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Blountville Swingers

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Swing Color Bands - Swing Color Bands - Well found a topic that alot is intrested in im wondering if the Administrator's could incorperate the color code into the profile's the Swingers Play colors deffintions are at 7946437.com or type swingular.com in to your search engin thats whee i came acrosst the color code site and a few other fair sites some for real and alot of fakes and other things like new about swingers. Playcolors is a very good idea and should be incorperated in to the site Poet

Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - Sorry to hear that someone ruined your new years fun and if you ever get to Utah cum join us I have been to many meet and greets and social events as well and that is a rare thing that happens unless the person is new and does not yet know how to handle themselves in a group setting. If I was you I would just take the person asside and let them know how things are done and you may become great friends. everyone is new at one time or another. And if they were in charge of the party I would let everyone in my power knoiw that this is not the group to swing with, and that they have no respect for others in the lifstyle. Better luck next time and don't let the ruin your fun. Regards Terry

Age quesiton - Do swingers of the same age group swing together? - we like a wide range of ages...we are more pickier about attitude than age

Clits, Dicks, Asses, and assorted body parts. - Parts are Parts. - Just to be the devil's advocate... why come to an adult dating site then shun truly adult pics???? Please allow me to respond... because I'm a little devil too and this is MY POST which YOU should have read? Please let me quote ME. "This is not a dig to the BPP's (Body Part Posters) because I believe you should post what you want to as long at it's within the rules set forth by the administrator. If someone doesn't like them then they should scroll on to what's behind the next door." I had hoped that "Disclaimer" would have covered any whiners who felt us kids would try and "shun truly adult pics". So let me get this right, "truly adult pics" require a ZOOM LENS. Match.COM is an "adult dating site" This is a Swingers Site.. (Notice the name Swinglar) LMAO "It's like city folks moving out to the country, and bringing all their city ways with them and imposing them on those already there" MENTALOS... if you want to post your wang go for it... and let me quote you. That's why there's a "next" button folks! We are all wating.... post that dick! (Please crop out the shirt... I'm shuning that fugger) Ewwww

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - The woman featured in the story contacted Heidi Hatch and not the other way around. Swingular became a featured part of the story because this woman included the site, as part of her tale of woe. The story was one sided because Heidi Hatch only spoke with one person as a reporter. She may have chatted with a lot of us under false pretenses. Obviously, KUTV news had a lot to do with how badly the story was presented. I would suspect there is at least one intelligent, insightful reporter somewhere with in the state that would be willing to present something less opinionated and in depth. Maybe Doug Fabrizio on KUER radio would be willing to turn his considerable talents toward an insightful investigative report. Mr. Fabrizio would probably read some of the better literature about the lifestyle in preparation and open a profile identifying himself honestly, as a reporter. The catch is he would need to be able to interview quite a few couples and singles within the lifestyle and probably actually attend a meet and greet, with an invitation, so as to have a first hand experience sans the sexual part of it. Well unless he and his wife were so inclined. With radio west being a radio program there would not be any faces revealed, but I think to be interesting the story would require a few couples willing to talk openly on air. That would be hard to find.

What sets you apart from other swingers - Lets see whos looking for what. - He eats pussy so long and so good at the last party, the whole place was applauding the gal screamed so loud when she came he felt like he was on stage. What sets my wife above the rest simple, she is just so much fun when she role plays "Dominatrix Style" the people at the party's we go to beg for her to role play bug her all night till she gives in. To be honest, nothing makes us any different than the rest we simply are in the lifestyle to have fun so we do whatever it takes to make that happen when it is no longer fun then we will go back to just us but for now we have only one question "who's next" fun cpls apply within lol. Norm&Sharon

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - We had a hard time buying tickets when the event first posted (and do meet the age requirement). Got some weird error and sent BMSHELL a screenshot to see if they'd seen it before. Not sure what was going on with it. We gave up on it after a while. Oh well, maybe next time .... :)

So should this forum stay a part of Swingular?? - - I happen to like this Swingular forum, primarily for discussion other than the obvious topic of sex/swinging. Why? Because I enjoy discussing politics and other social issues. This forum provides the opportunity to do so with fellow swingers and, if I choose, use as much profanity as I

Where to go, what to do. - Non club activities - Is now a good time to bring up the wrist bands, distinctive rings,and necklaces of christmas past???? Sort of joking however the idea of non-club get meets has allot of potential, look at the summer campout for instance and once there was a bowling party in a closed venue that was a blast, we went to a swingers super bowl party that was awesome, Lava Hot Springs Takeover was too much fun so we definitely think there is room for different social activities. Now on to how to recognize peeps, good luck with that one as a community swingers seem to have been trying to figure that one out since long before we started recreating. Bob

Swingers Next Door! - ABC news story on Swinging! - [quote=PROVOPLAYTIME]There is a REAL reality show about swingers! Or as close as you can get. Completely unscripted, completely real! They only ask to restart a scene if they missed audio or need additional video (they are trying to tell a story, so it only makes sense that they do this)... The show represents the lifestyle in a sexy and accurate way. We've participated in the show two different seasons (on 5 episodes total) and will continue to do so as long as they let us. They do it with integrity and we are both incredibly proud to say that we are a part of such a great show. It's on Playboy TV, it's called SWING! Nothing like the drama filled, scripted, and utterly unrealistic show on A&E. We highly recommend checking it out! We're going to try and have a party as each episode releases for the upcoming season with our lifestyle friends (everyone should!). Oh, and the other bonus, it's on Playboy TV, so there's plenty of nudity and sex!!!!! Need I say more?[/quote] Playboy's Swing is what got us into the lifestyle. We were watching it one night.. Got us thinking and then talking... next thing you know... Had a bumpy start, but things are great once we get past the medical issues (non-contagious!! LOL).

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