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Swingers at work... - - My wife and I have had much the same experience. Recently, at my work a long time swing friend of ours that we had lost touch with (moved out of state) got hired to work at my company. At first I thought it could get a bit awkward, but it is all good. Luckily, our friend is very discreet and NEVER brings up anything about it at work. In the past, we have had to deal with the indiscreet folks that want to babble on and on about this party and who they saw there, but we haven't had to deal with that in several years which is a great thing.

Casual sex - Seems like good news to us. - We've found that its much easier in California to just "hook up" because most of the clubs who cater to swingers have rooms, beds, pools and jacuzzi inside their premises and you bring your own drinks. Most of the times there is food and a bar to serve the drinks you bring so its all there and all you have to do is show up and dance, get naked and have sexy fun (not in that order).

what is soft swing - - In our opinion: soft swing, in addition to being boring and kind of pointless, is nothing more than a prick tease. If we need stimulation, we have a porn collection. If a soft swinger gets really adventurous and goes for an hand job or oral- whoopdefuckingdoo. We're in this for the big one. Most of the soft 'swingers' we have met have been more like the 'Don't fuck my wife but can I fuck yours?' types Yawnnnnnnnnnn Damn there I go offending the soft 'swingers' again... Nobody more sensitive around here than the softies

Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - You should have come down to our party...No one did anythign that was not requested and/or OK'd,,,, You are a better man than me...If someone did that to my Mrs....They would be toothless as fact as they kissed her like that...No doubt, somone will test me on this one now....Don't recomend it...LOL Seriously,....They would be trying to figure out how an elbow got that far down their throat... Males you wonder though.....With all this bashing of single men...were that(ose) guy(s) single or married?

"The naughty crowd!" - Got any good stories? - Alright back. Every now and then a post will pop up on here talking about meeting a couple outside the lifestyle and wanting to ask "Are you swingers?" Last year my family and I moved up to Spokane Washington and once we got settled in got to know our neighbors. Turned out the couple next door was near our age and had a daughter close to our sons age, so instant parental friendship since our little ones hit it off. After a while of getting to know them we became better friends and that question started to kind of creep up in my mind. One sunday looking through a swinger website I happend across a couple who lived in our town, about our age similar intrests and they looked vaguely fimiliar. it wasn't till I got further into their photo albums that I recognized the tattoo on the male half of our neighbors upper arm. I started laughing and called out to my wife "you'll never believe this!" I kept laughing and told her "I knew there was another reason we got along so well." Turned out that we weren't what they normally look for in fuck buddies but the friendship we had built up more then made up for the differences. So its been a year and occassionally we still get together for fun time. Its nice to be able to go over to each others houses on the premise of a sleep over and just wait for the little ones to tire themselves out. Then tire ourselves out. Not sure if thats the kind of stuff your looking for but I find it amusing. Josh

Non - Mormon Social Group - Get Togethers And Travel - There are swingers who used to be active, participants in the LDS Church, that are so far removed from the belief and activity that you can swear, drink, and dress provocatively when you are around them, and maybe even kiss and rub up against them on a dance floor, with their consent, in public and they don't care who sees them, and it would surprise few if they did. We pretty much fall into that category of persons. That does not even begin to suggest that just because some of the people who might see them, would not be surprised, that they won't be judgmental and gossip about them. Basically, if you are looking to be able and go out and behave contrary to the rules and regulations of the LDS Church with out worrying about guarded behavior, and you are forming a group to facilitate the fun, then it might make sense to make it plain that your group is not planning on covering up anything, beyond that which must be covered up to avoid getting arrested. The real barrier to entry for a person still involved with the LDS faith, or any other faith would seem to be their own comfort zone. For those whose extended social circle, requires deeper discretion, most of us who don't worry much about that now, do remember when it seemed to matter way more to us too. It is okay if it will always matter to you. We all make our own choices in life. You are not alone, and yes we understand and respect you.

Tired of Politics and Religion! - - We are just getting caught up on this thread and all we can remember about it is that Bel gets all wet and tingly. Guess this site really is a swingers site after all. And to the Don, our friends own another swing site and guess what, they even started a thread supporting Obama. Yes it was controversial but if you knew them you would understand, they are all about common sense and always support freedom of speech and expression.

threesome or bang - where do I find these men? - Yea swingular.com has been noticeably a big thing for utah swingers. Or maybe thats because I see them most often? Though doesn't explain the single male idiots jumping up to raise their hands in fucking Clearfield or SLC UT. I'm sure she's eager to wait for you guys to visit southern Illinois.... read you fucks. Anyways. I'm familiar with that area as when I was living in Cleveland I had a girlfriend in Effingham. Sadly your bets bet on here is reaching out to a st Louis group. Or try another site. The reply above mentioned a good one in your area. Which I find to be typically the best route. (Whats popular in your are*) though I'm sure you could use plenty of others as well. Fet has a reasonable means of reaching someone though I found better and stronger responses on here and again its because utah seems to be a massive swingular pop. And failing fet. aff, tinder, etc .

Donte and bre - Hot swingers - Before Joshua Ebbert started in gay male porn we had an amazing encounter at our house we hosted Kayla Lageson and Joshua Ebbert now married livjng in ca we fucked them same bed swap now known as Donte thick fucked my wide so good she had multiple orgasms more intense than she has ever had his thick cock definitely made her cum my god it was hot to see her petite frame and tiny pussy take his thick cock, she said he would stay complete Brick hard and keep fucking the hell out of her and he would shoot 5-6 loads of his hot cum into her pussy it would make her cum and she loved feeling him shoot in her .... they met again several times solo and fucked their brains out we also had 6 mmf 2-1 where we fucked my wife so good ... she loved his cock and she would cum so hard he was amazing to watch and I loved him pounding her with his thick cock hot as fuck and the merrier he ducked her and more she came the better it was ... I loved him blasting 6-6 loads in her and completely filling her tight pussy full of his married cum we had him join us a lot and Kayla or new thick his wife has no clue .. she is not hot we liked him but she was good not coming and her pussy was not only the worst smelling gross thing ever but she was loose as fuck and looks like a crack whore from a Dumpster ... we assume he stays with her because she lets him pound any pussy he wants all the time ... we think he could do much better lots of gorgeous women would love to experience how amazing he is we hope he leaves her trailer trash ass

Gym Fantasy - anyone else get turned on while working out? - We go to Gold's in Bountiful and there are some major hotties there. And some of them are swingers! :-) So fun to get all hot and sweaty and pumped and look over at someone else doing the same and not just imagining them naked but actually knowing what they LOOK like naked. ;-)

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