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BUSTED! Your Kids Found Out Your Swingers. Now What? - - Tell them that your sex life is none of their business and keep rolling.

Are you a Swinger or Liver? - - Lmao 😂 wow!! This post…. The problem your having isn’t that your lifestyle as a “liver” is wrong, it’s the fact that you are contradicting yourself . You can’t expect others to not have have rules but have them yourself. It’s not single males that are the issue either, rather the lack of respect/socialization. Everyone is here to have a good time and not everyone is going to be your cup of tea. A lot of swingers I know are mature, respectful and want the same thing in return. Maybe just your experience and what your looking for is the problem.

Black Ring, Right Hand - How to tell if someone's a swinger - [quote=EVILDOERS]We used to go to the occasional lifestyle takeover/trip and would invariably be issued a wristband upon arrival so that we could get into events at the hotel or resort. It usually took about half a day for word to leak out, first among hotel employees and then later the general public, that swingers were around the area and that they could be identified by their wristbands.[/quote] When swingers are densely populated in an area.. yes.. that's bound to happen.. However, a tiny fraction of the population are actually swingers.. so when you're talking about something "in the wild" (versus at a meet-up), this isn't likely to be a problem. [quote=EVILDOERS]I guarantee if the black ring thing took off that very soon there would be multiple internet stories as well as likely regular news outlets that "swingers" wear black rings on their right hands and there goes any anonymity. The VAST majority of swingers would then not dare wear the accessory for fear of being seen/identified in public as a swinger.[/quote] I'd say we're years (decades?) away from that ever becoming a problem. Black rings would need to be EVERYWHERE before the general populace catches on to it... and then you just move on to something else. [quote=EVILDOERS]MUCH easier to just attend private swinging events where you have a reasonable assurance that all or most in attendance are indeed swingers rather than spend a lot of time cruising the bars or whatever looking for people wearing black rings. [em]Emo_67[/em] [/quote] I'm not sure which part of the black-ring suggestion takes "spending a lot of time"... Attending meetups is DEFINITELY the preferred way to find swingers (well, and web-sites, like this one)... But talking to people who've actually seen the black-ring in the wild and MET swingers in open, public, spaces... there's a certain excitement that comes from that. Maybe I'll just wear my "I swingers" t-shirt, instead. ;)

Bills Birthday Bash at Destiny's basement tonight 22nd - Swingers On-premise basement party - To anyone interested in attending a basement party tonight in Maryville, we're having a birthday bash for one of the members on here...two_out_for_fun...and we hope to see some familiar faces and even some new ones, to enjoy the night and meet some great people that are also members on here. Where: 1028 Williamson Chapel Road Maryville, Tenn., 37801 (you can google the address from yours for directions or call me) When: Saturday night 22nd 8pm until 1:30/2am Party Information: BYOB, On-premise, with no pressures or obligations http://www.webspawner.com/users/destinyssocials/index.html

Posting Events on Swingular - How Cae Get Permission To Do This? - We run a very active swingers group up here in Southeast Idaho where host monthly Meet & Greets every month along with house parties and hotel parties generally every other month. We would very much like to be able to post our events on the "Events" page as well as the Home page on Swingular. We have been told by Xavier Lang of Risque Soiree that we would need to pay a one-time fee of $30 in order to be able to do that, so please let me know how to go about doing that. Thank you for your assistance.

Is the coronavirus harshing your swinging buzz? - Swinging while wearing surgical masks! - We've decided that the BEST way to keep the coronavirus at bay is to strictly follow the new rules of social distancing. Unfortunately, there are enough horny swingers running around that it's really hard. But our new patented procedure of not bathing or using deodorant and eating a diet high in onions and garlic (and never brushing our teeth) is proving VERY effective in reminding other people how important social distancing is. Send nudes and we'll send you a copy of this revolutionary system! [img]https://media1.giphy.com/media/3o7TKvxnDibVYwawHC/giphy.gif[/img]

Friend collectors or swingers - - We are DTF people not friend collectors.

Go turn on Oprah - re:swingers - It is 12:30 here in Utah and I can't find it coming up on any of my Satellite channels. Too bad we were really hoping to catch it.

Anyone interested in BDSM - Anyone interested in Bdsm? - Hello sexy people. Before we get a ton of replies suggesting specific kink sites we are aware of them and are not satisfied w the results With all the open minded , sex positive attitudes of swingers we are hoping to meet likeminded people interested in any or all aspects of BDSM. Surely there must be some overlap on Swingilar with folks that like more extreme types of play? Just wondering...

what the f#%@ was he thinking? - swingers still deserve respect - We all receive letters from these morons who lurk behind a keyboard and say things they would never say in public. We have heard worse things from guys than that even. I won't go there with it. Just ignore them. We don't blame all single guys, we know there is that type out there.

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