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Beldenville Swingers

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Being Stood Up - Sucks to be stood up - carrier, now thats just funny. that said, swingers are as a rule flakes its gonna happen so we recomend just meeting someplace you would go anyway that way when people flake off you can just enjoy your evening without them.

How Old Is Old - - In our minds age is a number on your birth certificate & drivers licence. If someone is hung up on your age, they are not swingers. Real swingers are out to have a good time weather or not they get laid is beside the point. If you're looking to just get sex, you need to step back and take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

fantasy football league free trying to get only swingers in leag - free autodraft fantasy football league - Hello everyone. This is my other account and the one I used instead of the dolphinwolf one in the league. Just looked and we have 2 more teams available. looking forward to a fun fun season.

lost with people - florida wanna be swingers - ok now that i have everyone in florida looking around ...i have been here for a lil bit but i have noticed that it's all about pic's and / or club... are we swingers or advertisment ,, this is really getting old for me i have been a memeber on other groups and this is not what i paid for .. i add people to my friends list because i feel we have the same interest ... but yet i have had no e-mails or at least a meeting or anything but been added to there friends list ..sorry to be so harsh but we are not here to just be on a list ... no we are not ken and barbie ... but we do know how to have fun even .. tho i work 7 days a week ... i dont have time for games ,, it's either u want to play or u dont ... figure out what u are and stop playing games .. to those who are like us i am sorry for being so blunt but i have had enought of the kid's games ... if anyone is really interested in who we are please send a message to us because it's seems to me it's all about pic's and who can put who down the most or make them feel like they r someone and then blow them out the water and not use thier lips...i am vary up frunt and say things the way i feel if u can't handle it i guess u should be here and should be somewhere else sorry for those who are here for the real thing and just wanting to find that specail friend , but those of u who r here to play game and try to be a player i have some words for that i wont put here but u know what i want to say .... thanks for everyones times tezzinanplezzin aka : jason and beth

Im's a Professional............................. - No pic..... blurred pics - We only like amateur swingers.

Disneyland swingers - - We will be there sept23-28. :-)

Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - T4Real I dont see Sexypoker hating anyone. He has said that from his experiences, be it at a club, private party, and I'm sure out in public, that men hit on his wife, and dont take NO for an answer. I have no doubt you have had play partners who you've been out with, and even with you standing right there, the idiots are still hitting on her, and dont want to take No for an answer. It happens in *straight, gay, lesbian, and swingers* clubs. I know several swing couples who prefer to hunt for play partners in the *straight* clubs. There is a huge gallery of men to choose from, most willing to play even if hubby wants to watch. We are all here because we LOVE sex, and we want multi partners.

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - fun survey. can't wait for the results...

Ken and Barbie Syndrome...... - is this a real affliction? - So we just read Classy's profile. We find nothing wrong with it. In fact, we agree completely. Wish we had worded ours to say it that well. We also prefer face pics. That is the most important to us.. face pics. besides.. Parts is parts. Just because someone thinks they want to fuck you, doesn't mean you have to fuck them... We may be here as swingers, but we don't have to swing with everybody.. there HAS to be attraction. We realise that we don't appeal to everybody either. :) Maggi & Luke PS. You crack me up UTHOT :)

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