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If you are looking for Swingers in Hurricane, WV, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Hurricane looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Hurricane, WV. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Divorce rates - How do we compare - We are a bit of an older couple with a different prospective. Amoung our swinging friends and aquaintances if we were to generalize it is that they are on a second marriage, have been married for 10 years or so and are very happy. Amoung our non-swinging friends they are on their first second, or third marriage and are generally unhappy. I would put the divorce rate amoung the non-swingers at more than double that of the swingers over a 10 year period.

What is the Protocol on Mormans in the lifestyle? - Just wondering !!! - I'm not sure I would know that a woman had her garments on unless the capped sleeves and thigh length whites were sticking out from under her sexy halter and mini skirt ;> Seriously, most of the swinging Mormons we've met "talk the talk" on Sundays (and all those other days of the week that get consumed by church activities), but choose to be "just swingers" when they are with us. When trust is developed, we've been able to engage in frank discussions about our differing beliefs without it impacting the fact that we all like to fuck each other.

Idea for this website - An official seal of approval for single males - As a long time member of this website (first as the couple "Tequilarose"), I have to say that being a swinger is not exclusive to couples. Swinging means you don't adhere to the exclusive sexual norm ie. 1 on 1 monogamous relationship. A couple is only one facet in the swinging lifestyle. I would also like to add that couples that aren't into single males have a wide variety of reasons for not wanting them. Sometimes it's a fear/insecurity, from the male in a couple, that some guy will come along that's a better lover and take his lady away. Sometimes it's the woman of the relationship that doesn't want another guy, but another woman. For whatever the reason, it comes down to individual choice. If someone doesn't want something, they shouldn't be forced. That being said, I think the same courtesy should be extended to those that wish to entertain singles. If a couple wants a single male or a single female wants a single male, they have every right to be here. If you want a "couples only" section for the website or your party, then go for it. :) Just know that when you say things like, "singles aren't swingers" or "you don't belong here", it really only makes you look and sound like an insecure bigot. How about we allow everyone with a fantasy come here and get what they want. The "Us and Them" thing is not in a true open-minded libertine's vocabulary. If you don't want single males, don't fuck 'em. No one's forcing you to do anything with them. If you don't like the inconvenience of rejecting them, start your own website and disallow them. Otherwise, FUCKIN' DEAL WITH IT! ;) D

A party in Naples - anyone interested - Well we would LOVE to since Naples is our home town of 20 years!!! Unfortunately we won't be visiting then and we are moving to NC in 2 weeks! Anyone wanna welcome some Utah swingers to the great state of NC??? D and B P.S. Beard...one day, yes we will meet :-)

Swinger Cycling - - Anybody know of any cycling groups of swingers? Swingers are just more fun and I would like to find groups or peeps to go cycling with. We live in South Jordan. Dave

CIVIL RIGHTS - How it can affect swinging. -

Those Interested, The Don

We are all swingers and our personal rights are important to us. Based upon the evidence in this video, do you think the subject (property owner) in it, had is right violated by the young lady from the government agency? Let me just say, that I believe that the woman had the right to search the adjacent property to the domicile based on probable cause. What do you think?
-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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First time hall pass - - mrs here. this is an issue that we didnt know was around either until i told hubby that i wanted him to go out and play solo too (he had given me permission about 8 months before) basically couples are too hard to find, women in the lifestyle only play with their husbands and they are looking for other women, and single women are looking for someone for a relationship not casual fun. he did meet a few and most were more crazy than the proverbial shit house rat, leading to some pretty bad experiences. i guess he finally had enough and told me he was out and would not play anymore. at first he was ok with taking me to the club if i wanted to go but after our last trip he said no more of that either. i thought he might get over it and give it another try but its been over six months now and he still says hes done. he even refers to our being swingers in the past tense lol.

Corporate Ho's & CEO's Party - Naughty Office Party - Are we the ladies now considered ho's now ??? I thought we where swingers. this is just not for me ,, k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K76HbbxsBs

green door/red rooster - - Wondering if you've already gone or not but, here's my side of the story. The mister and I went to the Green Door (GD)a few years back ('07) and we had a ton of fun... It's as BELNSPOONS said: It's really what you choose to make of it. We were so new into the lifestyle (6 months), met a couple at our hotel and asked if they wanted to go with us (the purpose of our trip was to experience a Vegas swing club). Amazingly they did even though they weren't swingers (they were curious and I was ever so outgoing!) We went to the bar a few doors down and had some drinks together - turned out to be a gay bar so it really lightened the mood and we sat around and got lit on inexpensive drinks and went in to the GD. We met a few couples there and it was quite the experience for us first timers, it's not like an elite/"classy" type of place (we've paid a couple of hundreds $$$ for a one night party at times) but it was unique with the different areas. Play "Doctor" room, S&M room, pool room, couples, etc...hot tub...I think it was like 10,000 square feet - different areas for different fetishes. I know a lot of people don't like single men in the general vicinity of couples areas but for me...I just sat and talk with some of the guys (if they tickled my fancy) ... they're just men that have desires like the rest of us yet lacking a partner. I'm not saying there weren't some weird ones there (you know...the type that give you the willies just feeling them in your "energy" space), that's when the mister stepped in and asked him to leave. But, for me, I get off on being an exhibitionist and watching some of the guys stroke themselves while my honey and I were fucking complete strangers...HOT! So with this long explanation of our experience with the GD - I've delved into another part of swing-dom etiquette. Either way, do your research - you really do get what you put into it! Be bold like we were...ask a complete stranger from your hotel to join you and see their reaction...What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (that was their motto, so we learned!) Whatever you do JUST HAVE FUN and don't place too high of an expectation on something as it will usually not be what you expect - good or bad. Ciao, MF

WoW guild for swingers and like minded peeps :) - - Hi everyone.. there are currently a few of us running a small guild Horde side on The Forgotten Coast - we are known as 'Dirty Little Horde'. We'd like to extend an invitation to other like minded dirty peeps to come join us, because as we all know, the more the merrier ;) Look for Fragility, Cowthulu or Saucey ingame. Thanks!

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