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Cosplay ? - - I'd post the pics of us dressed as Marv and Goldie/Wendy from Sin City but our family has seen those pics and we'd prefer they not know we're swingers. Anybody ever "played" (swinger-wise) while in costumes? I'm thinking it would take Cosplay to a WHOLE new level! [em]Emo_49[/em]

Amusing Story about bad planning - Notice nobody asked the swinger\'s opinions - If I may interject something here with regard to the Orlando swingers\' New Year\'s Eve party. Several people have lambasted the \"parents\" of the children exposed to the swingers\' activities. I\'d like to take a different approach. Don\'t \"swingers\" have any common sense? For starters, the writer of the piece didn\'t make it clear whether the parents were or weren\'t with the children during the time of the exposure. Based on an \"adult\" reporting the incident(s) to hotel management though (Mr. Young, I believe), I\'ll take it that there might have been at least one situation where the parents were with the children. Besides, it doesn\'t say the the kids were out late at night. It doesn\'t make any specific statement about when the incident(s) took place. It does say that the swingers did their activities \"in front\" of the children. Didn\'t they have the common sense to notice youngens around and be discrete? Didn\'t the hotel management have enough sense to realize that swingers would probably be exposing themselves and therefore cover up the glass surrounding the ballroom where the majority of the event took place? And didn\'t the swingers\' group organizers have any sense to address those issues before, or even during, the event to make sure that anyone (child or adult) who doesn\'t want to \"participate\" in their enjoyment wouldn\'t have to be exposed to it (no pun intended, but hey!)? On the other hand, shouldn\'t a parent feel in a high level hotel like a Crowne Plaza that their kid could safely go down to the lobby vending machine (or whatever) without having to monitor their every movement? Doesn\'t that instill a sense of maturity in an age group (around 13 I think I recall from the story) that is virtually moments away from \"adulthood\"? From this perspective, there\'s plenty of blame to go around, except for the kids. Something else needs to be said here which is how people \"read into\" news coverage. It was quite interesting to see comments about the \"impression\" that the article made regardless of what it did or didn\'t actually say.

Love lounge - Element 11 regional burningman - [quote=Whiskey_Girl]Where was that I didn’t see the theme camp[/quote] It was across the street from us ther Care Bares not sure what their official group name was. they were the swingers then at night they hosted the love Lounge

An out of this world (or state) encounter - swinging parties - I love you ABC Women you described utah parties very well. You are AWESOME!!! We have had soooo much fun and we are non drama people. However most parties have one or two that make it not as fun but you chose to respond how you want. Looks do not matter as much to us. We just like having a good time. That is what I hope everyone is trying to do. We enjoy all the parties soooo far keep them coming!!! goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo swingers!!!!

Sturgis 2009 - - OK the knuckle saloon in sturgis, august 3rd at 7pm; so how do we know the swingers from the regular sturgis crowd?

Swinging/Polyamory - I just wanted to hear other people thoughs on this....... - TEQUILAROSE You are right spot on. The difference is that poly requires the relationship/commitment. Swinging doesn't.. Swinging is almost always a relationship with minimal commitment (commitment/relationship is wide open to the participants to dictate as they wish) required since the participants are usually already in a committed relationship. Here it branches, and there are three ways to go. 1 Swingers that are in a committed relationship (married or SO or single) and don't want someone that would interfere with that base relationship. Just enjoy some recreational sex with others (the vast majority). If they want to grow it beyond, then go for it and enjoy. (Least restritive of the bunch) 2 Cheaters and yes boys and girls, there are a lot of gals that fit this catagorie even if they are way outnumbered by males. 3 Married or otherwise in a not good relationship looking to explore more and find everything hunky dorie again. NOT A GOOD place to go. Swinging is a place to go for recreational sex and then make the relationship/friendship whatever you want out of it. Anywhere from none to good friends.

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? -

Don said...

We view the lifestyle as a multifaceted creature. The sex part being a benefit. In order for a person to want to have sex, they have to be attracted to the other person in some way shape or form. For some, age is an issue. Should we fault them?? I think not. Just as we've discussed in other threads about D&D, Smoking, Sexual Practices etc. The list is long. I think this has to do with preference. Are some people picky yes. Don't let their decision hamper your good time. There are many couples that this is an issue. Most people's taste doesn't change because someone complains. I say move on. We don't have an issue with age so much as we do attitude and personality. As some of you well know, I (Don) am very opinionated and love to say what's on my mind. Some don't like that. Some thing I am a prick. For those of you that think that... Anyway, as we say in the Army, suck up and drive on. Don't let rejections rule your outlook, let your successes. Good luck.


Raffle items for the Northern Nights meet and greet!!! - Thanks to the people that donated these! - 4 of these Scooter Bikes, valued over $200 each, were donated by an anonymous couple for the Northern Nights Sub for Santa party. We are going to give two of them away to some lucky Swingers in our raffle and give two of them to the Christmas Box House. These are so KEWL and will make great gifts!!! Thanks to the couple that donated these - they wanted to remain a Secret Santa!!! Love you two! We have many more prizes to give away to our guests, including $200 dollars worth of gift certificates to Dr. John's Lingerie Boutique!!! So make sure you bring a new, unwrapped toy with you to receive FREE admission to the club & your raffle ticket! [color=#c708dd"](1 raffle ticket per person that brings a toy/gift for the Sub for Santa)[/color] All the new toys/gifts will be delivered to the Christmas Box House and will be greatly appreciated by the staff and LOVED by the children that they care for.

Sexy swingers closer to our age - 20-30 year old sexy swingers - Nice pictures I wonder why so many people hide their faces

Swingers Next Door! - ABC news story on Swinging! - but in Ohio they don't allow single males or females so you sure you want to move to Ohio.

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