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SLC, UT // Monster Cock; 'Missed' Connection - A few years ago you fucked me at my daddy's behest; I have a new Daddy but still crave your cock - [quote=Utahldscouple]Hmmmmm...new account and a post like this. Seems legit.[/quote] I’m authentic, and established in SLC as an individual. I don’t run in swingers circles, I’m just here looking for one person in particular. So cry catfish all you like, it makes no difference to me.

Hall pass - - InvestigatingKink, it looks like we have been in the LS (lifestyle) about the same time, less than a year. Everyone has different needs and weaknesses in their marriage, and I certainly don't judge what other people do, at least not ethically. We were at a party just last night and talking to several couples who have been in the LS for a lot of years. We were discussing this very subject. They all had stories of people who started playing separately and most of those couples are now divorced. Their belief is that it is often very difficult on marriages and definitely not for the majority of swingers. Now all of you hall pass and open marriage people, don't get freaky on me. This is just speculation on my part and opinion of those I talk to. There are many I'm sure it works great for. I believe the LS can be seriously hard on your marriage if you are not in prime shape. We ourselves have had struggles just doing what we do (as I think everyone has had at some point) so to add more uncertainty to the situation would be tough. Also, to us (again, not judging) this is about a journey we are taking together. I like to watch her interact with people and be flirted with and she enjoys the same. If we were not together it feels as if we have moved on to something different. But we are probably rare. Our name alone, SameRoomOnly, should give you and idea of our ideals. I know this is going to sound crazy, but we aren't in the LS just to fuck a bunch of people. We truly enjoy the fun people, making friends and experiencing new things together. An analogy could be made to travel. We both love to travel. But if we started taking separate vacations all of the time, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. Hawaii is wonderful if I am there alone, but if she is with me, it makes the experience so much better. I want her to share in my experiences. Last thing is that we communicate together, almost always. It isn't that we are jealous of what a person says to either on of us, but we like to know what is being said, as a team. It keeps us honest and open and prevents us from having to recap any conversations. We trust each other completely, but we also realize that anyone can mess up and by putting yourself in a situation that could potentiate cheating or dishonesty doesn't seem wise to us. I'm sure some of you will want to interject and say "well, you two must not trust each other. We never worry about things like that. We love each other too much." Maybe so. But our opinion is that when you start to spend alone time with another person, talking freely about whatever the subject may be and are fucking that person, well...it seems dangerous. It's just like when I am at work. If a girl flirts with me or gets too close, I make sure to tell my wife and keep her updated and I also try to distance myself from that person. Not that I plan on cheating, but we are all human and have weaknesses. And by always being honest and open it helps to keep our marriage strong. So, maybe the truth is that we are just not secure enough in our relationship to do something like hall passes or an open marriage, or maybe the truth is that everyone who tries it will fail miserably and end up divorced. It probably is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, as most things are. Few things are black or white. But we wouldn't entertain the idea of a consistent hall pass. Maybe once, or twice, just to experience it, but an ongoing thing, no way. Good luck with whatever you decide. Mr. SameRoomOnly

Same old questions but still fun! - Bisexual women - [quote=VIRANI]I'm allergic to any girl who pretends to be bi to help her man's fantasy rather than her own. It's cooersive and I end up feeling like I've raped her. Consequently,girl time is an essential part of the process for me. I don't want anyone to be bullied into faking it with me.[/quote] Good observation as always. We know there are women that play the part of a bisexual woman, or of a swinger for their man but they were cut from different cloth than Mrs. Delicious. Anyone who knows her can tell you that. Husbands like that were cut from different cloth than Mr. Delicious too. We are not saying that just because Mrs. D is truly bisexual but because playing the part, getting painted into a corner or being bullied in anything, hardly fits into Mrs. Delicious behavioral patterns. We are both allergic to coercion within the lifestyle in any form. Fulfilling a fantasy at the expense of someone else seems less than fulfilling. We politely decline when an email or a profile contains some explanation about one's significant other being unsure and needing some help from us so that they will blossom into full on swingers.

Use to be a girl who's handle was MollyWhore, anyone seen her? - MollyWhore6969 - these responses are priceless. I'd never be searching for molly in a swingers group, that would be crazy. The wife won't dp unless Molly is holding her hand. Well....that's a lie, but still!

Swinger wife anklets? - Time again for one of those questions. - Thank you. That is how she approaches her anklets at present. We have heard conflicting reports about anklets. Most of the people we know, that bring up such things, seem to think that an anklet worn on the right ankle means a married woman is allowed to have sex with other men and or women depending on her preferences. Others seem to think it should be the left ankle. We know vanilla people, that are interested or intrigued by non monogamy, that all seem to think an anklet means something, especially in a bar or a dance club. They also seem to believe that Habits and Club 90 are places swingers go. If they see a woman dancing with someone other than her husband, and she has a anklet on, they feel or maybe hope, she may well be a swinger. Only a few have ever mentioned black rings. Interestingly enough, we believe, they bring the subject up, because they suspect we swing. Some of our friends know we swing and are really polite and non judgmental when they ask questions. We have had people tell us they have gone to Habits or Club 90 but have never run into us there. We think that we should revisit that some Friday nights. We don't want to disappoint. Saturday nights are usually already accounted for. If choosing a particular ankle, when in public, sends a sexy message that sparks a bit of playful, erotic fantasy between a curious and stable couple, then we are all up for sending that sort of message. It is how it starts for some of the hottest people.

Fast lane travel in the digital age - Swinging - There are advantages and disadvantages, and Delicious, Cpswin,and Evil have pretty much covered them. But with all the disadvantages and lack of automatic screening, there is one big advantage. People genuinely interested in the lifestyle, nice and honest people, who might have known it existed and wanted to get into it can find it now. That wasn't always true. I sort of stumbled into it in the late '70s, simply because of some "hippiedom" connections from the early '70s. And even then, because I was single, I got invited to very, very, few gatherings. In fact, it was pretty much only if someone of about 4 or 5 couples were invited and the husband couldn't go and I was honored to be allowed to sort of fill in for him. Then in '82 I went to Europe, and when I came back in '89 I didn't even think of trying to find it again, I'd lost track of my old friends, and figured it'd be a useless pursuit, which it would have been. So, even though it lets idiots like single males who refuse to accept any responsibility for their own behavior, and who apparently think they're God's gift to women, and get all butt-hurt when they find out a girl they met on a swingers site is having sex with someone besides just them, find the lifestyle, it also lets some nice people who, just because they didn't happen to know anyone who was already involved, find it too. And I suspect that the bad outweigh the good, because the bad will get recognized as such, people will talk to each other, and while the not nice people will still find the public events, they'll be avoided by others, and eventually just go away. So hooray for the internet. [em]Emo_80[/em] Besides, if it weren't for the internet, I wouldn't be able to make my poor attempts at trading jokes with Evil. Whose current "backing away" won't, I hope, keep us from meeting him sooner or later, even with him in Salt Lake and us up in Ogden. I'm dying to find out if he's as funny in person as he is online. ~ Terry

...or do i just suck? - Site Slow? - My son has a t-shirt that says, "It's not lag, you just suck!" Is it just me or has Swingular been REALLY laggy of late? 1) Nope, you suck, Evil. 2) In fact your sucking sucks so bad it sucks! 3) Yeah I blame constant monitoring by the NSA (and prolly the Family Research Council) for the lag. 4) Try logging in on something a little newer than that Commodore 64, Evil. 5) Whine, whine, whine. There are swingers in poor countries who only have dial up! 6) Don't EVEN get me started on tech glitches on Swingular. 7) Could be worse. Could be the early launch Obamacare site. 8) It's all those damned pop up adds for single males that slow shit down. 9) Don't worry, Windows 10 will fix EVERYTHING! 10) YOU try pleasing a bunch of horny swingers. They're raging hormone monsters who compulsively log in 50 times a day! 11) It's all the 12 year old boys logging in when their parents are out that slows everything down. 12) We should all just meet at Jordan Landing 24 and fuck in the back row.

New Topic...Dead Horses...Pest or Dead Sexy? - - Lets see? Either a marked propensity for some on here to want to beat them,or could it be a suggestion for location to have a swingers camp out like dead horse point? Hmmmm... though once dead they can be a pain to bury requiring rather large holes.

please be careful - - ...interesting comment from another site.... "Older folks swinging their way to STDs ..... older "swingers," ... are at high risk for chlamydia and gonorrhea" sounds very alarming, until you read the details and consider other factors. "10.4 percent (risk) of swingers being infected ... compared with 14 percent of gay men, 10 percent in straight people who did not swing" Really? Only a 0.4% increase over straight..." That's NOT a comparatively high risk. In "... the over-45 population, they found 55 percent of the diagnoses for chlamydia and gonorrhea occurred in swingers, versus 31 percent in gay men" - This is meaningless without more data, such as the comparative size of the populations. " The study authors hypothesize ...." Yeah, a lot of hypothesis and little to back it up. The only worthwhile line in this article is "...researchers recommend swingers be tested for common infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea regularly and practice safe sex."

Dancing in SLC - - As a club promoter for many years in SLC, there are some great clubs. Depends on what type of music, atmosphere and crowd you are looking for. Habits is a hit amongst the many on this site and is a great club I have worked with since its opening. The owner doesn't want it to be known as a swingers club, but it is the only upscale higher end club (with a dress code) where you will find very classy and sexy people. On any Fri and or Sat you will find about 20-30 couples from this site that frequent it. Music consists of the top 40 and some hip hop with some oldies (70's - 80's) thrown in the mix from time to time. They do have dinner menus. Port-O-Call is a great one on Friday nights and you will find more of the college crowd there. Top 40 and techno. Be there before 10:00 or you will wait in line for about an hour plus. They do have dinner menus. Area 51 is more of a Fetish type club that have many different parties. Music consists of more techno and house. Sky Bar on the 13th floor of the RedLion downtown is a great club as well. Just talked to the owners of that club this week and they have a great crowd and many sexy and classy people they say. They also have dinner menus. Contact us if you want some more insight.

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