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On Premise Swingers Club - SLC - yeah I think west wendover would be a good idea, as Utah laws I'm sure wouldnt allow it (if it was an official business).

Black Ring - Who has theirs and how have they caught on? - A black ring worn on the middle finger of their right hand is a common symbol of the asexual community. The material and exact design of the ring are not important as long as it is primarily black. The black ring is often associated with people who identify as swingers. However parts of the swinger community have taken care to inform people to not wear the black ring on the right hand, middle finger out of respect of the Asexual community. Plain black rings also coincide with the symbol ? which symbolized asexuality and genderless. This symbol is also often written in black, simple because it's a common ink color. Your right middle means "currently single", the right ring means "currently taken" and since the left ring means "taken/married" in a permanent sense, then the next logical conclusion would be that left middle means "permanently single". Now if you want to be really confuesd try and find a definition for Asexual LOL

How to find other swingers - - Those are way cool... wonder if there are any window decals that have the 7946437 on them... Hmmmm, interesting!

Vegas: Swingers circle or couples oasis? - Which do I prefer - Haven't been to either but there have been a few pretty scathing reviews on the forums about Swinger's Circle. Hopefully some people who've experienced both will chime in.

Fantasy Fest 2009 in Key West - Looking for others planning to go - we can post other thread later like where will you be at FF and when. The Garden of eden above the bull and whistle is clothing optional bar day & night. It is another good meet up spot for swingers.

Female sex fantasies. - What do women really think about sex? - I was just going thru a few e-books that I've had on my device for quite a while and never quite got around to reading. One of them is the infamous "My Secret Garden" written, I believe, in the '70's by Nancy Friday and purportedly a compilation of common female sex fantasies and possibly how they may have originated in the female mind. I haven't finished the book yet as it's a little bit ponderous with a fair amount of what I think may be outdated psychobabble, but I was wondering if anyone, especially some of the ladies here, have read this book (or any other similar one) and what they thought of it. Alternatively, perhaps some of the women here could share some of their most common sex fantasies...maybe even the ones that they really don't ever want to act out IRL. PS- I realize that since this is a swing site that some or all of the things female swingers think about could be outside of the norm, somewhat, compared to women who aren't in the lifestyle and haven't had the opportunity to actually act out some of their fantasies.

Pocatello - - In in Pocatello Idaho for a few weeks. Heist places would you recommend going to meet local swingers in the area?

Swinger Friendly Businesses - Business or services friendly to swingers - mmmm.... those of you who know us know we are generous to those in the life style wether we play or have played or not... you'd have to catch sara or i at work...(like we work).. we do keep our personal life from the girls at work... for personal and professional reasons.....we are usually in from 9-3 for sara and im usually at work fron 8 am till 6 or 7pm...

thoughts on Pictures - - I have to agree that just a genital shot for an opener is not very good. But I have also seen face shots that look like mug shots and sure are not much more interesting. Come on, this is a SWINGERS site!!! After all the object is to promote our involvement in this lifestyle. Our profile and pics are supposed to tell something about us. My wife likes to pose, and I enjoy taking her pictures. We try to use pics that show how we feel, or how we want to be precieved in the lifestyle. We get lots of feed back telling how they like her smile, or how we look like a fun couple. It makes us feel good that people enjoy what we have to share with them. Some people have no pics at all, others have one, or just a few dull shots, or the close up genital shots. Put something into your albums, and you will get more out of this site, and maybe this lifestyle. Thats my opinion.

Are you a Swinger or Liver? - - [quote=DOM1NATION]it's funny to me there's an option to turn of single dudes but not woment lol. just funny cuz it's exactly what we're looking for but because dudes are insecure creeps, they've ruined tryna swing somehow. In my mind, the term swing has been blasted with negativity because you nearly can't even say the word lol. Yet most swingers i've met, shouldn't be swinging which makes question the entire thine realizing theres a lot of differences between swingers and me. I feel as if swingers still have rule & since I don't, what am I. I guess I'm a liver. A liver is a person who just likes living and if a moment as it presents itself in time where if she or he is attracted you trust her as a grown adult being safe. So in my mind, a swinger could never be with a liver. Basically, if you have rules, you're a swinger, if you don't, you're a liver—what are you? To me, swingers need to grow up because it's a fact from the livers i've met, we're always with the finest women.[/quote] [size=150]Tells swingers to grow up on his post. Says his swinging level is "Super Saiyan" on his profile. [/size] [img]https://www.memesmonkey.com/images/memesmonkey/e5/e5c526b151f59ee35e884af4dd280329.jpeg[/img]

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