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Fairfield Swingers

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seniors - why is it so difficult to find senior swingers or single ladies? - wow,what fire i started. what letter set off the comments? i was serious about the topic. one person was right when they said what goes around will come around and usually kick your cute little butt. thanks

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - OMG *K* aka 22play... You have this game going already. We are sooooo glad you're going to be at the party. Can't wait!!! What happens to the begal afterwards?

What is up with Utah?! - Swingers in Utah and nowhere else? - We just moved from Utah to Florida, hopefully we will meet and make some new friends here! We sure made alot of good friends there and do really miss all of you, I dont know if I will be able to convince the other half to go back for visits or not . Any way Utah does have alot of fun,nasty, exciting couples. We hope to find that fun here as well . D and J

Swingers Clubs in San Diego area - Looking for Swinger clubs in San Diego - Hankie Pankie throws the best parties in the SD area.

How do we find a female for a threesome? - - Okay, okay, okay... The moment couples stop calling them "unicorns" and think of them as "ellusive" they will start popping up. Here's my hint: A SINGLE FEMALE SEEKING COUPLES DOES NOT HAVE A NEED TO BE ON A SWINGERS DATING SITE NOR AT A SWINGERS CLUB!! Use other alternatives, be creative, they are out there, many of them, they are not easy to find but I'll say they are not as impossible as most couples think they are. Most of you are looking in the wrong place. The good thing about finding a single girl is that there is a big chance she will become a steady girlfriend. Don't you cute couples think cute girls find you both attractive, interesting, sexy? They do! There are single girls everyday looking at you both at the mall and saying to themselves: "I'll eat them both!" Our experiences: we had play with single females often, not as much as couples. We also had 2 steady girfriends relationships lasting 1-2 yrs (we've been LS for 20 yrs) Hint requests to my inbox.

Indiana sub cocksucker for Alpha - Sub needs trained - Good luck finding your alpha daddy but i think I speak for a lot of swingers go find it somewhere else! Maybe a gay site!

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - He Leo-ROAR!!!! She Gemini :z

Another way to identify swingers - Totally hot T-Shirts - I just received a link to a site where you can purchase awesome t-shirts. They give just enough information to those in the know. Take a peek! WWW.swingintees.com

Disappointments! - - Sorry you are having problems, a pic and better stated profile may help you. Many couples will not meet with bi males, that may be a part of it too. Either way there are many great Lifestyle clubs in your area, get out of the house and go meet the thousands of couples that are in them each week. You will not be disappointed for long. Also there are many swingers sites on the web, many are regionalized more than others. Either get more from your area to join here or add another site along with this one. Good Luck!!

Single Men Meeting Couples - Are Single Men Treated Un Fairly In The Lifestyle - ______________________________________________________________________________ ** "Swinging" is just a different word for "swapping" and you can't swap if you bring nothing to the table. ** ______________________________________________________________________________ NOT. Swinging is absolutely NOT about simply swapping. DON JUAN was absoltely correct. The women are NOT commodities to be traded amongst the men in the clubs and at the parties, but many of you devalue yourselves by assuming that submissive role. Swinging is about choice. Thats is why the term "lifestyle" was coined in the early 80's; it's a way of life. If a single man is not to be considered a "real" swinger, then single women should not be considered "real" swingers either. What more does a single woman have to bring to the table than a single man? Do you think that these women do not represent the same set of issues that the men do? The clubs, the parties, the events...these activities are driven by the WOMEN who particpate. The clubs will allow single women in for next to nothing for a couple of good reasons. The first of which is obvios; without a room full of hot women dressed in almost nothing, you would have a room full of nt so hot men, all standing around waiting for the woen to arrive. It would be like a middle school dance. Or a gay club full of str8 men. The second reason is even more simple. They attract MEN who spend MONEY. Single MEN and married MEN alike. The lifestyle is financed by MEN. MEN who are willing to pay TOP dollar for the chance to meet with couples in the club. And let's face it, the guys who can afford to go on a regular basis are really the ones (if you are interested in single men anyway) that you would want to meet with, unlike a towel shark from the local adult arcade. MEN who accompany their wives to the club to meet with other couples for the evening. These married men often spend (on average) $200 to $300 in a single night. WOMEN are the EYE CANDY that keeps the party going. MEN do not want to go to a party that is full of other MEN, but they want to see EYE CANDY. So they are willing to pay to do it. Mrs. Luvbugs! is a bartender, and a good one at that. She makes more part time than most degreed professionals (including me! humph!) do working full time. Why? She is very attractive. She is outgoing. She knows her stuff. She understands that SEX SELLS, and that her clients are there to see HER as much as drink a jack and coke. I have seen men sit at her bar, stare at her all night, run up a $100 tab, and leave her $30. Thats average...do that 20 to 30 times a night and what do you get? All for the privelege of being served by HER. I wouldnt do it, even if I were single. But then, I dont have to either, so who knows? THEY constitute the LION SHARE of her business, and her livelyhood. The lifestyle is not different. We need these guys at the clubs. We need them to pay for memberships on our websites. They too are the oil that lubes the machine. Sorry, but thats how it is. Luvbugs! (mR.) ;)

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