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another club under fire - club in peoria - PEORIA -- City leaders in Peoria will soon consider an ordinance aimed at outlawing private swingers clubs where couples meet and swap partners. The ordinance is aimed at a local business called Club 307. The club sits a couple of blocks from the Police Department and is reportedly a swingers club. Mayor Jim Ardis told the (Peoria) Journal Star that the city doesn't have an ordinance preventing couples from paying to enter a club and swap partners. But he believes the city needs one. City Councilman Eric Turner thinks many people are disgusted that Peoria has such a club. Nobody answered a call to the phone number listed for the club on Friday, and there was no way to leave a message. The council plans to consider the ordinance Tuesday. this was in the state journal regeistor (sj-r.com)

Orgy Party by Swingers Circle in Las Vegas - - Has anyone attended the Orgy Party by Swingers Circle in Las Vegas? We are going to Vegas in March and are wondering if it is worth attending the party. If you have gone or have heard any recommendation for the party please let us know what the experience was like and if it is worth it! We have been to the Green Door and Red Rooster many times but the scene is stale, looking for something better and more fun!

Who is going to th spice Party tonight - - This will be our first time at this party but not a swingers party. UT has a few different rules than swinger parties back East. :)

Symbol Question - -


Not a guru, just takin a guess. Amy could be correct in that it maybe referencing swingers. LOL. I was going for the literal approach.
-Don- Proud member of

Single Males vs. Unicorns - this is ridiculous - This site is no different than any other swingers site. I'm afraid that you will find good and bad in all groups, be it single males, single females, or couples. There are those that give their perspective groups a bad name, but unfortunately, little can be done about it, as it can be hard to verify who is for real and what someone's intentions are, without knowing them in person. In my time in the lifestyle, I have observed...single males who were actually in relationships but looking for secret side action, single females, who seem to have a husband/bf who's looking to join...but she still lists as single, and couples who believe that simply because they bring someone along to a party...it gives them free range to do as they please. On the flip side, I have met some very nice people from all 3 groups as well. My point is...all 3 of these groups have their roles in the lifestyle, but until a foolproof way comes along of determining who's for real and who's not...we will all have to deal with the good and the bad. As others have mentioned though...if you are object to a particular group and don't want to hear anything from members of that group...block/ignore them. Just remember that you are throwing out the good along with the bad.

Hall pass - - InvestigatingKink, it looks like we have been in the LS (lifestyle) about the same time, less than a year. Everyone has different needs and weaknesses in their marriage, and I certainly don't judge what other people do, at least not ethically. We were at a party just last night and talking to several couples who have been in the LS for a lot of years. We were discussing this very subject. They all had stories of people who started playing separately and most of those couples are now divorced. Their belief is that it is often very difficult on marriages and definitely not for the majority of swingers. Now all of you hall pass and open marriage people, don't get freaky on me. This is just speculation on my part and opinion of those I talk to. There are many I'm sure it works great for. I believe the LS can be seriously hard on your marriage if you are not in prime shape. We ourselves have had struggles just doing what we do (as I think everyone has had at some point) so to add more uncertainty to the situation would be tough. Also, to us (again, not judging) this is about a journey we are taking together. I like to watch her interact with people and be flirted with and she enjoys the same. If we were not together it feels as if we have moved on to something different. But we are probably rare. Our name alone, SameRoomOnly, should give you and idea of our ideals. I know this is going to sound crazy, but we aren't in the LS just to fuck a bunch of people. We truly enjoy the fun people, making friends and experiencing new things together. An analogy could be made to travel. We both love to travel. But if we started taking separate vacations all of the time, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. Hawaii is wonderful if I am there alone, but if she is with me, it makes the experience so much better. I want her to share in my experiences. Last thing is that we communicate together, almost always. It isn't that we are jealous of what a person says to either on of us, but we like to know what is being said, as a team. It keeps us honest and open and prevents us from having to recap any conversations. We trust each other completely, but we also realize that anyone can mess up and by putting yourself in a situation that could potentiate cheating or dishonesty doesn't seem wise to us. I'm sure some of you will want to interject and say "well, you two must not trust each other. We never worry about things like that. We love each other too much." Maybe so. But our opinion is that when you start to spend alone time with another person, talking freely about whatever the subject may be and are fucking that person, well...it seems dangerous. It's just like when I am at work. If a girl flirts with me or gets too close, I make sure to tell my wife and keep her updated and I also try to distance myself from that person. Not that I plan on cheating, but we are all human and have weaknesses. And by always being honest and open it helps to keep our marriage strong. So, maybe the truth is that we are just not secure enough in our relationship to do something like hall passes or an open marriage, or maybe the truth is that everyone who tries it will fail miserably and end up divorced. It probably is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, as most things are. Few things are black or white. But we wouldn't entertain the idea of a consistent hall pass. Maybe once, or twice, just to experience it, but an ongoing thing, no way. Good luck with whatever you decide. Mr. SameRoomOnly

Anyone else notice a lack of swinger hangouts? - Aside from some random dive bar, there is a lack of a real swinger hangout. - So, in the forums ive combed through for swinger hangouts. Aside from making new friends where we meet them and then invite them over for fun later (which dont get us wrong we love and will still be doing that) BUT, aside from some closed down bars and clubs swingers in slc, ogden, provo and tooele seem to be without a place to hang out. Hell ive heard little and less about even just identifying each other aside from one remark on lifestyle bracelets and more or less using swingular to meet up. So my question is there no way to just deem certain places and hangouts and wear something to identify ourselves so if other swingers are on the prowl they know were looking as well?

Adulter or Swinger? - - I'll probably catch a lot of flack for what I'm about to say but here goes. SWINGING is or was started by servicemen in the late 50 and early 60's . Two MARRIED couples would SWAP wives for the night. Generally, the odd couples would repair to different rooms and play. The only thing sharred about it was that they had swapped... Then it progressed to parties and shoe parties or key parties and couples would go with the person whos shoe or keys they would get from the pile. Over the years single women were welcomed into the swinger ranks since swinging/swapping had evolved to simply recreational sex.... They were welcomed because women were looking for bi sexual experiences and men like the idea of 2 on one and watching women together. Enter the single men.... When I was younger we called young single men and women getting together dating... Now we have singles "dating" swingers???? Enter the married guy who isnot happy with what he has at home and thinks swinging is a legal/moral way to get strange.... Bottom line one needs to be married or in a committed relationship to cheat. Cheating is where one of the couple goes out and plays with someone other than their partner.... So for a married woman, not in a "relationship" to have sex with anyone, another single, randomly is not cheating but in a very broad sense, is in fact swinging. I would also say that one could also say that that person is dating.... regardless of the sexual connotations. One thing to note here is that swinging has evolved to something more than recreational sex. It now has the connotation of friends or friendship involved. In fact, there are actually people who wish to have closed sexual relations with one or more couples. Exclusive in nature where each couple involved only has sex with their partner and with ONLY people who have agreed that they willl do the same... So cheating is the only cut and dried issue... Non consensual sex with other than ones own partner of a committed relationship. The rest is either dating or swinging/swapping... I'm sure we all knew this but it needs to be reiterated from time to time...

Salt Lake and surrounding area couples for couples - Looking to meet other swingers - Were a couple new to the swing scene. Were having fun with single women but wed like a couple for play now. Full swap, seperate or same rooms and lets see what kind of fun we can get into. Message us and we will give you our kik or numbers to txt. Were not ken or barbie, nor do we care if your big, small, tall or short. Were open to alot so hit us up. Lets have fun.

International Swingers - Agree - We are an overseas couple and agree with MORESWINGERS Love to meet a Western couple

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