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Going out on a limb... - - I'm not sure that what I am about to say has anything to do with this thread, but I am beyond pissed right now and I feel the need to vent... so here goes. Why do single males have a hard time? On another swingers site, a section of our profile states.. "Please be discreet when sending us a Yahoo instant message." There's nothing worse then having a message pop up on the screen that says "YOUR WIFE HAS GREAT TITS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A HUNG SINGLE MALE?" While showing off your vacation pictures to visiting relatives, friends, etc." So what happens.... a message just like that pops up. I type back and say "Why would you send a message like that?" "Do you have any clue who is looking at this computer screen right now?" I get back... "I'm on [swinger site name] and I like your pics... do you want to meet?" I point out where it states being discreet on the IM and I add "What the hell is wrong with you sending messages like that?" Here's what I get back.... "WELL YOU'RE THE ONE LETTING STRANGE GUYS FUCK YOUR WIFE" Now we've played with many single guys... and I know that many many many are really nice and intelligent and mature.... but this one really set you all back several notches.... It just isn't worth it when I'm clued in to the mind set that exists among a percentage of you.

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We really hope it's just time for that new group to go wild. We love those a list couples like everyone else but we love feeling like the a list couple too lol but all these older couples 60-90 keep trying to add us and the younger ones won't even reply hi or anything and don't even get me started on the females it's like we are the plague up in here we just want to have some real fun we are planning on getting a few motels/hotels this summer and hope more people want to play and we are moving to west south salt lake valley area and hope to throw some crazy parties there too. We've been on here a year and it's quite the challenge especially cus we aren't in the utah valley clique and everyone who seems interested is to far away hope that changes when we move but if that doesn't work we getting the f*** out of here. And welcome to Miami will be our new fav thing to say. Hah

swingers helper... - I know some of us need this every now and again... - Would you wear this?

Male on male - Not sure if this is where this goes, but male on male tonight only. - [quote=NAUGHTYELFS][quote=CARRIERMAN][quote=MASSMN]I think part of the problem why guy's don't want to put it on the profile or try it is they may be afraid if their GUY friends would ever find out that might cause problems with their friends. Remember these site's can be accessed by anyone this is the same reason alot of swingers don't post a face photo. [/quote] AMEN!! But you'd be astonished at how many people here on Swingular just don't understand why some of us choose to NOT have a "public" profile pic.[/quote] true but then again if someone you know just casually finds your pic and profile it means they were on here looking for the same thing you were and have just as much explaining to do.[/quote] Unless they're just surfing, and stumble on it. I know - sounds like I'm paranoid, doesn't it? But I have an awful lot to lose.

Fuck pod - What’s your fantasy? - The vaccines so far have proven effective against all variants. Nothing is 100% but statistics suggest getting vaccinated adds a higher level of protection against becoming seriously ill. You are statistically less likely to transmit the virus to others. That’s not just the case with this virus and all the variants, it’s true with vaccine rollouts that dramatically reduced other serious illnesses, like polio. Polio still exist. You just don’t see it at the levels that existed before the vaccine developed to fight it. Same can be said for small pox. So, the question posed in the thread is “ If you were to join a fuck pod, what would you want the people and the pods activities to be?”. For some people vaccinated fuck pod members to add protection against this pandemic, and tested to verify that that the members don’t carry an STD is part of what the people in the pod to want the pod to include. You are a nudist not a swinger so a fuck pod really isn’t relevant. Granted nudist have standards and not all nudist are going to agree about what those standards should be. As for pro vaccination swingers. We are getting emails from some really intelligent and sexy couples and singles that would be interested in a STD tested and vaccinated Fuck Pod. No, we aren’t currently members of a pod like that, but yes, it sure looks like at first glance it’s possible that a pod or pods could form.

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincitybi hit it.... Just looked at the profile male: 5'5" tall, 210 lbs, 5'6", 135 lbs. He is a troll who shaved and she has not figured it out...Poor girl...Bet he has a dicky doo too...Poor poor girl...

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - The idea of a private club is great. Having spent some time in Europe, they are very uninhibited and get pretty wild. The idea of theme rooms or genres, would offer a great variety to appeal to everyone. We would be interested to see how it progresses. Would come regularly.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=CANDJ23]I can't wait to try DP! and I want to try having 3 guys at once, so I can have one in my mouth too...[/quote] Pick me!!! :)

becoming a poly couple - wanting another woman to join our family - [quote=EVILDOERS]Prolly not a swingers site. There are actually poly communities on the internet where you can start exploring but be forewarned, a lot of polys abhor the notion of swinging almost as much as the vanilla world does.[/quote]HUH? Who the heck are you? The Evil that I know could not POSSIBLY let this post go without some kinda wise-crack or joke! IMPOSTOR I say, IMPOSTOR!

last night - - It was a great party, wish we could do it more often! Met lots of sexy people and saw alot of sexy swingers. The hot tub and pool were the most fun! If you know what I mean....

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