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Swinging in Tokyo or Shanghai - - This might sound obvious, but look up Japan lifestyle, or swingers in a search engine....i'm sure there has to be a page or 2 in english...

Friends with out benefits? - Is it possible to find friends on here who dont want to fuck? - We know this isnt facebook or something like that but we really enjoy being around swingers until they try to ask for more than what we are comfy with. We are not swingers or vanilla. Somewhere inbetween? What are your thoughts or advise? Any input is appreciated, even if its negative :-) Oh and we have tried the full swinging experience for a couple years, we loved it up until we felt we had to "put out" lol.

feedback - - I'm with RIPIN22 on this one. We came to this website to meet people who are as open minded as we are. We live by the phrase "To each his own" Not always do we agree to someones opinion or preferrence but we respect their freewill to have that opinion or preferrence. We are not "hard" swingers and can be at times particular who we'll jump into bed with, but at least we reserve the right to tell someone that they are just not for us. Isn't that what this lifestyle is all about in the first place. I realize not alot of couples are into single guys, but should they be punished for that? We have brought our longtime 'friend' to the meet and greets and have been thanked for introducing him and for the insight that he has brought to the group as a single guy. In return he was met by the "Jealous husbands club" and has since backed off from the sight because of poor feed back from the people who have yet to meet him. It's amazing what you can miss out on if your mouth opens before your eyes do. I thought that NO judgements is what this was all about. I know that is what we were looking for when we signed up :::sigh:: I guess it's the same all over ... and here I thought it was just a Utah thing lol Rubs and kisses Mare

How much risk is too much? - - [quote=ILLUSTRATOR]You're right. I'm just telling it the way I see it from what I know. I just wanted to voice the other side of this because I know women who feel this way and, although I understand how you feel, I see their side of it, too. And the men on here who think that women truly want to be raped need to understand that they may think it's what they want, but what they really want is the unrealistic fantasy that's played out so often in the Romance Novels that are flying off the shelves. There's a reason for their high sales. But it's merely a Fantasy. These men might come across videos like that of Laci Green's and think that means all women want to be raped. They should know that, in reality, women don't want it played out. That's what the OP should know and consider. [/quote] And a certain percentage of men may have just read that and only saw (or acknowledged), "...all women want to be raped." When we already have a very pervasive bias in our culture towards patriarchy and women being subservient to men, especially sexually, then discussions like this, IMHO, cause more harm than good. It doesn't take much looking on the internet to find sites and discussion boards where violence against women is not only overtly depicted through text and image but also actively discussed and even encouraged. Fantasize all you want but openly discussing how to fulfill rape fantasies in a swingers forum can only cause harm I think.

Is Exhibitionism wrong? - Just after everyones thoughts... - I enjoy BOTH. There's nothing better than watching a sexy couple have sex. I've set up some "accidental viewings" over the last few years. Many couples enjoy showing off in front of a stranger. Some get a real rush from the nautiness of getting caught or watched by someone. I wish there were more couples in Jersey that would take part in this activity. I've also discovered that I truly enjoy showing off for couples or in groups. After attending two swingers clubs with some couples that I met, I realized it was a BIG turn on to perform in front of people. I think I like performing with or for a couple more. It's a rush to be told by a couple to take out your cock and start jerking off or for a husband to ask you if he can take pictures while his wife sucks your cock. WOW!!!!!!! One of those pictures is in my profile. How does everyone else feel about exhibitionism or voyeurism? [email protected] Ray

Cuckolding - Interesting article from some outsiders, what do yo - - I read the article and from a swinging standpoint don't consider encouraging and enjoying my wife's enjoyment of her sexuality as anything even approaching cuckoldry. I'm sure some vanillas might see it differently thru the lenses of their "vanilla goggles" but swinging is definitely NOT cuckoldry. The sad thing is that (yes, I have to go there) some single men view coupled male swingers as nothing more than cucks and often act accordingly and thus perpetuate the dreaded SM stigma. Don't get me wrong. There definitely are cucks in the lifestyle and to some the "hotwife" style of play approaches if not at times reaches the level of cuckoldry. But the vast majority of male swingers are definitely not cucks and simply enjoy the fact that their partners are free to explore their sexuality and "get off", if you will, on the fact that their partner is turned on and experiencing their sexual desires to the fullest.

Same Sex Marriage - If you support - I support gay marriage. I support my sister's right to love whom she chooses, to give her heart and soul to the person she chooses. My sister just happens to love another woman. Why is her love any less than yours or mine? How does her being able to marry the person she loves hurt your marriage or take away from your relationship? Gays would take the same vows would they not? They'd make the same commitments? They'd love, cry, fight, makeup just the same? I'm tired of the sanctimonious, claims of how gay marriage will weaken straight marriage. Is your marriage that damn insecure that someone else being allowed to marry will cause issues for you? I'm tired of the what next argument. Folks will be marrying goats. BS! How about this one, swingers shouldn't be allowed to marry because of how they trash their vows to remain faithful? Not too cool? Stay out of the love lives of others and you'll get the same in return. You want your version of love and commitment respected, how about giving some of that respect in return?

who's spouse do you want to fuck - - My choice is Mrs Hottiecouple I met her/them in March or 2004 at the swingers talk awards in Iniquity Dallas tx. She is as hot in person as she is in pictures, plus she/they seem like good people who dont judge others, and I know they have a hell of a sense of humor. I received a gag gift from them at that awards (a 3" dick extention with condom), given because I attended the awards 5 days after having DOUBLE HERNIA surgery. Mr / Mrs Hottiecouple Las Vegas, you guys are a great couple! Thank you! Iron

How often do you think this happens - -

T4REAL69 & Crew,

It's a preference thing. You're in this to have fun, not do things that you don't like or disagree with. If you are upfront and honest with eachother in the beginning, you should be able to decide what works for you. I see that no one mentioned that some women are not in it for the "another man" experience. We have to remember that not all of us are in this for the same thing. If a guy gets excited about seeing his wife with another female and not another male, there is nothing worng with that. We all know what we like and don't like. However, if he's not going to be cool with MFM, then he should be ok with there not being any FMF, if the woman decides that the fairest route would be MFMF. We have decided that the latter works best for us. I have no particular interest in watching my wife with another guy while I pull my pud. She's not into the DP or having two guys at once, so that leave us with couples. There is no insecurity, because my wife is with another guy with a couple. It's more about equality and fairness. Couples that play together stay together. By that, when you make your decisions on what make you happy, make sure you are both happy with them.

-Don- P.S. BTW, I have a really good topic in the free thinkers forum that I would like the LDS Swingers members of the group to shed some light on. Hell any member for that matter. Just click the link at the bottom of this post. Proud member of "Free Thinkers"

swinger ? or not. - - At what point are you a swinger? Is it simply the action of knowing your secure enough to allow each other to enjoy the company of another , or once you have actually done it. Not questioning our ability to find pleasure in the arms of another couple. However the fact remains we still never have. We were lucky enough to to have been involved in a couple hazy threesomes. (same partner) So...... are we swingers or something in between ?

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