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Swingers Rock Club - Live music, Dancing, and Sexy Friends - No where in my profile did it say I could spell that word correctly, as sad as this may seem it's been spelled like that for well over a year, and you're the first to point out my error thank you, here's a cookie 8-) Shawn

Evil's latest poll. Fellas, would you ever... - - [quote=CHEFFETTE][quote=EVILDOERS]Naw. Not tryin' to be the Soup...er Sex Nazi. Just wanted to try to understand where some of the attitudes about male bisexuality and swinging come from. I find it extremely interesting how much homophobia still exists in the world and how much exists in a community of people dedicated to sexual freedom. I find human nature fascinating and especially when that nature is something that is more or less taught rather than innate. [/quote]In the three months + I've been reading here all I can come up w/ to explain certain members' homophobia and continued, idiotic comments is this is a male-dominated swinger site and in my experience males feel more threatened by the potential they're perceived as something they don't want to be seen as; you'd think that w/ as much time as they spend w/ their own cock in their hand every single day they'd be less terrified of a cock belonging to another guy, but apparently they must declaim it at every turn or they'll go sterile/bald/teh gayz w/o even TRYING.[/quote] If I were from Maine, I'd say "Ahyup". As I told a girl a couple days back when we were talking about "Sexual Fluidity" by Lisa Diamond, when she said she'd heard that Diamond is working on a new study along the same lines, but on men instead of women, I doubted she'd find much there because, for whatever reason, society has a much more severe taboo against male-male sex than it does against female-female sex. The taboo against women with women was once nearly as strong, but since probably sometime in the '60s it has become much less so. And you're surrounded by society's attitudes, and they're pounded into your head from they day you're old enough to understand anything. And the stronger a taboo, and male-male sex is one of the strongest, the more unlikely it is that you'll get ever rid of it. Physically, sex is a matter of friction properly applied to the correct parts of the body, ultimately resulting in orgasm. So the sex of the person applying it, or to whom you're applying it, really shouldn't matter. But it does. I have absolutely zero homophobia. If I'm in bed with more than one person, and some guy's hand touches me someplace for a second I won't freak out or even care. I understand that I've been socialized into how I feel, and that if I'd grown up in, for example, ancient Greece, I wouldn't have been. I understand that the prohibition of male-male sex grew out of humanity needing to expand as quickly as possible in order to survive, and that the cultural attitudes which that created got written into religions as they developed. I know that there's absolutely no logical reason for it. I know that the "logical" arguments against homosexual sex are nonsense. Like "it isn't natural - you don't see homosexual animals." Bullshit. Yes you do, all the time. I have a hen who's always humping the other hens. She doesn't accomplish anything, but she does it. One of the animals that is genetically closest to humans, the Benobo, a type of chimpanzee, has sex all the time with members of its band (the true swingers of the animal world), male or female, doesn't matter. I know that physically, biologically, there's no reason sex with one sex shouldn't work as well as with the other. I have a really good friend who is a pre-op male to female transexual, and if she ever has the surgery, and becomes physically female below as well as above the waist, sure I'd have sex with her if she wanted to. And I have other friends who are lesbian or gay. And I even belong to and volunteer for HRC (Human Rights Council). I should be a prime candidate for bisexuality. But no, I would not suck someone's dick. Or want some guy sucking mine. Even though I understand that that feeling has been socialized into me, that it probably wasn't predetermined when I was born male, still it's there, and it is what it is. The more emphatically something is socialized into you as you grow up, the less likely it is that you'll ever break away from it, even if you do manage to get away from some of the other things you were "taught". And I think that, Evil is your answer. ~ Terry

Swingers Kickball Society - - Sign me up, i would be interested

John Butler Trio - at Red Butte Gardens August 7th 2014 - Hey there fello swingers; is any else going to the jbt concert on this night, we wanna hang with some fellow peeps and we have a room for an after party.

What's in Southern Utah? - - no that just sucks for you my wife has the problem of turning strait people into swingers LOL

Other Swinger sites in Utah - Anyone tell us of other sites? - Here are the sites we use and our username there. Look us up and we'll show you around (couples only) swinglifestyle.com 2NParadisse. They offer lifetime membership. One of the best sites ever for USA and Canada, eh? aff.com 2NParadisse and DanNSuzy. If you sing up as a couple your membership will turn into a gold membership after about a month. Don't spend your money there on memberships, just wait until your profile turns into a gold profile and you'd have access to everything. We've been there since 1998 lol. Still a very good site, always evolving and we meet new people there often. Met our first couple there. Good globally also a few profiles from Mars. sdc.com FlorDCanela. I think this site is best for the East Coast. We meet people there occasionally. U have to pay. kasidie.com 2NParadisse. not our cup of tea but sometimes good for party info. Some people in SoCal swear by it. reddit.com the swingersr4r and other subreddits FunMachina. We had been super lucky there for over a year meeting couples in their 20's lol. This is a free and unexploited gem. In Spain we used onswingers.com FlorDCanela. very good but limited to Spain and is in Spanish. UK/Europe c4fonline.com - not so good for us when we were in Spain. fling.com some people contacted us from there once. Locanto.com kinda like what CL used to be. Not much going on there. Weirdos. https://www.newbienudes.com/ has some potential. I just have not looked into it yet because we always have something going on when we decide to get out and play. Regular dating apps like tinder, kindle.. you can open a profile of your lady seeking other ladies, just say that you are married and hubby wants to join too. And then... Bingo! You entered the Unicorn Realm! Also non website nor non swinger party contacts: Just take your lady to a strip joint and have her make friends with the girls. This works good in SoCal where girls are less professional. Could work in Vegas but good luck, they are real hustlers there. Also, the wife and I were on a non-swingers date the just 2 of us, went to have a beer and play pool. This other couple was checking us out. We started chatting normally and pleasantly. The girl told me my wife was very cute. So, I told the girl, "my wife just said the same about you, how funny!" Ended up MFMF later at their place. UPDATES: Lifestylelounge.com: use it if is free. otherwise not worth a penny. old profiles, abandoned page. trueswingers.com review coming soon. bisexualplayground.com met a couple there once. Not sure if still up. alt.com seen it looks like whips and chains stuff. Gone but not forgotten: Craigslist Personals. Those were good to meet couples but tons of weirdos. SwingDater.com met a long term couple there. playersxchange.com a buddy's site. gone. swingerads.com We don't do much apps. **01/31/2022 UPDATE** Try the Doublelist couples seeking couples sections. We had played with a few couples from there in just 6 months using it. Beware is free to lots of fakes and time-a-wasters. Also, make a habit of running any pic you receive on tineye. However, if the pic creates no matches, do not assume is a real pic. I'll say most contacts from non pay sites are fake. There is something about real and sincere people fakers can't never get. PM for details.

Finding Connections - Do the majority of swingers wait to be approached? - Curious as to the activity of swingers here. Do the majority of people wait to be approached by others or do the majority search for profiles and send emails to find a connection? If you get an email, do you reply if not interested or just ignore? What do you do to connect?

those looking for disease free companions - - Thanks for the post Jake. On a swingers site, I'm sure you just made everyone horny beyond words. I know I can't wait to get out there and start playing the Chlamydia Russian Roulette. Man I'm honry!! LOL

LAVA - - The 20 & 21 is the big swingers party!

Interracial Fun - Taboo Or Good Fun? - KRISTY>>> Sadly, I think that your original message and its intent was lost in translation. However I would agree that a theological approach is probably not the best route to justifying your position. Not that you have to, but you CHOSE to, and THAT opened you up to more criticism. JLEONARDTREESVC <<<------Are you serious? Are you listed in the yellow pages like this? \'Cause I have this big ass oak tree hangin\' over my awning that I need taken out... Just kidding dude. However, I was wondering what gave you the impression that we ALL know it is \"wrong\" as you stated in your post. Do we all KNOW it is WRONG? Strong statement. VOODUEXMAN>>> My Nigga! You went and got you a sista! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY bra! You see, I can talk to him like that now because we both black! Yeah dats right, you black now. You know dat sista workin the shit outta him! Yeah boy! Mad props to any white boy who can lock down a sista! We gonna work on your ebonics a little bit, you know...teach you how to akt black \'n shit. A little Shlitz Malt Licka fix you right up. Little 50 Cent in da ride. Dont worry \'bout dese haters son, me and T4REAL69 gotch\'ur back baby! LMFAO Oh for goodness sake...nothing is all that serious. We are swingers! Let\'s all swing! Luvbugs! (mR.) :h

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