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How is it to be in the lifestyle and have small kids. - We are new to the lifestyle. - we have been tog for 13 years , and we have always been in the life style . and our kids are aware of us being in the life style . we dont invite anyone to our house that we dont know well . and only the ones that are family ok . i would not let anyone come to my house or be around my kids that i didnt feel safe about having them around . and i dont care where i met them at .or who i knew them through . i have been a stay at home mom for almost 12 years . so i know it is hard to have your own time . but mykids will only be little once . so i enjoy it to the fullest and then when we have time we go out . and we only let family watch them so we have to go around their free time . which can be very hard trying to make plans with people . sometimes poeple take it the wrong way thinking we dont want to meet them . but we try to explain how things are from the get go so we dont hurt anyones feelings . once we have gotten to know the people then we will hang out at the house or at their house or meet and do family things tog . out and about . that makes it alot easier . meeting places in bewteen play times . is a lot of fun . and a huge tease . we dont play when are kids around . and they dont know the details about our play time with our friends . or any of that stuff . but they do know that we live a open life style . when they have questions we answer them honestly and openly but in general talking . nothing about someone or the what when and how stuff . but just in general talking . we dont share any more then we would as if we were talking about our reg husband and wife relationship ... but someone said that they dont mix playmates with family time cause of something that happen . well to me that can happen to anyone with anyone . we are very busy during the week and we dont like to always have to find a sitter to hang out with our friends . and we like to hang out with alot of people . so we try to fit people in when we do things and when we have time . i prefer to hang out with swingers or people that are in the life style or that have a open mind about what we choose to do . iam a swinger 24 7 not just at the clubs on the weekends . i dont have time for people that arent ok with who i really am . everybody that knows us , knows about us . we are very open and honest . i dont want them to waste my time or theirs and i cant pretend to be normal to hang out with people that cant handle it . anyways . i would never lie to someone . . about something that might upset them. my kids mean the world to me and we do alot with them . so we try to find friends that want to hang out and do fun things like that . so we can all hang out . and we save playing for when we can get a sitter and go out to a club or house party .i would like to find someone that we can trust to watch them so we can get out more once in awhile . i find it also helpful to keep in touch with people on the computer . u can always chat with friends here and there to help make new ones or get to know others one . u can learn alot about someone chatting . and it also gives u someone to talk to since u cant get out much .. i believe kids should be first . and we choose to do alot with them . but it is also best for everybody if mommy and daddy are happy as well . so u need to figure out ways to make time for yall and your friends . just cause we are swingers doesnt mean we cant have cook outs and stuff like that . that way everybody is still tog andhangingout but no need to try to find a sitter .in a few years the kids will have lifes of thier own and i want it to be where everybody still hangs out but it will allow us a bit more time to us .i want my kids to be hanging out with their friends always here at the house or at a house of an adult that i trust . so we try to make friends with people that want the same things . we mix our time with family time with the kids so we can always watch them .but we know everybody doesnt click with family time or with everybody else or all the time . people will always disagree and there is always going to be friendships that end . for alot of differnt reasons . we try to not worry about those we just find other friends to hang out with . we want to enjoy life with our kids and good friends . and have ablast tog. naughty dreams freaky kitty

Salt Lake and surrounding area couples for couples - Looking to meet other swingers - You sound like a couple my gf and I would like to get to know. My kik is sirlixalot65 hers damngina71.

KSL swing story - - The story was terribley produced. Little to no research. As I said in the thread leading up to KSL being at the Club 90 party, they decided what story they were going to write before they even put pen to paper, and they were not going to let the truth get in the way of their story. I particularily liked the way it played women to be victims in the Lifestyle, especially when everyone knows it is women that really run the show and have the biggest say-so in who a couple plays with. Also, in surveys of swingers when asked "Who's idea was it to start swinging?" 34% of the time it was the wife that first brought it up. Sure, men still accounted for 54% of the survey (the rest couldn't remember who's idea it was originally), but it's not the men wanting sex with other women and drawing their poor defenseless wife into the lurid underground world of wife swapping to do it. Hell, anyone who's been around it for a while knows it's more "husband swapping" anyway. :p I've been following the comments on KSL's website, and these people have no life. They wait to watch the news every night and then add their two cents to every subject. None of them have any idea what they are talking about. As Ozzie Guillen says about arm chair coaches and sportscasters "the farther you sit from the plate the smarter you think you are." LMAO But all the comments are along the same lines, the evil cheating husband luring his innocent, unsuspecting wife into the seedy underworld. Then you get the fake profile they put up and within "six days, 70 married men, most from Utah, ask to start a fling." LMAO Damn, how many couples get emails every day from "free member" married men looking to cheat? We get at least one a day. The same old story over and over: Married Mormon family man who says "I love my wife but she doesn't like sex". These people need to look within themselves. We're not the problem, they are. Plus, most of us won't play with cheaters and after a time we've become very adept at sniffing them out. My wife gets at least one married Mormon man a day sending her an IM on her personal Yahoo! Messenger ID, and they find her in the Yahoo! directory (not Yahoo! Personals, the directory). They just go through looking for women online to contact. They don't know she is a swinger. Her Yahoo! profile is innocent as can be. If they are going to cheat they will find a way, with or without swingers. Wow... I'd love to say this on KSL's site, but like fun4usxx said, it will just add fuel to the fire and you can't win. You can't fix stupid. Mr. Caress4u

Best Swingers Club in Houston? - Going there in Sept - Just wondering if anyone can recommend one of the many clubs in Houston. The Mystery Zone gets good google reviews.

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - We are interested! ;-)

BDSM & group sex - - [quote=NIKITA]Just been exploring more of my fantasies. Been wanting to find out if anyone has had any luck on here getting their swinger fun with other fun. I like some light bondage, enjoy lots of sex, and lots of toys. But it seems that it's harder to find couples or women to have fantasies with on here. Years ago, it seemed a lot easier to meet and go from there. Maybe it's my age, size, or that I prefer to not host. Everyone has a type, I'm wondering if anyone finds them on here. [/quote] We have found this site, not surprisingly, quite vanilla. A blindfold and having read 50 shades is pretty damn kinky for Swingular lol. We far more relate to the kinksters on Fetlife. I would look at making a profile there, but it is not a “swingers” site 😉

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? - NO FUCKIN WAY!!! You guys are hot SEXYPANTS! :-)

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - 21 days and counting !!! :D

Are you still interested! - Dynamics amoung swingers - Maybe its just us.. but we certainly find we go through stages. Some (like now) when were very social and meeting lots of people and some when we just hangout with the same good friends and maybe not swing for months. Alot depends whats going on in our lives, how busy we are and of course if there are any people worth meeting.

Its Saturday night - - Hello everybody Its saturday night and why is there so many of us swingers sitting here online and not out playing with friends? Let\'s hear all of your excuses... ours is we have kids tonight.

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