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Here's something Ive been curious about - - I must say that I agree couples are the swingers and singles are enjoying the lifestyle because, one, I know plenty of technical vanilla singles that have had threesomes and they don't call themselves swingers. 2, I believe swinging is for those who do bring something to the table other than themselves.. because you're swinging to something new and different than your significant other. Singles are apart of the lifestyle community but what's the difference between meeting others that you already know want to do this compared to just stumbling upon it at a vanilla party.. there is nothing wrong with not being called a swinger. So no I dont think singles are "swingers" but if they want to call themselves that I have no frets about it. It's whatever to get the point across that you want some extra fun too!

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - [b]Creating a Great Swingular Profile[/b] This was being discussed in another thread, but I'm going to share some thoughts as someone who has now experimented with a LOT of different photo and profile combinations to see what gets the best response. I also have some experience and expertise in Internet marketing and sales that has applied itself well to the swinger world. =) Our profile and photos are by no means perfect. I can think of at least a dozen things I want to adjust, add, or change. It's a process. The first thing we need to accept is that our profiles are a marketing tool. We are trying to stand out from the crowd and show others why we are unique. Investing time in your profile will have big returns. The second thing we need to accept is that looks really do matter. A lot. Don't lie about your looks, don't mis-represent your looks. Be proud of what you look like.. you'll find that the quality of the experiences you have goes WAY up. ----------- [b](1) Your Account Status should be PAID and VIP. [/b] Anyone not willing to invest a couple of bucks to be a paid member of this site is not a swinger. Period. (If you see a profile from anyone who is not a paid member.. SKIP IT). You should also attend one of the major events in order to get a "VIP" label (verified in person). It's proof you're a real couple who's really interested in swinging. (And, again, anyone without this label should be treated with extreme caution). ------------ [b](2) Your PUBLIC photos NEED to show what you look like. [/b] This doesn't mean you need to show your faces on your public photos. But you DO need to give others a sense for what your body type is. If people see a poorly lit shot of just an ass, the first assumption is that you are hideous and your giant, dim ass is literally your best feature. While there are a few couples on here for whom that is probably true, the odds are you can do much better. If you're short and chubby, that's fine.. Other people should know that!! You may quickly discover that other short and chubby people are excited to find someone with a similar body type they can hook up with! (Rule #1 of swinging: People generally prefer to hook up with other people who are of similar age, and similar body type..... ) Your public profile photos are the very first thing other people are going to see. (Trust me, they don't read your profile until AFTER they've seen your photos). Put on some nice clothes and take the best neck-down shots you can manage! Avoid photos from the Halloween party. People are trying to figure out what you look like -- not what you look like when you're wearing a disguise. If you post photos that are a mis-representation of what you look like in ANY way, people are going to hate you the instant they meet you -- before you've even had a chance to speak. If your strategy is to lie about your looks (by posting old or misleading photos), hoping that you'll make up for it in the personality department, you're still a liar... and you can go fuck yourself for wasting everyone's time. To that end: - Don't post any photos of you that are more than a year old. - Don't post any photos of you that are off by more than 20-lbs. (If you got fat since you took that photo, DELETE IT). - Don't post any photos that zoom in on just one part of your body. (you can still show your body, in general, without showing your face). - There's nothing wrong with a fully-clothed photo if you think it helps make you look better. [color="red"]Please do not fuck anyone who doesn't follow these rules. Even (especially) if you are married to that person.[/color] ------------ [b](3) Your profile should be well thought out and well written [/b] Nobody is going to read your profile until after they've looked at your photos. So if you haven't taken care of #1 and #2 above, don't bother with the profile. First and formost, run it through a spell-checker and a grammar checker. Seriously. If you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're", you might as well have world's smelliest vagina, because you are nasty and gross. Second, your profile should CAREFULLY describe the kind of people you're trying to meet. Bad: "We want to meet people of similar mindset." Good: "We're trying to find people who are well-groomed and open to full-swap. We don't mind people who have sex on a first-date, but we really like to spend a few hours together first to get to know one another." See the difference? The second example provided REAL information and REAL insight into what you're after. The first is a complete waste of the internet. If you provide information about your hobbies, be specific. It'll help you stand out more, and may even give you some things to talk about on your first date. Instead of saying you like "Football", say who your favorite teams are. Instead of saying you like "camping", mention WHERE you like to go camping. Instead of saying you like to eat out, mention some of your favorite restaurants and why.. All of these things will help your personality show through, and make you stand out. Your profile should mention your experience level in some amount of detail. How long have you been swinging? Why do you do it? What are you hoping to find? What's your dream-date? All of these things will help other couples feel more comfortable about reaching out to you. Spend some REAL time on your profile. It may take you several hours, or even several nights of work to get it right. It should be confident, it should describe things that make you unique, and it should be INTERESTING. Also, keep your profile up to date. There's nothing worse than seeing someone who's profile says "We are new to this", only to see that it was last updated 6 years ago. Anyone who hasn't taken the time to fill out a profile should be equally as suspect as people in the #1 or the #2 category. If they don't have at least two full paragraphs, MOVE ALONG. They are probably just picture-collectors and/or they are not serious about swinging. They are here to waste your time. ------------ [b](4) Sorry... But your PRIVATE photos need to show your face. [/b] You already showed what your body-type is in the public photos, so no need to rehash that here. But you do need pictures of your faces in your private profile. If you're worried that swingular will get hacked and the photos will leaked... First, the photos of your face don't need to show your naughty bits.. (Deny, deny, deny!!) and second, if swingular is hacked, a leaked photo is the least of your problems. (Especially if it doesn't show your junk!) In other words, one or two simple G-rated face-picture in your private photo section is an essential part of communicating to another couple who you are and what you're all about. (The same rules above apply, however, as your public photos. They should be newer photos that show your current weight and body type). The nice thing about putting them only in your private section is that you can screen who gets to see them. You should not accept every friend request that comes across your desk. If the person sending you a friend request hasn't taken care of #1, #2, and #3 above, IGNORE THE REQUEST! THEY ARE A WASTE OF TIME.. they are most likely picture-collectors, and not actual swingers. If they HAVE taken care of #1, #2, and #3 above, then there's a reasonable chance they're for real, and you can trust them to have a peek at your faces. One more (controversial) comment.. My experience is that people who are unwilling to show their faces in their private photos are typically the kind of people who will bring other types of drama into your life. Skip them. Move on. They are not worth your time. Beware of face-pictures that are extreme close-ups.. done in poor lighting.. or have excessive makeup. These people are hiding something from you. If you 'friend' someone and open their private photos to realize that you still have NO idea what they look like.. RUN!!!!!!!! [b](5) Seriously... stop posting so many pictures of your junk. [/b] The close-up pictures of the pussies and the cocks are super gross. (And let's face it.. if our goal is to make someone LIKE us, posting close-up pics of our plumbing is UNLIKELY to make that happen). Nobody has EVER said "Man, I'd really like to contact this couple.. but I would feel a lot more comfortable doing so if I could examine his cock / her pussy in extreme detail first." Seriously.. it's just gross. ------ [b]If you found this information helpful, you can thank us by buying us drinks, and maybe even showing us extreme close-ups of your genitalia!! (In person.. not photos). [/b]

Children's Book 🤣 - Tim and Kate are Swingers - Yeaaa...we'll pass.

Hot Tubbing - Interesting Read.. - what's next, I suspect there will be a report that states swingers are at a high risk for sore crotches, tongues, and muscles on sunday mornings. Simples

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - only done it once, but would love to try it again. any volunteers

A little help please Naughty by nature camp out - - Hey you could do some recruiting and missionary work. Spread the swinger gospel. jk I totally understand where you are coming from. Wish I could give you some details. I would personally contact some of your fellow swingers from the other post and they would be happy to give you details I'm sure. There are fantastically fun people going.

Las Vegas - - [quote=TWONAUGHTYONES] Good to know. The one time we were there the upstairs couples only section was closed. They said it was a light crowd that night so it wasn't necessary. We thought the place was pretty full and the pool was very full. Don't think we'll be back as we enjoyed Couples Oasis so much more, but that's just us. [/quote] As we were looking around at the various swingers clubs in Las Vegas before our trip, the Couples Oasis was one of the ones that we considered, but we felt that $80 ($35 for the activation fee and $45 for the party) was a bit steep for one night (with the other things that we had planned for the weekend, one night was all we set aside for going to a swingers club). Maybe next time we will try something different and go to the Couples Oasis. On a side note, as we were conversing with some of the locals about the various clubs, we were told that the upstairs area at the Red Rooster is generally only open on Fridays and Saturdays, which is what they told us there too, so keep that in mind too.

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - It is a very site by site thing. Iowa looks like they have a lot of swingers to if you go by Swingvillage. and of course that is where the site it at... St Louis area, same thing based on that site. Hey Florida, you guys look like a rockin bunch, we might have to grab our group and head down....

Original humans as swingers? - Provocative theories based on Bonobo sexual behavior - The author of the CNN article has co-written a book "[i]Sex at dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality[/i]" Have not read it yet, but will soon. It is interesting to see that the bonobos engage in sexual practices such as oral sex, anal sex, gay sex, and group sex, as a matter of course. Could this be the way early humans practiced their sexuality? What about pair bonding? If memory serves, from what has been observed in Emperor Penguins, they pair bond for as long as it takes to raise a chick to self-sufficiency. If the egg does not hatch, or the chick dies before then, the bond is dissolved and the two find new mates for the next season, just as when the chick is able to care for itself. Could this be the way early humans pair bonded? Would this explain the "seven year itch"? Or as Dr. Ryan says," An individual male's "parental investment," in other words, tends to be diffuse in societies like those in which we evolved, not directed toward one particular woman -- or harem of women -- and her children, as conventional views of our sexual evolution insist." Could it be that both pair bonding, and communal parenting were practiced? It seems that some societies did in fact practice some form of sexual conflict resolution, while others practiced conflict of arms. Was that an evolutional turning point? Just some questions to ponder.... Myself, I came to the conclusion that the concept of marriage as we have it originated with the agriculture , as at that time it became important to know that your possessions were going to be inherited by your offspring, independent of reading any scholarly works on the subject. So the idea that early humans lived communally and had sex communally doesn't seem too far fetched.

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - The above comments are very interesting, and do promote thinking about how it all began. I grew up during the time when 'swapping' was just starting to catch hold. Swappers were married couples, and they did indeed swap partners. Single people were called 'swingers' at that time as they had many partners for sex. Basically singles did not have a steady relationhship with just one partner. An unmarried couple could be swingers, as they could go their separate ways at any time. A married couple did not easily have the option to go separate ways, so they remain swappers unless they got a divorce. Keep in mind that the two terms applied only to those that actively sought out new sex partners, and did not apply to the population in general. Over time, perhaps about 1965-1969, the word 'swapper' became a bit derogatory, so the married ones adopted the word 'swinger' as it seemed to be more lively and exciting sounding. Thus they moved into word usage territory of the singles. Today both singles and couples share the word. The meaning of words and their application change over time in the America language. As an example, the word 'Queer' changed to 'Fag' and later to 'Gay'. It took from about 1940 until about 1988 for the word 'queer' to evolve into 'gay'. It's still the same people, just a different word has been adopted that sounds more happy and exciting. To say a single man looking to get laid is not a swinger, but a single lady looking to get laid is a swinger is totally wrong. Both are either horney, or both are swingers. There can be no distinction between the two. So, where does that leave us? Today both singles and married couples share the word equally. That is, unless the American language is evolving again. Perhaps the word 'Humming Bird' (going from flower to flower for nectar) will become the singles new description.

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