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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=LICKSUCKFUCK]Mmm I love DP! Only had the opportunity a couple times but want to again and again and again... never tried DVP except with my man and a toy but I would LOVE to. Same thing with DA. My man is pretty secure and doesn't care much as long as I'm satisfied :) Man I'm a lucky girl![/quote] k, I'm thinking you might want to change the gender on your profile....

Opening your marriage - How did the conversation come up? - It was pretty much a mutual idea. We both grew up in very strict religious (Yes, Mormon.) households. We took each other's virginity on our wedding night after a rather weird ceremony in the temple. Immediately we decided that we REALLY liked sex. We started discussing our fantasies and both wondering what we might have missed out on growing up and not being able to explore sexually like many of our less religious peers. We also enjoyed reading and telling each other erotic stories in bed. One day a few years after we got married, while living back east, I wandered into an adult bookstore to grab the latest Penthouse Letters and a cheaply printed "magazine" of adult ads for swingers caught my eye. I bought it and took it home. We'd read, of course, about swinging in Penthouse Letters but had never really considered that people actually DID it. Not too long after that, after MUCH fantasizing, we found ourselves parked outside a small house party, chugging Bartles and Jaymes, and daring each other to go in. That was in 1989! [em]Emo_12[/em]

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - Used to ride down to Moab often with friends on the Harleys. Its been a few years since we last made the trip, they all got old, moved, or died.

Grammar - Some suggestions for better communication ... - Here's a tip. Veterinary dentistry is WAY cheaper and 6 out of 10 swingers can barely tell the difference between human teeth and pig teeth. Don't let them talk you into either the cow teeth OR the horse teeth. Yeah you pay less per tooth but they don't look anywhere near as natural unless you like live in Delta or Toquerville.

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - We will be there in Mid October!

Please Share ;) How did you come up with your handle? - - we werent "swingers" when we attended our first party at the xchange club. Deb came up behind the misses and cupped her breast i though the misses was going to cum unglued. it was very erotic. later in the night deb came up and spoke to us again and had the misses play with her boobies and of course we were both turned on. we then kisses while deb held us both. so we thogh how simple the pleasure was that we received from that. so we decided we should be simplepleasures. sadly we had to add xxx to the front to get a yahoo account but it was close enough.

WHERE'S THE FUN IN PARADISE - Where are all the fun swingers in Hawaii - I've been back in Honolulu now for almost a month, and hardly see any forum postings about parties or get togethers here in paradise. What gives people? Isn't Hawaii supposed to be paradise? Fun in the tropical sun? If there are any parties or get togethers I sure would like to know. I'm respectable and very respectfull of others. I know the proper etiquet in a party situation. Just hoping that people who are swingers that might travel here know where to go for fun.

International Swingers Day - How are you celebrating? - [quote=EVILDOERS]We left some Jager and condoms out for the god Eros and then had the fam over for a big celebration. [img]https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kWnrYWNYmos/WNTUz2ePvvI/AAAAAAAACUs/duO0GaSF3AgCa89Hro5VVPXIGxzrVilMgCLcB/s1600/Big%2BTeen%2BOrgy.gif[/img][/quote]. The fam? Your profile says Salt Lake City not Alabama hahaha

Virtual Swinger Club event - 4/4/20 - Hello, We have attended a swingers club down south in the past and they sent out an evite for a virtual At Home event for this Saturday. If you would like it forwarded, pm us. I know it’s definitely not optimal but wtf else do we have to do?

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - lol

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