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Requesting participants! - - Hi Everybody, Who says you have to live in Utah to have a great orgy? The Jacksonville Seductions Group is planning a huge get together for Swingers to meet with each other on Friday April 21st in the St. Augustine Area, and a follow on orgy to end all orgies ;) Send me an email if you would like details or an invite. I hope to meet you all then.

Do you long for your "vanilla" friends? - Have you been with any? - [quote=DANISHDAME]> I'm attracted to the notion of connecting with a solid LDS couple. Something about those women🔥👍 Haha that's the opposite for me! If I hear someone's LDS I turn right around[/quote] Agree. The problem with Mormon women (and men!) is that if they're strict, by-the-book Mormons, they were virgins (we were!) when they got married and know little to nothing about sex and how to pleasure the human body (including their own!). It took us a LONG time to figure out sex and THEN, once we started swinging, to realize that there is a big wide world of sexual experiences and techniques and that no single act, 'move', or technique is universally preferred or desired by everyone. Having said that, probably the vast majority of swingers we've encountered in Utah are or were Mormons and you have to decide, especially if they're new and/or you're trying to convert them, if you're kind of willing to be mentors (for lack of a better term) and/or just be very very patient and sort of go back to the basics or at least to whatever level that they're at. It's really quite sad since we've known SO many Mormons who strictly followed their law of chastity only to find, after they were married, that they weren't at all sexually compatible. And I personally think that is one of the leading causes of divorce (along with different types of abuse) among Mormons. P.S. I hope this didn't come across as condescending. Like I said, we were Mormons and went thru pretty much everything I mentioned above. But we were some of the lucky ones who were both pretty much on the same page sexually. P.S.S. If you DO happen to find a great current or former Mormon couple who is keen on having sex with other couples, you're likely to unleash a LOT of repressed sexual energy that you will likely enjoy very much! [em]Emo_4[/em]

Single Guy Rant - Probably not for everybody - So I'm thinking, how bad must I look at 51?!? And another thing, how could I possibly meet someone out of the lifestyle whom I may introduce to swinging? I have found that the biggest issue with non-swingers is sex. I have thought that maybe it is just the cheating sex they don't like but I don't think that's gonna fly.

Talladega Race April 26-29 - Would like to get swingers together during race weekend for some fun!!! - If you are attending the Talladega race April 26-29 and would like to get together with others in our lifestyle than let us know. Darin and Jennifer

Youngandmarried - Looking in Miami! - Hello any experienced swingers in the Miami Area? We’re first timers looking for some fun and a nice experienced couple to show us the ropes and have some fun with!

We are going to Vegas and want to do something sexy - Please share your ideas on what we can do - Has anyone visited any of the clubs and what has been your experiences. The wife and I are headed to Vegas July 15th - July 22nd We are specifically looking at Green Door, Red Rooster and Swingers Circle. Not sure which we are going to yet.

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - I think we are what we wish to be so I had better explain this. Swingers are strictly defined as a couple that trade partners in sex. Couples that invite singles into their play are not swinging by a normal

FB group? - FB group - [quote=NASTY4U2]I'm sure there are more. I know of one as I am the creator of it. But It's for Utah swingers only. Someone you know may have created one. Ask, or make one yourself. [/quote] Would love an invite :)

Sensitivities - a paradox? - I think you're right that "L'S'ers" vary in personality and other traits just like the mainstream population. I think there is a "liberal" stigma associated with the lifestyle that just isn't true. I mean seriously, why would it be any different than the mainstream? The only thing most people here do differently is their sex life. Some people here fuck like bunnies on Friday and Saturday and go beg their god for forgiveness on Sunday. A lot of swingers are more conservative than most vanillas. "Swinging" only makes one sexually liberal. Swinging is a sexuality trait and not a lifestyle. It may be considered a lifestyle for those that constantly evade friends, work, church and family in their daily pursuit of hook-ups. However, as a libertine, "swinging" is only one aspect, of a liberal lifestyle that I, myself, wish to obtain. It's not a necessity, yet not forbidden... It's a choice I can make with no consequence.

Why Be In Utah? - - The Mormon culture is Thick and repressive, winters are cold and the air is filthy. What makes Utah great in my opinion is the country. From deep dry snow only moments from the main population centers,to world class rivers, spectacular desert country. Utah, despite It's crazy rules and history, is a very beautiful place to be. And there is a pretty crazy swingers scene.

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