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choices - - you don't plan this lifestyle , you just fall in to it ! you got some thing like love missing you don't know what it is and how to get it so you try this , or you get horney only to sin ,or if you are the male part it is normal and it is in your cells or genes the need for a variety of females don't ever forget the fact that most men had more then 1 wife about 100 years ago and a lot still have now and the desire did not change , the body and brain don't change by the only fact that gov. banned it , so we see a new era of prostitute filling in that gap like , gentlemans boutique , sex xxx , swing clubs , it was there and its still here just took a diff. shape or in couples swingers sometimes you are pushed in to it by an insane spouse that you actual depend on , "or you join or leave " or a childishly jealousy by the female part if you fuck whom you want so i will too , risking family values .........:h

The vent! - Judgements, I'm so tired of them. - Ah, It's a decision we all live with - ebb and flow with. There are interesting things that occur within as Swingers, but the changes are pretty much within. Learn to let go of what doesn't matter. Hold on to what does. In the end, live and let live! They are entitled to be as well as you. So...just get in the mud and have a good time! ---------------K_T "Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world--and never will." Mark Twain

Cruise - pricing - You guys are really bitching about paying $2000 for two people for a 7 day lifestyle takeover cruise? I heard Utah people were cheap but come on. Let's break that down per day... $285... per couple... per day... We've been many places that aren't nearly as nice as being on a cruise with 2100 swingers and paid a lot more than that for just hotel rooms. Throw in car rental and food and you're out even more. So what if you're paying $600 more than what they charge for a regular cruise... you don't have to worry about children and you're around people you can actually have fun with. Sounds like the extra money is worth it to me. And have you ever been on ANY vacation when you fly? Add in airfare, liquor, tips and gratuities as well. You're not getting those things free on most other vacations anyways. Did you go to SwingFest? The rooms there were $300 a night! So if you can't afford this cruise, don't knock the people who put it together, we've been waiting for something like this for a long time and they deserve to make a bit of money off this because I'm sure it wasn't easy. And you're probably the ones who bitch about there never being any events or parties for lifestylers, then when someone puts one together, you bitch about it because they make a dollar for their efforts. We'll be on the cruise and we'll be glad to see those who aren't cheap on there with us.

Vegas Jan 14-16 - Any sugestions on clubs or parties? - We were just in Vegas for the week of Dec 19 and I had asked around. I was referred to a new website specializing in \"what\'s going on around Vegas\" - specifically of the naughty variety. It is new, so I don\'t know how good it is, but it *seems* to have some \"inside scoop\". Take a look at: http://www.americanlowlife.com Meanwhile, I might share my list of \"50 things to do in Vegas\" - but they are mostly personal-level things like *) Shave each others\' genitals *) Go clothes shopping and take naughty photos in the dressing rooms *) Rent a Segway on the Strip *) Sneak around the hotel halls naked *) Enjoy the \"duelling piano\'s\" bar at Harrah\'s: Twin women pianists belting out all of the songs that the crowd loves singing along with *) Try \"Fusia\" at Luxor: \"Asian Fusion\" food: really-good food with a twist. Expensive, but a really-great culinary experience *) Stay away from MOST shows: they just aren\'t worth your time or money - particularly the \"titty shows\": It is ironic that Vegas has the reputation for \"naughty\" but the laws prevent full nudity anywhere in the city - so most of the shows are really tame - for swingers. We\'ve tried \"Skin Tight\" at Harrah\'s and \"Night Fantasy\"(?) at Luxor. They were... yawn. If you\'re going to go to any show - see if you can get half-price tickets the day of the show - there are now 4 or 5 half-price ticket booths around Vegas. Many shows are worth *half* the normal price. *) Drive out to Valley of Fire and run around the gorgeous, huge Red Rocks - naked - and take pictures of each other and make love. This time of year it will be *cold* - but that just means that you\'ll have it more to yourself. *) Dress up really sexy and go out just walking around: enjoy dressing as outrageously as you dare - see-thru, low-cut, etc - and just wander around - or even go gambling and see how many heads turn when you lean over the craps table to place your bets. OK. Again. I\'ve got a list of about 50 such things. If you\'re interested, ask me. Sigh. I DO love Vegas.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa - Information - Cypress Cove is very nice. It is the oldest nudist resort in Florida, but has had many improvements. There are two pools, a hot tub, resturants and a large lake that you can paddle boat in. The crowd is older than Paradise Lakes or Caliente so you will feel young. There are swingers around, but atmosphere is pretty quiet. The accomodations are very nice, close to the pools and the other activities. I am sure you will enjoy your stay. We love to go there for a quiet weekend getaway and we do know a lot of other couples in the lifestyle that go there. Have Fun Gary and Kathy

Male traveling to Phoenix possible relocation where to play? - I'm traveling to Phoenix with the possibility of moving there when to play? - Hi male here traveling to Phoenix with the possibility of a relocation to live in Phoenix or near by. Where is the good places to meet swingers and play? what is the best area to live near there? is the swinger community good? Best swing clubs? Any information would be great Thanks!!!!! g

What a difference a Gay makes... - Our first foray into the swinging public, not what I expected. - Reading all the posts here and looking at the photos on the profiles make us wish we were in utah.You truely are a lovely lot. The couple in Spring Hill look good too...And Texas.......stc We went to a swingers club once..ONCE!!We found it rather cliquy. We didn't know what to do there,people were wandering off to rooms,we didn't know if we should follow,wait to be invited or whatever. My wife got more interest than I did(from single guys usually),and being basically shy,I just stood back.Everyone seemed to be chatting and ignoring us. We travelled quite a way to get to this place,and we won't go again that's for sure. It seems to us that house parties are the best way to go to meet new people.we tried those with some success. We once went to a lesbian bar just to see what it was like.I tell you,they were really friendly.People chatted to us,wanted to know where I was from because of the accent.We didn't go to pick anyone up(fat chance for me,they were all gay girls..LOL)But had a great time.

Goth Ball - Fantasies of SLC presents the Goth Ball I'm South Jordan - If you like themed swingers events, you should come out to the Goth Ball July 30th. It will be held in a three story 8000sq ft home. Tickets include food, prizes, paid bartender (BYOB), a king a queen will.be crowned with a real crown and tiara. There will be a dance floor and 15 seat theater with gothic movies playing. There will be plenty of space for fun at the after party as well. We are only looking for couples and single females at the moment. Send us a message for details

"Hall Pass" the movie - Funny as hell! - The first of it was great...ending was predictable....but over all good!! worth seeing! they should just become swingers and everything would be perfect!

Small town fun - - Maybe throw a swingers party in the San Rafael swell. There are a lot of swingers that camp. Beer and bud are no strangers to the swell.

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