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Ethridge Swingers

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Jewellery, logos, etc to identify other swingers - We would like info on websites catering to discreet items to let others "know" we are in the lifestyle - I can see from the responses there isn't much out there? The one link we tried came up as invalid....so we're hoping someone has one they are willing to share!!

Las Vegas - - We have only once gone to Vegas and spent a whole week and it was not in conjunction with any lifestyle take over or anything like that. We didn't go to any sex clubs. We did set up a temporary profile in a Vegas tourist hook-up site for swingers that we think is gone and met a couple that way we passed on. We recommend not staying in your room tethered to your lap top or smart phone trying to hook up. We did have some great sex with fun people while we were there. People, normally vanilla, are not all that vanilla while traveling and travelers in Vegas maybe a bit more so. The lobbies, coffee shops, pools and bars in the better classier hotels are fun if you are the sorts that can strike up a conversation, be playful and see where the conversation goes. Have fun!

A&E New show about swingers... - neighbors with benefits.... - [quote=KIDSATPLAY]Why would any industry sponsor shows about the positive side of Swinging? I doubt there is any big money in promoting the swing lifestyle any more than there is profit to singing the praises of plural marriage. The vice industry might even suffer financially should swinging really catch on. This is a lifestyle that must eat the crumbs that fall from the gay lesbian table to acquire any "me to" acceptance. It seems like social and financial suicide for the deep pockets.[/quote] Why would they? They probably wouldn't. I strongly suspect it will show only really fit, conventionally sexy, couples on some kind of a bedroom merry-go-round. Along with, if they find it, some couple or couples whose relationship gets screwed up by swinging. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they created a situation like that for the show if they didn't just find one. But a REAL reality show about swinging, showing people from 18 through their 60s or 70s, with the biggest single group in their 40s, with bodies ranging from incredibly skinny through obese? People who are, except for having rejected society's "you only have sex with your significant other" commandment, are absolutely and completely normal people? No, THAT show they'd never sponsor. I expect that this show, if it has any effect at all on society's view of swinging, will have a negative one, reinforcing the idea that swingers will jump into bed with anyone, and leading to even more people "signing up" in the expectation of getting laid whenever they feel like it.

Ldscouple74 - Are there any active LDS couples here - [quote=EVILDOERS]No more so than Catholic swingers, or Baptist swingers, or Jehovah's Witness swingers or Muslim swingers (I could go on.). All of which we've met over the years. You can certainly question how someone might rationalize fucking other people recreationally with belief in any given religion, most of which I'm certain wouldn't condone swinging. But it's not really all that different from how most people in the vanilla world view sexual fidelity even when religion isn't in play.[/quote] Agreed ... just as the definition of HYPOCRITE as posted above is non-denominational.... just sayin

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - I believe, that if it makes you feel guilty, you should not be doing it. that goes for every aspect of life. Not just some parts of it.

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - That moment when you interact with this post and then jump over to Tinder only to find a potential date wearing a pineapple t-shirt. Lol. You can't make this stuff up!

Swingfest - Hollywood Florida! - We were hoping to go, as we know a couple from the NYC area coming down, and we would love to meet some fellow swingers from this site. July has been a rough month financially for us, so we shall see. If we get there, we hope to see a lot of you! Ron & Chrissy

Vegas - - We're going April 9th-11th. Don't know what is and isn't open but we're hoping to find a room at The Sands or The Landmark or maybe The Dunes. We also plan on checking out the Liberace and Elvis museums and hitting that tiger magic show and FINALLY seeing either Wayne Newton or Frank Sinatra in person. We think they're playing at either The Stardust or the Desert Inn. Also can't wait to go to The Red Rooster as we hear it's SUPER classy, upscale, and a great place to meet lots of hot sexy swingers.

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 05' Mercedes C320 and 08 Mercedes E350. I'll never drive another car other than Benz.

Can a Hotwife also be a Unicorn? - - [quote=FunKinkyDuo]Well, I met a woman whose husband doesn’t mind that she plays with me and has a naughty GF. She has a hall pass to play with just me or both of us. They really aren’t swingers, so I guess she’s a hotwife of sorts, and for us she’s a Unicorn 🦄[/quote] This is more of our thought process. We did not mean disrespect to anyone.

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