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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Mmm I love DP! Only had the opportunity a couple times but want to again and again and again... never tried DVP except with my man and a toy but I would LOVE to. Same thing with DA. My man is pretty secure and doesn't care much as long as I'm satisfied :) Man I'm a lucky girl!

Erotic Couples Photos - - And yes, we ALWAYS give full, untouched copies to the folks we photograph/play with. Makes sense, right? yes we do the same thing, and for the swingers .we also do it for free,, even if they don't want to hookup.. we do alot of free photos shoots..T.F.P i alton, just injoy it.and it makes us friends.. and they can see the real us,, we are not the assholes you think we are.. there are 3 things we don't get over 1,someone ripping us off 2,calling the cops on us 3, liars but all else we can get over, Alton but if you are cutting us just to fuck around thats cool i can deal with that just send me a private email to let me know so i wont take it so personal cause the deeper you cut me the deeper i will cut you. to be honest with ya ..i can get real nasty.anyway with that said if your not affraid pick up the phone and give me a call and talk to the real me and you will find out i am a really a nice guy. just cause we live to far apart doesnt mean we cant be friends..i think if more people did this more on swingular there would not be so much name calling in the forums.but then you are thinking if i put my number on the net you would think i would have everyone calling me but i dont even though you would think i would be getting alot of harrassing calls but i dont..occassionally i get someone to call and hang up but that is the risk you take ..i have gotten 20 bunk calls in the last 8 years..try it sometime you will find that it works pretty good.. all my info is listed here and on my website alton

Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - Oh Yea that would be great for us guys to wear......... Not really, Come on people.

Monday, must be time for a new poll. - The Dad Bod - Maybe. But since the 'dad bod' thing seems to be trending on the internet right now I thought I'd see what female swingers thought about it. And yes, women, in general look for different things in a partner than men often do but in swinging, since they're not looking for fidelity or someone who is a good provider or a good father perhaps they would indeed be more critical of physical failings (more like men?) than they would in the vanilla world.

Other activities? - Do you only meet swingers for sex? - I\'d say that the closest friendship we currently *have* - has included both playtimes - and times when everybody was clear that we were *not* playing. We encountered the couple on a nude-camera page, so first contact was \"sexual intentions\" and we got to know each other and had a period of increasing sexual intensity. But then one of the people tired of the sex and we just shut it off - but spend lots of time together doing just about everything. The *best* relationships, I think, integrate playtime: what else *can* be as intimate as sex? But a good relationship doesn\'t depend on sex, either.

Swingers at work... - - Thanks STRAIGHTUPNOW, but honestly I thought I handled it VERY DISCRETLY, it was a simple small card nothing more, between himself and I. As for the rest I was half way across the country as I stated in the post. So I didn't feel I was in the wrong by approaching him. I feel that alot of people freak out when someone does find out about their little secret, and most don't know how to handle it when they are the ones approached instead of them doing the approaching. And I'm sure also it was 90 % being I was there alone without my sexy lady. But anyway I appreciate your comments, all I can say is you live, you learn. That last trip was about 5 years ago, and recently I have discovered we are returning to do business with them again. I'm really curious what kind of reaction I'll get this time when I walk through those doors and (if) that gentleman is still there. I DO NOT plan on saying or doing anything. I just wonder if he'll take some more vacation again. LOL

Spitroast - Mfm - [quote=COUPLE4_U]Single male swingers,,,, Really doesn’t make any sense to me[/quote] And your profile says looking for cpl and SINGLE FEMALES…

Now that you're one of them there fancy swingers... - - So what you're saying is that you're kind of turning into sex snobs a little bit? ;-)

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - BMW 335i, Hard Top Convertible. Love it !!!!!

Swingers in China - Doh! - - Middle ages....well lets think on that....mmmm...anybody know much about Europe in the middle ages? My favorite quote from this article: "Has my private life changed the way of your life? Has it hurt anyone?" perfectly stated. So long as no one is coerced into participating in these activities who has been hurt?

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