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Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 05' Mercedes C320 and 08 Mercedes E350. I'll never drive another car other than Benz.

On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - I am sure that there are a lot of folks that would support your venture. However you would have your work cut out for you and I hope you have a good law firm working for you and are able to do it. I know that in some places in the USA there are clubs that are held in a large private residence and that is the only way they can exist in those cities. But police have a tendency to treat the whole thing like it is organized crime. I know that we have members of the community that are cops and ex-cops and they should contact you privately and thus may be of some help or guidance. I do know of one case in Utah where all cars parked by the business were photographed by the cops and folks harassed and thus shut down and another where they simply ran the proprietor of a liberal magazine out of business. I wish you luck.

Only 12 couples within 100 miles on our search - Just using the search criterion of :non smoking, slim or athletic, 35-55, couples, soft swap yes, st - Well it is nice to get some intelligent on topic responses. Yes my original intent was unclear. I wanted to ask about the search function as so many times it seemed like I must be doing something wrong. I was frustrated at how you have to reenter all the parameters each time. And some of the parameters are different in search compared to what you can select in the profiles??? For instance in Soft swap in the profile you can respond with a yes, no, or maybe. Also how do you sort by excluding a yes in some parameter.? After playing with this feature I also noticed that some searches would get 2 pages of results and then I would go back and think I only changed one thing and get 20++ pages. The fact that I could NOT save the searches and be sure I just changed one parameter even though I thought I did was a pain as well. In all this I started to see some interesting trends that I was going to report on but by that time the thread had been hijacked. Originally I reported my search results for this specific search and the criterion I used solely for help in this matter and being so stupid not to realize that I offended Smokers, bi guys, and folks not average or less. Oh and I forgot folks under 35. I am surprised not all the folks who have been members over 365 days didn't throw stones too. I wont be starting another thread ever is the overall result of this. Whatever my intent was is not important now. I just want to say that we usually search and have met some folks outside of those original parameters and yes personality and many other factors can make the overall experience great. We don't have to call ourselves swingers and so many of you have made it clear in another caustic post like this that we do not qualify as swingers yet and shouldn't even be on this site. I agree. Have a good Life!

Single Male Market - Need feedback on a feature idea. - Affirmative Action in swinging is using Race (BBC) as a Plus factor when considering a single male. [quote=massageBBCguy]Brilliant! Thousands of other guys!!! That is very well said! I actually did some soul searching a couple of months ago and I noticed the difference.. I am pretty sure someone is saying I may be lucky because we have some “Affirmative Action Swingers” LOL[/quote]

Sex vs. Guilt - Atheists have 'better sex lives than followers of religion who are plagued with guilt' - I hope the Admin doesn't mind this. If so, delete it. I found this interesting; a swingers site in Utah for Mormons. http://www.sdc.com/utah-swingers/church-of-jesus-christ_lds-swingers-utah.html Mr. Seperimentors

What Percentage Swinger Are You? - Maybe this is interesting - Pretty small. Some would probably consider us semi-retired or maybe even posers. We've been in the lifestyle for a long time and have pretty much fulfilled all or most of our fantasies so now we're sort of opportunistic swingers. We like to socialize a bit and if the mood stikes us or we meet a particularly enticing person or couple we go for it. If not we go home and have amazing sex with each other. :-)

Enchanted Garden Prom - Swingers prom - Foxxy Kay LS Events would like to invite you to come enjoy a magical night of dancing, mingling, & playing at our Enchanted Garden Prom. Chef prepared hordeurves will be served. Couples $45 Singles $30. Professional prom photos will be available for purchase. We welcome friends, swingers, couples and single ladies. If your a single male please contact a admin before purchasing your ticket (limited to select single males). Just want to be clear upfront... It will be held at a LS positive venue the CH. The exact location will be posted to you a few days before the event. It is in Salt Lake in the Rose Park area. The doors open at 7pm and no admittance past 10pm. There will be announcements at 9pm please join us. This is not a get drunk party ( it is BYOB ) this is a mingle/dance/get to know others party. We will have a bar with basic mixers and water. No drugs Please follow the LS rules ( no shaming of any kind, always get consent, respect everyone, no pictures) There will be a dance area, mingle and talk area, outside patio area, a bar area, photo shoot area and semi private rooms to play. Crystal Gunther Fox Kay Fox Mary Jennings *Please use the venmo link provided in comments to purchase tickets. Tickets are non refundable and non transferable.

What would you do if you knew a member is fake? - Fake cpls on swing sites - I can see your dilemma, but are you sure they are fake and not just desperate, lifeless, pitiful fools? at the end of their pitiful ropes? Maybe just crude, rude, hillbilly rednecks or something? We get hit up by the same single males quite often, seems as though they shoot in the dark hoping for some sort of outcome, and then quickly move on when they don't get a response. then a couple months or so later, back again with the same plan that didn't work the first time! Doesn't mean they are fake, just desperate, and obviously unorganized! The problem with outing people, AT ALL, is that you never know. Thing is you never know who will end up being your future Boss, co-worker, or client. (using as reference, you just never know) I myself am very turned off by smack talkers, had someone email me very recently talking smack to me (their idea of a warning) about someone I have known my entire life. Now how could they have known you ask? they couldn't have, but.......my advice to them......never smack talk, because you never know. (One persons "truth telling" is another's "Shit talking") I'm sure that full swap couples would view us as fakes because we are soft swappers, and then get butt hurt. (Only full swappers are real swingers blah blah blah) But I promise you we are as real as the next dumb ass. And probably spent more time realizing our place in the lifestyle and why we are here. Anyway sorry for the babbling. Just my 2 cents! ~K~

Swingers gone bad?? - - We agree these people are not swingers and should not be even close to the class of swingers.

'Neighbors with Benefits' to air on A&E - Excited to watch? - Looking at the preview, I have a problem with the show before even seeing it. It looks like the people on it are all going to be 20 or 30 something, and pretty darned physically attractive. Great TV marketing strategy, I suppose. Get people to tune in to see great looking people who engage in "forbidden" sex. Titillate the viewing populace. But NOT anything even close to a representation of the people in the lifestyle. Sure there are people as young as in their twenties in it. I was in bed with one a few weeks ago (yes, miracles do happen, folks. Even with old codgers like me [em]Emo_100[/em] ). But not only is the lifestyle not made up entirely of really hot looking people in their 20s and 30s, they aren't even a really large chunk of it. The largest single age group, based on what I've seen at events and parties, as well as on the site, are in their 40s. And far from all being fit, slim, and very sexy in a traditional sense, they are mostly average. In other words, the majority of us are normal people. And until the society as a whole starts seeing swingers as just normal folks, swinging isn't ever going to be well accepted. I also have a suspicion that the show is going to present swinging as a bunch of people getting together then all pairing off randomly with whoever. In other words, the view of swinging that vanilla society already seems to have. I really doubt that this show is going to do anything good for the lifestyle, mainly because I expect it to present a warped view of the reality of swinging. ~ Terry.

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