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The statistics of swinging - Relationship longevity in the lifestyle. - One thing we've noticed (and even had a few close calls with ourselves) is that, once the initial thrill of swinging/swapping wears off a little bit, many people look for the NEXT big thrill...usually separate play. And THAT, if you're not really prepared for it and don't go into it with your eyes wide open, is when things can get really sticky. I have an acquaintance in the lifestyle who is a professor of physiology who likes to talk at length about the "love hormone", oxytocin, and how powerful it can be in some lifestyle circumstances. I guess a subset of this issue might be how many swingers who break up do so because they fall in love with someone else in the lifestyle. One particularly insidious behavior that we've, unfortunately, encountered are men, both single AND married, in the lifestyle who attempt to ply Ms. Evil by saying things like, "If you were mine I would never want to share you.". There are probably a fair number of women (and probably men) who might be susceptable to that type of talk if they're insecure in their primary relationship.

What sets you apart from other swingers - Lets see whos looking for what. - I am a SINGLE man, the dredded, the bashed, the most ignored, how can you be a swinger, the blocked, the most unwanted, on every swingers site. OMG!!! LMAO! What sets me apart? Where do I start? Could it be that I'm a head taller than 99% of everyone in the room, club, crowd? Could it be that I've been told I have nice kissable lips? How about my sense of humor? My initials are B. S. lol Is it because when actually invited to a private gathering, that I hear the men and women saying *damn he is big, and only 3/4 erect!* lol Yes, I've heard it, No I dont think so! Could it be my BIG hands with LONGGGGG fingers, and size 14 feet? Is it my long guns, my uncut abs, my 38 inch bird legs? Maybe it's my ability to go from goofball to Mr Handyman? Oh yes, I know, it's because I can 2step, 3step, c/w polka, jitterbug, whip, waltz, c/w cha cha, east and west coast swing, double two, dallas progressive, ft worth shuffle, freestyle to rock n roll, disco, hiphop or rap, or the fact that I can twist/rotate my hips/ass as good as any female stripper!? LMAO Maybe it's because I'm a biker? A Big Rig driver? A Cowboy? A professional business man? Wait! Maybe it's because I can read people, their moods, their wants and desires, their needs, their minds, simply by paying attention to the look on their face, their body language, the speed of their walk, their hands, how they're dressed, the sound of their voice, or their laugh... I dont know that I really am better than the next man, or that I even want to be! I am ME, I will always be ME, I wont change ME for YOU for any reason! I find people either like me, and enjoy being around me, or they dislike me, and do their best to avoid me. This site seems to be based in UT, another site I'm on seems based in TX and FL, still another seems based in the UK. I wish I had a job where I traveled, I would enjoy meeting most of you for a drink. Iron aka Scott P.S. I'm open to comments, and opinions...

Ken and Barbie Syndrome...... - is this a real affliction? - So we just read Classy's profile. We find nothing wrong with it. In fact, we agree completely. Wish we had worded ours to say it that well. We also prefer face pics. That is the most important to us.. face pics. besides.. Parts is parts. Just because someone thinks they want to fuck you, doesn't mean you have to fuck them... We may be here as swingers, but we don't have to swing with everybody.. there HAS to be attraction. We realise that we don't appeal to everybody either. :) Maggi & Luke PS. You crack me up UTHOT :)

Do you disclose your STD - - there is a swingers site for people with herpes, generally one would want to become friends before having sex, if you are in contact regularly, they are not going to infect you intentionally, so dont have one night stands and sex with people whos identities are unknown. also any virus can be killed by making it resonate, the resonating frequencie for herpes is simplex1, 291.25-293.05 KHz simplex2, 353.9-362.9 KHz zoster, 416.6--420.2 one would need to purchase a frequency generator i got mine at www.drclark.com, and no i dont have herpes, the fact is that every parasite and virus has its own resonating frequecie

Salt Lake City swing clubs - What club whould you recomend - We know a lot of members of this site are from Utah. What swingers clubs would you recomend in Salt Lake City or around? We prefer clubs where they don't let single men in. Also, are there any off premises swingers clubs? Thank you in advance.

Swinging games - Games you play with a group - We have this card game called do or drink full of funny, naughty and crazy things to do in a group. There are a few cards we have to remove when playing with a groups of swingers. Like any having to do with social media or calling family members... but the ones like touch the genitals of the person to your right for a turn can be fun

Vegas Bound March 23-25 - - There is also a Swingers Luau party on Saturday the 24th. I think it is ok to post the link if not admin please delete if necessary. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2904456307/eorg

Swingers circle - Whats with them - They continue to post parties yet it appears no one attends the parties and it just clutters up the party section? We have friends that drove down to th last party, only to find out it was cancelled because les than 5 RSVP d for it.

Looking for Las Vegas fun - Looking for other swingers in Las Vegas - We would love to meet up with other swingers like us. Please send us a message. If you are a single male, you better in GREAT shape, under 30, HUNG, disease free and okay being filmed. We almost never play with single males but if you look like Brad Pitt we MAY be open.

How's everyone spending the long weekend? - Who's up for some spontaneous get togethering? - We're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary all weekend, we started Wednesday night with our private dinner and a Vegas show, Of course Thursday is T-day so family time, Friday is party time with friends, a dinner with everyone and a party at the swingers club later that night. Sat and Sun is as much sex as we can fit in. If anyone is in Vegas they can join us, we wish we lived in Utah though, so many people there

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