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Alot of you people are gonna freak out about this - our profiles - HEHE....I LOOOOVE to google myself!!!! And FLAPLAYA... don't say it will be a bad hurricane season, we are moving to NC in a month :-( Lived on the coast in Naples, FL for 20 years and was pretty damn lucky. Don't have to worry about hurricanes in UT, just all these freaky, crazy and BEAUTIFUL swingers!!!! I sure hope NC is just as fun...

network swingers - - ....and which show would that be exactly?

Singles who are married and cheating - - better get a cup of coffee cuz this is gonna be a long read: there are a few things you have to take into consideration when you decide to be in the swinging lifestyle. i think the biggest thing is finding out if your spouse is into it. most people, i think, go into a relationship knowing what their spouses boundries are. and then there are couples who evolve in their relationship and the more trust they have in their relationship, i would think it would be like a "coming out" of sorts. like..."hey, um...honey...the johnsons next door are having a party this weekend...and we were invited" "Really?" "Yeah, and i hear its one of THOSE kinda parties" "well, honey..we better wear our crotchless underwear" i dunno..something like that..like, at some point you decide that swinging is for you, right? or you go into a relationship knowing that swinging is an option. buuuuuuuuuuuutttttt... if you go into a relationship knowing that swinging is definetly not what your spouse is into or in the evolution of your relationship you decide swinging is right for you, and your spouse isnt into it, and under no circumstance is it ok....then, in my humble opinion, you arent in the lifestyle. now, if you come to some sort of open relationship agreement if your spouse isnt into it but agrees to let you get some strange, fine. if you take it upon yourself to sign up for a swinging website behind your spouses back, hook up with couples behind your spouses back, then YOU ARE CHEATING! if you are cheating, then you are just asking for trouble: 1. you are being dishonest 2. you are bringing your drama into someone elses life whether they know it or not. what happens if the wife finds out and shows up at your house party with a shotgun? 3. what happens if you get an s.t.d.? you bring that home with you to your spouse, and if you have them, your children. even if you use condoms you can still get s.t.d.'s, its happened. 4. when your spouse does find out, and they will...you are humiliating them in front of their friends, family, job...cuz somehow they all find out. that leads me to believe you have no regard for someone elses feelings so why would i want to swing with you? 5. you are giving other single people, male or female, a bad name and reputation. 6. you are giving swingers in general a bad name and reputation. jenn and i are honest with each other. we are not in a place where we are gonna swing separate, we communicate and talk things out so we have a full understand of where eachother is at, at any given moment. if jenn or i didnt want to swing anymore, or if we wanted a break from it, we talk about it. we arent perfect by any means, but we do our best to consider eachothers feelings in this lifestyle. we dont invite drama into our lives so i would have to say...no, we dont swing with someone who is cheating on their spouse. we would both suggest that if you feel the need to cheat that you should either talk it out with your spouse and seek external help or if you dont think that will help, you should consider ending the relationship. this is all just our opinion. we know its easier written or said than done. but if you arent happy with your spouse, why would you drag them down with this? communicate..compromise...talk it out..but dont be a cheater, cuz its not cool. brandon

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - We are a pair of Virgos here

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Tonight’s party is a Mardi Gras party. Masks encouraged but not mandatory. Really fun parties! You can get the password on Facebook Unspoken lifestyle group. If you can’t find a password, don’t worry. You can still get in.

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - I don't kiss and tell but I am so angry.....this was the second time we played. I should have known but they said they were quiet and we just assumed they needed to get to know us and open up. They sure talked a lot pre 2nd playtime how fun it was gonna be etc. The guy asked the girl to leave in the middle of it without any explanation!!! Our intention of this post is only to avoid this in the future. We are really a fun couple and are very disappointed. We look forward to more mature, secure couples to get to know. Obvousily they weren't ready or on the same page. We really want all the couples that we play with to be 110% comfortable and both parties are into the situation and want to play.

Vegas sep 23-25 - Clubs - We are new to the community, do you recommend any swingers clubs in Vegas?

Vaccine - Do you take vaccine status into account when deciding who to play with. - [quote=Farkeltwins]Wow, we were under the impression that swingers were smart progressive people but this thread has educated us. It appears that some swingers are racists, knuckle draggers, selfish and just plain stupid. Please keep posting comments as it has been very helpful to us on what we want and don't want![/quote] Your comment clearly shows your own level of “progressive” intelligence, and lack of it. Still happy with your boy Biden running out of Afghanistan and leaving thousands of American civilians and Soldiers there as sitting duck targets? Not sure he could have fucked it up any more !

Seeking New Group Admins - Revitalize your favorite group. - As a longtime group admin I can tell you that MOST of the inactivity is usually due to lack of interest/participation/follow-thru on the part of group members. We have ACTIVELY tried to hold/host group activities MANY times over the years only to be frustrated by turnout...well, LACK of turnout. We're not sure if it's just Swingular members, swingers in general, or just human nature but we've really gone out of our way a number of times only to be disappointed. The last time was about a year and a half ago when we tried to organize a meet and greet (we actually organized SEVERAL at different times to try to accommodate as many people's schedules as possible) so that people could meet and mingle before organizing a more ambitious activity (skiing/boarding day). Between two different meet and greets we had two couples and one single female show up. So don't necessarily blame group admins for any real or perceived staleness.

How is it to be in the lifestyle and have small kids. - We are new to the lifestyle. - we have been tog for 13 years , and we have always been in the life style . and our kids are aware of us being in the life style . we dont invite anyone to our house that we dont know well . and only the ones that are family ok . i would not let anyone come to my house or be around my kids that i didnt feel safe about having them around . and i dont care where i met them at .or who i knew them through . i have been a stay at home mom for almost 12 years . so i know it is hard to have your own time . but mykids will only be little once . so i enjoy it to the fullest and then when we have time we go out . and we only let family watch them so we have to go around their free time . which can be very hard trying to make plans with people . sometimes poeple take it the wrong way thinking we dont want to meet them . but we try to explain how things are from the get go so we dont hurt anyones feelings . once we have gotten to know the people then we will hang out at the house or at their house or meet and do family things tog . out and about . that makes it alot easier . meeting places in bewteen play times . is a lot of fun . and a huge tease . we dont play when are kids around . and they dont know the details about our play time with our friends . or any of that stuff . but they do know that we live a open life style . when they have questions we answer them honestly and openly but in general talking . nothing about someone or the what when and how stuff . but just in general talking . we dont share any more then we would as if we were talking about our reg husband and wife relationship ... but someone said that they dont mix playmates with family time cause of something that happen . well to me that can happen to anyone with anyone . we are very busy during the week and we dont like to always have to find a sitter to hang out with our friends . and we like to hang out with alot of people . so we try to fit people in when we do things and when we have time . i prefer to hang out with swingers or people that are in the life style or that have a open mind about what we choose to do . iam a swinger 24 7 not just at the clubs on the weekends . i dont have time for people that arent ok with who i really am . everybody that knows us , knows about us . we are very open and honest . i dont want them to waste my time or theirs and i cant pretend to be normal to hang out with people that cant handle it . anyways . i would never lie to someone . . about something that might upset them. my kids mean the world to me and we do alot with them . so we try to find friends that want to hang out and do fun things like that . so we can all hang out . and we save playing for when we can get a sitter and go out to a club or house party .i would like to find someone that we can trust to watch them so we can get out more once in awhile . i find it also helpful to keep in touch with people on the computer . u can always chat with friends here and there to help make new ones or get to know others one . u can learn alot about someone chatting . and it also gives u someone to talk to since u cant get out much .. i believe kids should be first . and we choose to do alot with them . but it is also best for everybody if mommy and daddy are happy as well . so u need to figure out ways to make time for yall and your friends . just cause we are swingers doesnt mean we cant have cook outs and stuff like that . that way everybody is still tog andhangingout but no need to try to find a sitter .in a few years the kids will have lifes of thier own and i want it to be where everybody still hangs out but it will allow us a bit more time to us .i want my kids to be hanging out with their friends always here at the house or at a house of an adult that i trust . so we try to make friends with people that want the same things . we mix our time with family time with the kids so we can always watch them .but we know everybody doesnt click with family time or with everybody else or all the time . people will always disagree and there is always going to be friendships that end . for alot of differnt reasons . we try to not worry about those we just find other friends to hang out with . we want to enjoy life with our kids and good friends . and have ablast tog. naughty dreams freaky kitty

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