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Is it a “preference” or is it “ discrimination” - - Didn't realize this thread was apparently about skin tone. Fun fact. Skin is technically ALL the same color. It varies only by value, which is the relative lightness or darkness of a particular color. Saturation and chroma also play a role in how we perceive colors. Maybe a more accurate way to state your preference would be to say that you prefer that your lovers have a much higher skin tone value...of course, then you might be inundated by requests to fuck by albino swingers. But, based on the verbiage in your profile, albinos WOULD be the closest color value to your stated preference of "white". [img]https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9d/db/ff/9ddbfff4cc56de7d456b77b9c6e2e0b2.jpg[/img]

Policing Ourselves - Can it be done? - Oleman, I'm going to disagree with you. I speed now and then. I don't always wear my seatbelt (law here). I might even steal a grape from the supermarket when doing my grocery shopping. But when it comes to other people, respecting them, respecting their boundaries, I am very attentive to the rules, spoken and unspoken. I have been violated. I would never turn around and treat another in a way that I know is harmful or degrading. I would think it is very reasonable to assume that people act like decent human beings. Swingers or not.. Ali

LAVA - - The 20 & 21 is the big swingers party!

Trying new things . . . - Is it worth it? - We have met some great friends off swingular and AFF. The Key word is "meet". Meeting DOESN'T mean sleeping with..We have those that we play with and those that we don't. The great thing about having swingers as friends..You don't have to be all hush hush about sex.

Swinging and Children Don't Mix With Me, What about You? - Unforgettable experience - we would have never took our kids to a cpls house that we met at a swing club first and for most. if we didnt me cpls because of our kids then the world didnt stop.sounds like poor communiations....the cpl mite not have known the problem sence ole hubby went with her with out a fight. something tell us this was doomed from the start.but you got one thing rite unless you know the folks very very well a family get-to-gether with swingers is a bad idea but thats just our thoughts on this.... roger and vickie ps i hope all the english majors forgive my country boy spell

Swingers Kickball Society - - I haven't played since grade school. Sounds like fun. count us in.

Friend collectors or swingers - - We fwb couple. We don't like collecting friends and I usually clean out most about once a year. Just hard to find a good friend

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - This sounds like a good group to be a part of. We are interested.

The New Neighbors Are Swingers - - That’s hilarious, where do you find this stuff?

how much do you tip the pizza person? - this should be good!!! - :z great topic for a swingers site! we love japan, no tipping allowed! but in other circumstances, 3 bucks as we are a small family

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