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New Yorker Shutting down - - [quote=Back4Good][quote=summerlovin] Whatever. Enjoy your cesspool thread of bitching and moaning about Ross and the New Yorker. [/quote] World famous swingers here gracing us with their lovely words. Flying monkeys. We had several anonymous and fake accounts come after us both on FB and here when we brought up issues at the New Yorker. And heard they are still deleting and removing people for bringing anything up on the group about the article. [img]https://dfzses8qx79cf.cloudfront.net/C4cVIp1PtUVFA7LYirrZMi7MbOY=/780x0/smart/photos%2Fb%2FBACK4GOOD-211370515464e92f97b964c.jpg[/img] [/quote]What a surprise. Fraud exposed who is too scared to reveal who they really are. Everything he says must be true because you know his history (kind of like Ross’s). Everyone now can know the truth and judge for themselves. Bring on more titties!

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - Now this is "SEXY" (for us old folk) very rare less then 3,000 made in 1956/1957 and were hand built. This one has only 29,000 mi.

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - my wife tries to find stuff that looks sexy and nice and is easy on and off or cofortable rolling around in, sexy shoes are always easy because you dont' need to stand much. I wear usually a nice shirt and slacks.

Best Swingers club in Cincinnati area? - Swingers clubs - We have been to several clubs in the Dayton area as well as Cinci area. Sinday is by far the most friendly, clean and fun club we have visited. The owners are great people. They actually care about being the best club around. The crowds are always some of the hottest couples. The atmosphere is friendly, sexy, and fun. We don't even think about going to any of the others in the area. Sorry we can't recommend any other club for you.

just how long does it take ??? - - we have been swinging for 8 years now and have heard everybody say what fun it is . we have been to just about every party and club around here you can think of. and we have made very good friends from all this but we got into this to spice up our marrage. when we go to any party people are very nice to you but just dont want to have much to do with you . and no we didnt just set there and act like a wall flower. but its everywhere we go .its like we scare people or something. as of last year my wife said she has had enough of spending money to go to parties and have people not want to even talk to us except to say hi thanks for showing up and giveing us your money. so she stoped she said she is over all the drama from everybody. i cant blame her now . what ever happend to haveing good sex and go on ? we wa seven going to throw some parties here at our private campground for free. but thats most likely not going to happen now . we have tryed for 8 years thats a little bit stupid dont yeh think. east tennessee is not the place to meet swingers. at all.its full of fakers and wanna be and those that are real are the ones throwing the parties and they just want your money. with the exception of one cpl in cosby tenn. they are honest to goodness for real people they told us that they was to old to play with us , the age differance. so i ask you where does that put us now . and we cant move.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Just clicked on the link evil put up and than clicked on Heidi FB and shes got a few new post on there even this Forum of current content. So does this mean we are going to keep it Discrete and welcome her into the lifestyle of fun secure relationships?

New Yorker Shutting down - - [quote=FantasiesofSLC]You sound like someone who visited Epstein's Island. Even though there is evil there, it's okay because I had fun.[/quote] But that would be “taking the moral high ground” and “hypocritical” because we are swingers we can’t have standards or morals! Yes everyone has a line and it’s ok to have that line, but when the ATF or other federal agencies get involved we are out. Call us hypocrites.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=UTBIPLAYMATE]We would love to try both DP and DVP. It's one of my favorite fantasies!! ;)[/quote] We've done dvp a few times & love it. Never dp though.

Meet swingers in Tooele - Where do the swingers hang out in Tooele? - We Live in Tooele and so far nothing for swingers that I have heard of?

Cosplay ? - - I'd post the pics of us dressed as Marv and Goldie/Wendy from Sin City but our family has seen those pics and we'd prefer they not know we're swingers. Anybody ever "played" (swinger-wise) while in costumes? I'm thinking it would take Cosplay to a WHOLE new level! [em]Emo_49[/em]

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