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RECOGNIZING OTHER SWINGERS - Outside of clubs & parties. - And we thought we were seeing things. But she was upside down. We will know next time

Another Swingers Show on TV - - Perhaps it will become available as full episodes on the dicovery website??

seniors - why is it so difficult to find senior swingers or single ladies? - all i can say is WOW

Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - SexyPoker I've never been to a swingers club outside of Dallas Ft Worth, Sans Souci, Iniquity, AfterMidnight, and the PlayPen. Iniquity may not allow single men in, but I know the others do. In those clubs single men are restricted to an area at the bar. They are not to approach any couples or single ladies! Doing so will get you a warning, and then tossed out! I dont normally go to a swingers club alone, I'll take a lady friend with me, she may NOT be a swinger, but she does like to dance, socialize, dress sexy, and enjoys the attention, and the people. When I have gone alone, I find a couple I know and sit with them. The biggest mistake anyone can make, be it a single man or woman or couple is this. They ASSUME that those in the club are looking to go home and get laid by strangers.. When you enter a swingers club planning on getting laid, plan on being disappointed! As a single male myself, I have to be respectful to ALL I encounter! It's like a business, one upset customer tells TEN of thier friends, and they tell more friends, the next thing you know your business is dead. You build customers ONE at a time, you build SWINGER friends ONE at a time. I cant fix the fact that you've had bad experiences, there is no REAL answer. Screening everyone who comes in the club, just means everyone avoids that club. I'm not going to try to changes anyones mind, or how they play, my question is and has been, WHAT or WHY do decide to or not to play with single men? And THANK YOU for your response! Much appreciated. T4Real Now, Now.... Listen and Learn, dont come down on those who choose not to play with single man. This thread is meant for us SMART singles to gain knowlege, and better understand the lifestyle, and those who play in it...

april 2011 swingers cruise - - we are booked on the april cruise out of tampa. We are wondering where everyone is staying the knight before,and if there are any groups or forums where we could meet online before the voyage. C @ M

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - "I think, therefore I fuck!" I need some hatred, maybe I'll change our screen name to: "WhiteCockParty". Then, Kristy Lynn will hate me. ULUV, don't worry about it bro. They don't hate the "who" you are as much as the "what" you are. Not that it will add comfort. Most couples see single males as vultures looking to get laid at the expense of someone's husband. Some couples however, us included (rarely) invite a single male in the mix for some voyeuristic fantasy of watching your wife get the lights fucked out of her. I think the negative stigma though, is when you go to a party with your wife to meet a couple, and some rude, leechy guy, who can't see a signal if it hit him in the face, won't back off. Just because you are at a party as a swinger, doesn't mean you are walking in the door with a sign on your wife's vagina that says "Please, someone, anyone, stick your dick in here". We look for quality and fun. We are not out for purely sexual reasons. The fun, the connection, the right people, and the enigma of all the newness really create fabulous sex!! A single guy looking to cum on your wife's eyebrows, well, not always hot and romantic. Bottom line. Single guys have a place in the swing scene. But, if I could give you any advice. Post your profile..... and wait for an invite! If someone wants to fuck you, they will let you know. If they aren't contacting you, they aren't salivating for your cock. So, stand by, keep your dick ready, and wait for the green light. You won't be disappointed, and you will have more positive experiences.. We don't hate you, we just don't need you, until we're ready! Mr. X

Are you more or less tolerant? - - Now that you're a swinger do you think that you're more or less tolerant of people of a different body type than yours? We ran the Utah Undie Run yesterday (WAY fun, highly recommended btw) and today we were checking out the stories about it from the local news outlets and more than that the message/comment boards. Now we all know that there are a LOT of people in Utah who are/were very offended that some people would run around downtown on Conference Sunday in their underwear so we were expecting a lot of "sour grapes" type comments about it being disrespectful, etc.. What we weren't expecting quite so much were the MANY negative comments about how unattractive the participants were. Sure there were a few that could have hit the gym a little harder but we felt like the majority were actually quite fit and trim (and mostly quite a bit younger than we are-LOL). So it got us wondering if swingers are, in general, more or less tolerant of others who maybe aren't in spectacular shape. Or were you more tolerant before you became a swinger? We're not talking about people you'd necessarily like to fuck just about people in general. What say you?

Know any Mormon swingers in SoCal? - Single girl in SoCal wants to know! - [quote=NASTY4U2]Too bad we're not LDS. Because of our lack of religious beliefs, we have no moral nor family values.[/quote] Now this is funny. Well said

Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - We have backed way off of these parties as when the Haloween party was winding down. One guy that was to drunk came over pulled my wifes top down and tried to suck on her nipples. I moved him away from her and his wife just giggled and said "he loves boobs" That was enough for us to take a step back. To many get so drunk and blame that for their actions.

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We would be interested.

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