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50 condoms of any brand for 20$s???? - a wonderful site to buy condoms in bulk! - [i]Not a advertisement!!!![/i] Since I am new here, I want to share this site with you all. I believe us swingers need condoms more than anyone and it can become costly after awhile. Well no need to head to Walgreen

Seems Pointless - Seems Pointless - “Because it’s a swinger site” - doesn’t explain the WHY the site would have any user (single male, or otherwise), be able to view users that they could not contact. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your profile NOT pop up on searches from singles males or any other demographic that does not interest you? “not designed for single males” As you said earlier, it’s a swinger site…. It can be assumed that is “designed” for all types of swingers… couples, single males, single females, all types. The category’s are pretty clear in its stated format. I do agree however that many seemingly just troll.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Mmmmm...love it! Now I want to try DVP! DP was an amazing orgasm so I can only imagine what DVP would hold in store ;) Kisses, Naugh-Ty

Yay Delaware. - - What, no love for equal rights for everyone? Hmmmm thought swingers would kinda fall into that category on this particular social issue. Maybe it's a Utahr thang. On other swing sites support for gay marriage is running about 85-90%. Oh I get it. Maybe gay marriage somehow threatens your straight deviant non-monogamous marriage. :-P Yes, most vanillas who would oppose gay marriage would probably consider YOU a deviant because you fuck outside the bonds of holy matrimony. Looks like Minnesota will be next which oddly enough the other swing site I'm speaking of is based out of. :-)

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369]But a person can change there birthday on swingular and your system will allow them to purchase tickets so there not really a full proof way to keep the older from buying tickets [/quote] That's right... although "took the money and ran" still seems a bit harsh, considering I don't generate any sort of profit on our events. (Believe me, we debated long and hard about getting involved in an event that required a ticket... but... private venue means it's gotta be paid for). We have no interest in making money off the lifestyle community. Our only goal is to create fun events where people can easily meet others. For the record, every time we've ever hosted an event, I come out in the red. This one will be no exception. I consider it my contribution to the lifestyle community. More to the topic..... If someone wants to lie about their age to get into a Young Swingers party... there's nothing stopping them. Their likelihood of getting laid using that approach, however, is pretty close to zero. =)

Orlando freaks - Orlando swingers - You should stop by Secrets Resort. Its about 20 min from you. If you haven't been its defiantly an eye opener.

On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - What cracks me up about the "moral majority" here is that most of them secretly are into all kinds of stuff. This is now the number one state for paid porn subscriptions !!!!!! That tells me that all those horny old men that make the laws here are the ones living in secret. It is so sad :( My husband and I have lived all over the US and love the on premise clubs. Would love to see one here in SLC. But like everyone has stated, you will have to really look into the laws and how to go about it the right way.

couples more [oft ] ask for couples or single females. why is th - - I was a single guy for a while. The difference for me was that I was out having fun with my friends. The fact that we were all swingers didnt make having sex a necessity. As a matter of fact, if youre a single guy in the lifestyle for a long period of time then you are probably doing something wrong. I met Holly in the lifestyle and we were both singles. We hit it off and now we play together as a couple. I hear the single guy compliants about lifestyle and ask myself 'Why would you bother?'. Its not for everyone. If you arent successful, maybe thats lifes way of tell you to try another road. You obviously arent very respectful of other people choices about their preferences within the lifestyle. Respect is everything in lifestyle. ***From the female side of this couple*** To the gentleman that started this thread. If you want to know why most people dont want single guys, you only have to look at your profile to know why. Seriously.

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - If my profile interests you, I am in

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=POET_RAYL]wife is 36f, I'm 48m We didn't get tickets Cus I'm over 45 but no biggie. Since most big parties you pay $50.00 to get in, Spend another $50.00 on drinks and snacks, you talk to people and still don't get laid.[/quote] You're not paying to get laid. There's laws about that. You're paying to meet people, hang out, eat and drink and have the opportunity for frank sexual discussion and expression which I'll wager you can't do in most other groups you're part of in your daily life. The transactional approach will almost always disappoint you.

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