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Corporate Ho's & CEO's Party - Naughty Office Party - Are we the ladies now considered ho's now ??? I thought we where swingers. this is just not for me ,, k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K76HbbxsBs

Why did you become a swinger? - Did you lose a bet? - Well, we all know "why" we became swingers. The question is "how" did we become swingers. Long before we were in the lifestyle, we wanted to go to a topless resort for a vacation. A friend suggested Hedo. We didn't know anything about the resort, and we didn't have a PC back in the 90s. But we booked the trip anyway. We were completely shocked when we saw what was happening. It never occurred to us that such a place could exist. We ultimately became intrigued and years later, we jumped in.

Cosplay ? - - [quote=HOTFIRELOVERS]Dressing up goes with the territory of swingers. Guess it's time for a cosplay party!!!! [/quote] That's a good idea. Let's plan something in conjunction with Comic Con. We'll all dress up in slutty cosplay outfits, wander around the Salt Palace flirting and stuff and then go to a hotel suite and have nasty fantasy/sci-fi sex. [em]Emo_12[/em]

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - We would really like to attend the Valentines Day party but we are new at this and we are wondering what to wear? What do men wear? What is appropriate and what is not? ;) XOXO

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369]But a person can change there birthday on swingular and your system will allow them to purchase tickets so there not really a full proof way to keep the older from buying tickets [/quote] That's right... although "took the money and ran" still seems a bit harsh, considering I don't generate any sort of profit on our events. (Believe me, we debated long and hard about getting involved in an event that required a ticket... but... private venue means it's gotta be paid for). We have no interest in making money off the lifestyle community. Our only goal is to create fun events where people can easily meet others. For the record, every time we've ever hosted an event, I come out in the red. This one will be no exception. I consider it my contribution to the lifestyle community. More to the topic..... If someone wants to lie about their age to get into a Young Swingers party... there's nothing stopping them. Their likelihood of getting laid using that approach, however, is pretty close to zero. =)

Stansbury Island - Who is out enjoying the rain naked? - [quote=Salacity22]😂[/quote] Cracks me up. I didn’t realize there was a category that is gay nudists swingers. I think all three may have a separate category but hey we don’t judge everyone is welcome in our camp. I guess we are nudists and swingers 🤷‍♂️

What is up with Utah?! - Swingers in Utah and nowhere else? - We have never had friends that are more caring, sexy, and fun, than the ones we have made here in Utah.. Theres no place better! ~D&T~

Other activities? - Do you only meet swingers for sex? - no,hehe kristylynn

Bubulaplease - Sandy station? - We went to Sandy Station and were immediately approached by someone who knew we were swingers. I guess we just give off the " I'll fuck the shit out of you." vibe. That being said, we loved the club, the ambience,(except the music) but the people were super nice. Can't wait to go back.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - Done. Would like to see the final tally.

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