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swingin - thought this site was a swingers site -


Good for you. You know what they say about opinions. Know that you are still part of the extreme minority. Good thing for me, eh? LOL Thank you. Come again.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Swingers unnerve families at hotel - - I\'m sure somewhere between what the news reported, what the parents reported and what those in attendance reported,..... is what really happened. You know how it goes.... the media likes to sensationalize.....

weight approperate - -

Then Don "De Libertine" said...

Well, like age, lifestyle, hygiene and other physical attributes, weight is subject to an individual's taste. We are all unique in what we desire and while some do not mind overweight people, some do. Should we fault them? One should think not. We should just find those we are most compatible with. I am a bigger guy (230) and I do not expect any woman to "get" with me just because they show interest in being friends. The sex part of this is a reward that comes after both parties have established where they stand in the meeting or friendship. Just because we are all "Swingers" doesn't mean we lack taste. Swingers couple are single people X 2 in regard to sex. Meaning as a single you don't look for any ole piece of ass that comes along. You try and find what you consider a hottie. Same goes if you are looking as a couple. Can you be friends without fucking??? SURE! Can you be friends you are not attracted to??? YES!!!! I say again... Suck up and drive on. There's a couple out there for you. Keep diggin :-) -D-

Ways to point out Swingers in public - - Just randomly point and announce..."hey look, theyre swingers" and see what kind of reaction you get from others around you. We have the black rings, but as not3d above that theyve become so common now by everyone that weve never had anyone react to them.

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - Maybe in our wildest fantasy. [em]Emo_4[/em]

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? - Given swingers seem to be very opened minded people, we are wondering how age is viewed. Do the 30 somethings stick with the 30 somethings, etc. Your thoughts are appreviated.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - VP, Most of the shit in this forum is repetitive. LOL! Thanks for backing up my stance though. I remember that "venting" thread you spoke of. There are always people quick to judge and find ways to ridicule and be intolerant. You should move to Utah. LOL! It's an ocean of fucking intolerance. Was that intolerant of me to say? HAHAHA! -D-

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - [quote=CRAZYFOXTCU]From certain perspectives yes that's what I'm saying. Religion twists things but from the view of an Islamic extremest what those terrorists did on that plane was the pinnacle of a moral example. From our point of view it was horrid and sick. We are in the out group to these terrorists and religion has warped their view so that they think they need to defend the ideals of their in group. Understanding that they believe they are doing good things doesn't excuse them from the bad things they do. Like how the Pope isn't innocent for using his influence to stop people from using condoms in countries riddled with AIDS and parent less children. He believes he is doing right but is inexcusable.[/quote] I am afraid I have to agree. I think morality is a moving object and simply a point of view. It does not take religion or lack of it to make you moral because morality is a self designation and has no absolutes. If we pass laws to protect morality based on an absolute definition of morality, then we are climbing out on a limb and cutting it off behind us. I think hellokity defined the goal when she said

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We are new to Utah so we are really hoping it's not dying out or that people are only looking for Barbie and Ken....I'd rather not move again ;) Mrs crazyfun Xoxox

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - We just need 10 more to complete the list... Any thoughts?

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