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Please Share ;) How did you come up with your handle? - - we werent "swingers" when we attended our first party at the xchange club. Deb came up behind the misses and cupped her breast i though the misses was going to cum unglued. it was very erotic. later in the night deb came up and spoke to us again and had the misses play with her boobies and of course we were both turned on. we then kisses while deb held us both. so we thogh how simple the pleasure was that we received from that. so we decided we should be simplepleasures. sadly we had to add xxx to the front to get a yahoo account but it was close enough.

Florida swinging - Swinging in Florida - Ampussy - you are not too old!! not for us, anyway. but other than that, what you say is true, this site is pretty dead, we hear from a lot more people on the other sites, but for the most part it's just talk. if you want to meet real swingers, you have to get out and meet them face to face. by far most of the people that we regularly party with we originally met at a club or meet-n-greet, not online.

weight approperate - - First off I am the one that is not the ken, she is the barbie and a half. I have always been a large person today I am 61 300 and the truth is that I spend about six days a week inthe gym and work out three times as much as my very sext lady and if you dont know me dont judge. That is for all the psuedo swingers that view the body as an object. Whether male or female the jist of the life style is that it is a "LIFESTYLE" we are all going to look at what attracts us but the truth is that we both have had incredible time with people that did not look like Barbie or Ken. The real people in this world far out number those few. Health is a personal issue and as a nurse I have been witness to some very sexy individuals that were not healthy. Take life everyday as if it were the last and quit looking at the skin deep issues. pleasure is pleasure and it dont matter who you are and you can ask a couple of priest i know there is always something pleasure brings to us all. We got in the lifestyle because there is more than just a body to enjoy, someof our best meetings have become longterms friends as well.

couples more [oft ] ask for couples or single females. why is th - - WHAT A CROCK!!!!!! We entertain single men...AND we do NOT fall into any one of your previously mentioned categories... What it boils down to is this...WHATEVER YOU ENJOY... To blame single males for STD's is ludacris AT BEST...Like HIV/AIDS is a gay male thing...What a crock of shit...If you were as educated as you just claimed, you would KNOW that is not true...The spread of STD's is from just as previously stated, UNPROTECTED SEX...Not bi males, not gay males, not swingers, not anything but UNPROTECTED SEX.... YES...there are asshole single men who think that swinging is about an easy piece of ass, but to claim they are all that way is simply an asshole trying to stereotype someone...Next thing you know...Black guys have big dicks, white guys can't jump, Jewish people are cheap, etc will be spewing from your keyboard...I cannot believe this utter nonsense.... As to entertaining single men...We do for one simple reason...WE WANT TO!!!!!! Think of this dumbass...How many people did you date before you found a woman stupid enough to put up with your shit for any length of time? I see...I am sure it took you a while... Now...Look at this...How can you ENSURE you will make a friend with anyone? LIMIT the number of people...IT is MUCH easier to connect with a single than a couple...Why, you may ask? Think back to dating or as simple as making a friend...Was it easier to make a friend who was part of a group? or perhaps it was easier when they were also alone and without a friend? Hmmmm.....NOW, add to it the fact that there are so many asshole men married to women who have learned to put up with it...Hmmmmmmm.... NOW you can see why we play with singles....

Can bieng Mormon (LDS) and a Swinger co-exist? - - Having been raised as a mormon, I always took to heart the teachings that "My Father's house has many manisions" In my humble opinion, even the mormon church has a place in heaven for all of us swingers. The rank and file members may think and treat us differently, but in the end there is a place for all. It is impossible to reconcile the teachings of any religion with the swinger lifestyle, and we each have to make our own peace with that. Just my 2 cents for whatever it's worth :) Mr Closer

May 2014 Swinger's Cruise out of Los Angeles - Mexican Riviera Cruise for Swingers. - Looking for any Swingular members who are going to be on the cruise. It would be nice to know some couples prior to going.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=TOTO73]only done it once, but would love to try it again. any volunteers [/quote] I would love to volunteer to join you.

Carnival Breeze Sept 13 - - We will be going on our second swingers cruise, the Independence Of The Seas Swingers Cruise - Nov 2014. We had a great time on our last one.

On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - we would join and come regular would love to see a place like this

Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - I think it's cool. I would definelty wear it because I could give a fuck what people think. However, it's not as discrete as it should be, if you are targeting everyone in community. An innertwined couple is cool though. It is cool that you are taking the bull by the horns. -D-

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