to generalize anyone or any group. (actually I think the guy that made the comment \"all true swingers are bi\" was flirting with me) Everyone and their experiences are different and that diversity is what makes it all the more entertaining. I do understand that pressure for anything is not fair nor acceptable. I am not forcing anyone to conform to my ideals I will defend mine however. As a person who has expanded upon experience and I am just looking for people who are equipped and capable of looking outside the box. A bad experience in any way will leave a bad taste in ones memory. Just Like a person who does not take the time for foreplay...how boring. Or does not take their time to please the partner they are with. 35 seconds and dressed again DOES become more challenging with multiple people. I myself do not wish to be fit into such a limited confine of existance I understand that many a person has had a bad experiences anal or otherwise. This, you could mostly blame on the one giving it. And that some are not interested in trying in the first place. I mean why would you try something like even having sex in the first place. Its vile and disgusting in nature. But we do it for pleasure, which had better be why you are here. But some of you have taken such offense to a topic that I assure you, has to do with pleasure. I have had more negative responses than I would have ever imagined from a group of people that are known for enjoying things that \"some\" people would take great offense to or even consider immoral. And to those of you who like to fall back on a prostate exam. The doc isnt wanting you to \"GET OFF\" in his examination room. He would have to charge more. And I think it would void your insurance coverage. Just like the nice cold speculum that women just LOVE to have their gynocologist shove in their crotch and stretch them open, but they still let us put stuff up there. So there IS a difference between an exam out of necessity and an act done for pleasure. Thank you for all your comments Lee

Not getting much action on here - - Swingsites, I think, are dying a slow, painful death and one day in the not too distant future will probably cease to exist. We've been on a number of sites since the early days of the interwebs and most have gone under...and the two we're still on are in danger of becoming extinct. There are just too many other platforms and apps that make it easy for people, especially younger swingers who are already predisposed to use those methods, to find and hook up with other people. It's really too bad because swingsites offer an arguably better, more discreet, way for people to browse other's profiles and pics in relative safety before they decide to venture off to meet.

How did you get started? - - Scott was familiar with the subject of swinging though not experienced, I had never heard of it. One day he started asking questions about my fantasies. Over the next several weeks we really had honest conversations about what we fantasized about and what turned us on. After that Scott found a local swingers club so we went to their social dance. It was not until then that I realized there were a lot of people (most, very normal) that also had similar interest in exploring their fantasies. I would love to hear how others got started. Who brought it up? Did they bring it up because they had prior experience? How did you react?

SWINGERS Golf Pro's and Tennis Ho's Crawl - Pub Crawl - You're invited to Our annual Golf Pros and Tennis Hos Bar Crawl. April 4th SWINGERS- is a golf and tennis themed, 9 bar pub crawl. Dress: is wild golf or tennis clothing. 20 minutes will be spent at each bar, which is considered a hole or a set. Once here, a player must have a drink/ shot/ or a beer, to have strokes removed from their scorecard by our judges. If you are a Tennis player you must win your set by gaining points. The scorecard contains the list of bars, what drinks must be purchased for stroke deductions, and a listing of other shenanigans folks can do to have strokes taken off or to gain points (such as Flashing, making out with a stranger, dressing in player attire bringing a mascot or caddy. (Points for creativity and/or sexiness). Quoting the movie Caddy Shack, or buying a judge a drink) the tennis player who wins the most sets also wins a prize. The Pro with the lowest score at the end wins all the bragging glory, a surprise gift and the coveted SWINGERS CUP. If you are not drunk by the 9th hole, you clearly didn't follow the game plan. All competitors get a Bar Golf t-shirt at the first bar. So that we can print enough T-Shirts for everyone, tickets will not be available after March 29th. NON-COMPETITORS there is no cost for you to attend this event. But please cheer and give encouragement to the competitors. Also act as good caddies and help the player get from bar to bar. After party info will be given out at the last bar. Starting Bar is Lumpy's Downtown. 7pm If you need a ride home after this pub crawl. Please call My Sober Guy Since it is International Pillow Fight Day the ladies of Pillow Fight Club will be along for the crawl to pillow fight. Bars and sponsors please purchase the sponsor ticket to have your logos put on the T-Shirts. Sponsors - Lumpys Downtown Sky Slc The Office SLC Green Pig Pub Maxwell's, SLC Whiskey Street Cheers to You SLC Bourbon House SLC POSTS [url=FACEBOOK]https://www.facebook.com/events/1584758705101541/[/url]

We're going to SEMA! - Gonna be in Las Vegas for the weekend. Sexy swingers?? - The pregnant wife and I are going to be in Vegas from tomorrow evening through saturday morning. It's going to be awesome to go to the SEMA show. We'd love to meet up with some super SEXY swingers while we're there, or maybe a nice sleepover on the way home saturday night? Maybe meet at the couples oasis? What other plans could we make? Stay sexy swingers!

network swingers - - ....and which show would that be exactly?

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? - Well then Sunny! I guess we might just be too "Old For Yer A Liken". Cause me the the Misses'es, We uns is just about as "Old as Dirt". We don't Smell Like Dirt! And we's got's more spunk than a lot of Ya's Kids that Plays with your Selfe's and others. So just yall remember, If'un Granny and Gramps would not of had some sort of sex life, then nun ya little bastards would be here now would Yas "The Creaking Old Tool Man"

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