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Caroline Swingers

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Keeping safe - Single females staying safe - Terry, That's all fine and good but you don't think that a guy might just SAY that in hopes of changing the girl's mind later? I'm not questioning your integrity or motives just saying that, in general, many guys will say and do just about anything for sex. I could easily imagine quite a few scenarios where a guy could come across with seemingly good intentions but have ulterior motives. Hell, we've had guys write us and ask to meet them and their wives (without disclosing that we're swingers) and suggest that we get the wife really drunk and then have sex with them. Again, I'm not saying anything about YOUR character or motives, just that because a guy SAYS he won't play with his "date" doesn't necessarily automatically make him trustworthy. YMMV Evil ps- We won't EVEN get into the subject of things like date rape drugs which by many accounts ARE being used in the swing scene by nefarious individuals. [em]Emo_8[/em]

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Wife loves dp and dvp. Makes her squirt intensely.

Dick Size - - I saw a % study a number of years ago (wish I had saved it.. as this comes up occationally). Naturally my bigest interest is where I fit in the figures (in the 90% range for me)Big, big smile. I knew a couple who ran a swingers mag. years ago and saw the defination of Hung (2 hands full with a piece left over). The ladys say it's not the size as long as it's enough (now what is "enough"?), it's how it's used. I've been too large for one lady and not large enough for one. I think we all seek the perfuct fit and variety is one of the spices of life. Aint research is a wonderful thing!

How Do you Find Out - Question about Friends - For the most part, DON'T ASK... There are WAY more NON-SWINGERS in the country than swingers, so your chances of your friends being swingers is slim. There are a few things that will point to swinging. Check her closet. If there is allot of club wear the chances are better. Ask about their vacations. If they mention a place like HEDO they are pretty much swingers.. If there is a couple you would like to play with you can create a fun night and when things feel right, ask if they have ever thought about swinging... Keep in mind that not all swingers want to be KNOWN due to family, friends, jobs etc. Good luck... ... Steve

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - Co~Ed Naked Golf! this is the ticket! And made famous by "O" who wrote in "The Sensuous Woman" that, "the special grass they use on golf greens felt so good under her bare skin..." Anybody plundered a golf green?

Worlds Largest Sex Survey - Want to know what other people are thinking about sex? - This is one idea of what you may see. When was the last time you had sex? 17.0% Today! (last 24 hours) 31.7% This Week (last 7 days) 18.4% This Month (last 30 days) 16.2% This Year 16.7% Loooonger Than a Year Total Responses: 9019 Woo Hoo we are part of the 17% all the time, that is a good thing! Another one: Have you ever had a threesome? 74.8% No 15.7% Yes - 2 Girls, 1 Guy 6.8% Yes - 2 Guys, 1 Girl 1.5% Yes - 3 Guys 1.2% Yes - 3 Girls Total Responses: 9106 WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS ONE, SO MORE SWINGERS NEED TO ANSWER HERE - LOL - Too high of a percentage of NO's.

Adulter or Swinger? - - Loving to dance at clubs and bars, Cyn and I frequently go out on weekends and are often met by a variety of friends. Over the years, we have accumulated a number of single females that enjoy dancing with us. One of these lovely gals enjoyed meeting attractive single men and would often end up spending the night with them. Not too long ago, somehow it was brought to her attention that Cyn and I were..... "swingers". She was furious with us and expressed her dissapproval in very clear terms. After she was through venting her feelings about how disguisting it was that we could possibley be involved in committing adultry, I took a moment to present to her a few select questions. First, she saw no wrong in spending an evening with another man in sex and carnal expressions of emotion? She responded that they were consenting adults and both single.. therefore committing no wrong to anyone. I asked if she felt it was wrong not to be monogamous with just one of these men rather than continually finding new friends to experience. Again, she responded she felt no wrong with what she was doing. Why then I asked, did she find fault with what Cyn and I were doing, as consenting adults and with full knowledge of what each was doing? She responded with the comment that "swinging" was just wrong and that as husband and wife we needed to be faithful to each other. So, I asked why it wasnt wrong for her to swing but it was for us. She retorted she WAS NOT a swinger. To that, I shared the following with her... according to every dictionary I can find, a swinger is defined as a person who engages in promiscuous sex, an adulter is a married person who has voluntary sex with another person to whom they are not lawfully married to. The realization of the fact that she was practicing swinging came as a shock. It took a few days to fully sink in, but when it finally did, she accepted us with open arms for what we are, (I guess adulters), and our friendship resumed. One very important item here to consider, too often the request to bring another single individual into our bedroom is presented with the excuse that the partner doesnt like sex anymore. The solution to their problem is to cheat... or in their mind... go swinging. In our book, these people are not swingers by definition, but cheaters. Its wrong and unfair to try to use the cloak of swinging to justify being unfaithful. Lifestyles and swinging is not a remedy to solve trouble at home. Often when we decline the request to involve people in our sexual activities for the reason their spouse is not aware or doesnt approve, we hear the rebuttle.."why not? you are swingers arent you?". What ever name we give it, people need to remember... this lifestyle is all based on a few key components. Trust, respect, and the terms YES and NO. Period. Cant we keep the labels, the slander, and the lies out of what we can find to be a productive, social, and even in many cases educational activity between honest, consenting, respectable adults?

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - Juan probably watched Farenheit 911 and thinks himself and intellectual now. Facts, to this crowd, though interesting, are irrelevant. I believe the only rich white fat man to profit directly from 911 is Micheal Moore. Per Southpark and Team America: Go USA. Go Broncos. America, fuck yeah.

weight approperate - - xplorr we will be back in NC in June to ride the B R Park Way would love to meet. We went to a Club at a Hotel while up this past June called carolina swingers in Winston Salem it was a blast.

Oprah show on Swingers - - Just saw a promo for Oprah's show on Swingers that will be aired on Thursday (June 29, 2006)for those that want to see what is going on in your neighborhood as it said, LOL

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