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St. Pete FL... Anyone out there!?!?!? - - Caliente can be a bit pricy, but the facilities are nice & lots of people go there. Some smaller nudie facilities are near by there as well. The crowd, the price & the facilities at each vary. Some will give you 1-day free passes to try them out. A good percentage of swingers live at or near several of these facilities. For more casual spur-of-the-moment hooks ups, just try some of the bars in Ybor City. While you are there, also try to catch a meal at the Colombian. The food there is worth the trip if your other plans fall through. What have you been trying so far? In what ways has it not been working out for you? Tampa is a target rich environment. You probably just haven't found the right places or learned to read the local body language yet.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - Done. Would like to see the final tally.

If you give it a try, it don't mean you're bi !!!!!! - - All I can say is be true to yourself. Whether in or out of the lifestyle, that above anything else is what ensures your happiness and success. Now enough of the philosophical mumbo jumbo... My experience with this topic is pretty varied. Obviously I not only list myself as bisexual but I also am transgendered; so in the swing lifestyle my potential partners are severely limited. But with that said, I have also met a large number of sweet and understanding people out there. I have also met a fair amount of swingers on a more intimate level. Thanks to our religious "western society" however, listing yourself as bi, does pretty much brand you. There have been plenty of opinions on this subject in the forums since I've joined and I'm sure long before hand. The one re-occurring thought I see over and over is that when you are talking about sex, it's simply an act of pleasure in this type of setting. If it is good for the woman, it should be good for the man as well (or TGirl in my case). Long story short dear, just do what your head, heart and little (maybe big, I haven't seen it) head tell you to do. If it feels right, then it IS right. Don't let anyone tell you any differently. If you don't get laid as much, that's their problem for missing out on a great guy that is truely in touch with himself. Alecia

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - Now this is "SEXY" (for us old folk) very rare less then 3,000 made in 1956/1957 and were hand built. This one has only 29,000 mi.

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - [quote=Gitterdone]Why don't single females have to abide by those same rules? Seems discriminatory doesn't it?[/quote] If you don't know and understand the reason for these types of rules there is a good chance you're part of why they exist.

Sturgis 2009 - - I plan on riding out with some vanilla friends. which wont be as much fun as it would if they were in swingers though! any single swinging ladys going that would like to ride with me? let me know.

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - please add me big269

Why swingers are happier. - - We would definitely have to agree! Because of swinging and everything it involves and requires of a couple we enjoy an entirely different level of relationship than ever before. Its brought us closer, trust deeper, communicate better and enjoy things that most non swingers can only dream about.

Circumcised or Uncircumcised?? That is the question... - - Sorry, but we didn't know that there are so many (some people would spell it meanny-like in one of the comments) stupid, uneducated and dumb swingers out there. Most of the responses we read here are just dump. Yes, dump. What is it that not circumcised (there is no uncircumsised by the way) guys are not as hygienic as circumcised??? Some people better just shut their mouthes before leaving some really none sophisticated comments about things they just don"t know about. Thank you and all the best for the next presidential election....

Swingers clubs in Amsterdam - - Almost forgot, Don't walk in the bicycle lanes. Some of the bicycle riders there are very aggressive about getting where they are going & if you are in their lane, some of them will not be shy about knocking you aside. Do try to take a canal ride while you are there & try to take in some of the sights. There are some good little museums there as well. In fact, Schipol Airport has a little mini museum right inside it, along with a casino, hotel, good restaurants, clothing shops & everything else that most other airports don't have. That airport is almost like it's own little city. One quick little travel tip that I figured out several years ago: If you get a stopover in Schipol that is less than 24 hours, it is considered a layover & not a separate travel leg, so you don't get charged extra. Since Schipol still has lockers that can be rented, it is possible to connect through there, drop your main luggage in a locker & catch a train downtown with just a small back pack for a day of sightseeing & other fun on your way to other European destinations.

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