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Dale Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in Dale, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Dale looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Dale, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Vegas! - - We went to Whispers in December. It was amazing. We thinks it’s the best swingers place in Vegas.

Where do you hang out? - Running into each other - Aside from the big events or the Club scene, where do you hang out? There is quite a bit of discussion about recognizing swingers and where can we find swingers. Well maybe we could just let each other know where and when we might be found. We will start. My darling wife is not much into the club life these days. We are so busy that our free time is often subject to spontaneity. We live in Cottonwood Heights. Our favorite local small bar is the Elixir Lounge, conveniently close to a few nice hotels. We also head over to Hog Wallow from time to time. I work a ton of hours on Saturdays and Saturday nights, so Friday nights we tend to want to be home about 11:00 p.m., but we do like to go have a little fun beginning late Friday afternoon. Sundays during the day we like to go have some fun from time to time. If Mrs. Delicious gets bored and decides to go out on her own Saturday evenings, she will probably head to Elixir. So those are a couple of places and times you might happen to run into us. If you are ever at either of these two establishments and you think you might recognize us, please feel free to come say hi. Anyway, if you walk up to someone and ask them if they are Deliciously Wet, and it isn't us, that might end up being interesting anyway.

Being pregnant in the lifestyle - - We would have to agree pregnant woman are the most sexiest. Unfortuantly around us everyone takes a break from the lifestyle durring this time. This is more then likely why we have an attraction also to woman that have meat on then. Woman seem tobe sexier with meat on them instead of the small framed woman. Please dont get us wrong we like all shapes and sizes but just love full figured woman.. People please always practice safe sex, T got fixed 9 years ago and even with our old girlfriend that we had for a year he still practiced safe sex. It all really hit home for alot of people here in Idaho THis summer when in a swingers group we where memebers they had an out break of clamidia(may not be spelled right) it was scary because with B being bisexual she could have got it easy enough. so remember this if you use your toys on another woman cover them with condoms also. Safety first.. T & B

Meeting Couples - How to approach - We travel a lot and see couples we would be interested in getting with. Since we know of no way to determine if they are swingers does anyone have suggestions how to approach or bring up the subject> Ralph and Fae

Christain Swingers? - - It depends on whether you take the scriptures literally, or, as in some faiths, a more objective and liberal view. Considering how it has been translated... as well as the group of men who decided which "books" would become the bible many centuries ago... there will always be disagreement. Try www.libchrist.com for info about this subject. QtCuplNJax

this web site - no interest - First off your attitude would certainly deter us from wanting to meet you. As addressed in another post, a lot of people told you to post pictures and to get validated, it appears you have not done either, which is probably why you have not had any luck meeting anyone. Another thing to consider is that no swingers website guarantees you to hook up if you join, they give you the tools to meet others but in the end it is up to you. So before you place blame on swingular for your problem, you should take a look in the mirror first.

Swallow or not to swallow - - Mmmm... call me crazy but I love the power of knowing I have made a man cum with my mouth and love the taste. I will have to say though that it is a taste that took a while to acquire a desire for. In my early teen days I did not like it but gradually grew to acquire the tasty flavor. I know several women that do not like to swallow and most of them put on a show of letting it run out of their mouth down their chin or simply tell the man that they don't swallow. However, I have run in to very very few ladies in the swingers community that do not swallow. Just tell the guy up front that you don't.

meet in greet in the ogden area - - going to check out a place, it sounds like we can get it for swingers only yahoo!

Boca Raton - - WOW, you guys from UT are animals!!! He gave you 5 places to check out and it's not enough!!! It would take us laid back Fl swingers a year to cover that list,,,,,LOL

Bars - Eagles Lodge in Roy - Just wondering if there is any swingers that go to the Eagles that would sponsor us in. We would be very appreiciative lol

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