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Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Do you need to be part of the unspoken group to attend?

Facebook and the lifestyle - Can Facebook be TMI with the lifestyle? - Ms. Evil and I were talking this morning about the the lifestyle in the age of Facebook. She mentioned that she kind of feels like there is the possibility of learning TOO much about your lifestyle friends when you're also on their Facebook feed. Especially in the hyperpolarized world we live in right now she thinks that maybe knowing too much about other swingers can make it harder to connect sexually with them. In fact, more than once, I've walked into the bedroom to find her on her laptop reading something a swinger friend has posted on Facebook with steam coming out of her ears (yeah we made an appt. with an ENT to get that checked out). I think it's gotten so bad at times that she's totally lost her 'lady wood' for a few of our lifestyle friends. I'm not really on Facebook so it hasn't affected me (other than her maybe not being as excited about possibly hooking up with some couples because they are so adamant in their views and express them so vigorously on Facebook). Just wondering what everyone thinks. Does Facebook (and learning all the dirty details about other couples) affect how you start to think about them? Ever not wanted to hook up with someone once you realized how different your viewpoints were or when they maybe posted some things on social media that you found offensive?

Couples Oasis in Vegas - - Have been.. wasn't impressed. Felt like the kind of place you might get herpes just by sitting on a chair. Hosts were very friendly, crowd was older ... didn't see any couples there we would have rated over a "4 / 10". Stayed about 30 minutes and left. Honestly, swingers clubs in vegas are not good... the tourist atmosphere lends itself to people just trying to make money... they don't have to create a quality product to get people to pay big bucks. Save your moeny. When talking about vegas clubs, you'll find that most people over 60 speak fairly positively about them... most people under 40 won't go anywhere near them.... That should tell you something.

I’m defense of single males - Funny old geezers - Here’s my two cents on why there is so much distain for single males on this site. First, the very name of this site suggests that it’s a platform for swingers, meaning SM are barking up the wrong trees. Yes, there are definitely couples on here who like MFM etc (i certainly do) but the fact that it is predominantly a swinger site should suggest to single guys that they and what they offer only appeals to a small subset of people here, and they should lay low and take a back seat rather than trying to be front and center. In my opinion, single guys should feel like guests here. They’re the third wheel, after all. We know there are single guys who are ready and willing to fuck our wives…let us come to you rather than being in our face. Any guy with even average EQ should understand this. Second and just as important….maybe think twice before you hit “submit” on a comment you want to make because more often than not the comments from single guys are cringe-worthy. If you hid the profiles of a random set of comments, I guarantee I could pick which were written by the single guys. You say, “I do however, love being a third and love meeting new people and wish to get more involved. “. Yes, you and every single male on the planet. Single males…do you have a place here? Sure. But your place is not to make up 50% of the content when a MUCH smaller percentage of people here are interested. Back into the woodwork a little bit and you might get a better reception. Happy 4th!

Alex - New to the lifestyle looking for my first encounter into couples and single females - "I just don’t understand how single guys can be swingers" Like this, DUH! ;-p [img]https://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/files/2017/01/coolest-half-man-half-woman-costume-8-21577066.jpg[/img]

Vaccine - Do you take vaccine status into account when deciding who to play with. - [quote=Farkeltwins]Wow, we were under the impression that swingers were smart progressive people but this thread has educated us. It appears that some swingers are racists, knuckle draggers, selfish and just plain stupid. Please keep posting comments as it has been very helpful to us on what we want and don't want![/quote] In our experience, most swingers ARE "smart progressive people" but, alas, we're not a homogenous group. Think of this thread as a sort of 'canary in the coal mine' in that it is not only giving you a heads up but saving you a LOT of time sorting thru a somewhat large group of people to point the way towards those you are most likely to get along with and possibly even eventually want to see naked. [em]Emo_12[/em]

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - [quote=LAPUA]That's the way it's been for us too. Have given our phone # to a few couples that have said they really want to meet. Haven't heard for them yet but tell ya the couples we have met have been great there's been very few. Still looking for them repeat couples and the one's that are looking for fun in and out of the bedroom. Where the hell are they????[/quote]

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - .... "Give oral to the person to your left" or stuff like "make yourself orgasm in front of everyone" and the list goes on and on and gets even naughtier but nothing that pushes the limits of most... Can we push the limits a little? TCmissy... We are shocked and more than a little impressed... The two you wrote down were placed on the list as soon as you posted them, specially the second one. We like the way you think!!!

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - We have a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 and a 2011 Suzuki Kizashi SE!!!!

Evil's latest poll. Fellas, would you ever... - - [quote=CHEFFETTE][quote=EVILDOERS]Naw. Not tryin' to be the Soup...er Sex Nazi. Just wanted to try to understand where some of the attitudes about male bisexuality and swinging come from. I find it extremely interesting how much homophobia still exists in the world and how much exists in a community of people dedicated to sexual freedom. I find human nature fascinating and especially when that nature is something that is more or less taught rather than innate. [/quote]In the three months + I've been reading here all I can come up w/ to explain certain members' homophobia and continued, idiotic comments is this is a male-dominated swinger site and in my experience males feel more threatened by the potential they're perceived as something they don't want to be seen as; you'd think that w/ as much time as they spend w/ their own cock in their hand every single day they'd be less terrified of a cock belonging to another guy, but apparently they must declaim it at every turn or they'll go sterile/bald/teh gayz w/o even TRYING.[/quote] If I were from Maine, I'd say "Ahyup". As I told a girl a couple days back when we were talking about "Sexual Fluidity" by Lisa Diamond, when she said she'd heard that Diamond is working on a new study along the same lines, but on men instead of women, I doubted she'd find much there because, for whatever reason, society has a much more severe taboo against male-male sex than it does against female-female sex. The taboo against women with women was once nearly as strong, but since probably sometime in the '60s it has become much less so. And you're surrounded by society's attitudes, and they're pounded into your head from they day you're old enough to understand anything. And the stronger a taboo, and male-male sex is one of the strongest, the more unlikely it is that you'll get ever rid of it. Physically, sex is a matter of friction properly applied to the correct parts of the body, ultimately resulting in orgasm. So the sex of the person applying it, or to whom you're applying it, really shouldn't matter. But it does. I have absolutely zero homophobia. If I'm in bed with more than one person, and some guy's hand touches me someplace for a second I won't freak out or even care. I understand that I've been socialized into how I feel, and that if I'd grown up in, for example, ancient Greece, I wouldn't have been. I understand that the prohibition of male-male sex grew out of humanity needing to expand as quickly as possible in order to survive, and that the cultural attitudes which that created got written into religions as they developed. I know that there's absolutely no logical reason for it. I know that the "logical" arguments against homosexual sex are nonsense. Like "it isn't natural - you don't see homosexual animals." Bullshit. Yes you do, all the time. I have a hen who's always humping the other hens. She doesn't accomplish anything, but she does it. One of the animals that is genetically closest to humans, the Benobo, a type of chimpanzee, has sex all the time with members of its band (the true swingers of the animal world), male or female, doesn't matter. I know that physically, biologically, there's no reason sex with one sex shouldn't work as well as with the other. I have a really good friend who is a pre-op male to female transexual, and if she ever has the surgery, and becomes physically female below as well as above the waist, sure I'd have sex with her if she wanted to. And I have other friends who are lesbian or gay. And I even belong to and volunteer for HRC (Human Rights Council). I should be a prime candidate for bisexuality. But no, I would not suck someone's dick. Or want some guy sucking mine. Even though I understand that that feeling has been socialized into me, that it probably wasn't predetermined when I was born male, still it's there, and it is what it is. The more emphatically something is socialized into you as you grow up, the less likely it is that you'll ever break away from it, even if you do manage to get away from some of the other things you were "taught". And I think that, Evil is your answer. ~ Terry

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