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Meeting new swingers? - Where to meet them? - We are fortunate enough to live 20 miles east of New Orleans where there are lots of different avenues to try. There are several clubs including one of the nicest on premisis clubs in the nation, (Colette). Even with all of the "Big City" opportunities, most of our contacts are made over the internet. We would have to agree that the net is the best invention since electricity.......!;)

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - Did not locate

Any Sci-Fi lovers here? - What\'s to describe? Either you like a good sci fi TV series or movie or you don\'t. - OK.... So we've mentioned Star Trek, Star Wars, StarGate, Aliens, Predator, AVP, X-MEN, Dr. Who (which I love), Heinlen, Arthur C. Clark, and a host of others... Sounds like we have a lot of Sci-Fi fans out there. So I'm sure that someone will remember a few British Sci-Fi TV shows that used puppets for the characters... Of course I'm referring to SUPERCAR, FIREBALL XL-5, CAPTAIN SCARLET and let's not forget THUNDERBIRDS...!!! Call me crazy, but I kinda' liked those shows... But then, I like anything that's SCI-FI...!!! Just in case they were not mentioned, let me just say a few that I can remember... Rocket Man, Colonel Bleep, Blake's 7, Earth vs. The Flying Saucers(classic), The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Blob (both versions), The Thing (both versions), Angry Red Planet, FORBIDDEN PLANET (Leslie Neilsen, Anne Francis & Robby the Robot), When Worlds Collide, The Day of the Triffids, Conquest of Space, Rocketship XM (Lloyd Bridges), Destination Moon, Flight to Mars, Invaders from Mars(classic), 20,000,000 Miles to Earth(George Pal), Them, Tarantula, and of course,War of the Worlds... Blade Runner, The Martian Chronicles, The Black Hole, Pitch Black, The Time Machine(both versions), THX-1138, Metropolis, Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidra, Anguilis, and the tiny girls from Monster Island... Not to mention animated sci-fi like Final Fantasy and the like... The list goes on and on... If I missed any, please someone let me know... (p.s. Hey, Wait a Minute... I thought that this was a Swingers Site... LMFAO

Franknfelicity - Honesty - As per a recent request I will post that this is a local issue in Utah, And I suppose I should expect the anonymity that is so precious to all the closet swingers in this area. I apologize to those from outside our twilight zone. But also envy your freedom of choice without judgment

Wear your damn masks! - COVID-19 and your junk! - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]We can’t just wander around COSTCO not wearing a condom and give the people around us an STD. Yes as lifestyle people we are already somewhat predisposed to a somewhat riskier social life than what a lot of other people might find acceptable for themselves. With a virus that’s airborne it’s not that difficult to pass it along with out the consent or such close proximity a sex to those around us. Hence, the mask recommendations. Swingers that don’t understand respect an or consent, will tend create drama.[/quote] Amen. Particularly the last sentence in your opine.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - Dear Mr. Juan, While you certainly have every right in the world to express your misguided opinion on people, you might try to exercise some tact. I see that you are a single male.... Hmmm Go figure. It is our opinion that freedom (like the one you are exercising), was paid for with the lives of those people in uniform like those you are asking to pucker up and kiss your ass. Additionally the freedom that you are so lavishly using to spew your opinions is also protected by the Police, Fire and other emergency personnel. As far as your Tax money is concerned... How much of your, Mr. Quixote's, tax money is actually spent on these services??? Maybe $10 a year??? What's your fucking address? I'll send you a check. You fat, no good, leg humping, pogue, puke piece of shit. Sit on your ass like the slug you are and make your comments, but remember these people asshole. http://www.militarycity.com/valor/honor.html These Americans, that would go in your fucking stead to lay down their lives, so that you can eat cheetos and masturbate on your couch! Why don't you do us all a favor and gargle on broken glass. Sincerely, SGT and SPC Cole P.S. Tell one of their mothers you'd like your dumb ass kissed. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Don Juan Wrote: hey, Dickwad, Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this country called the U.S. You see, here, the cops work for the civilians, so you don't tell us what to do; rather it's the other way around. Ditto the military. We are your bosses, so if there's any ass-kissing to be done, pucker up.

Polyamory - three (or more)-way RELATIONSHIPS - Hi all.... I'm writing this because Mr. Halfbaked and I finally found someone to swing with, and it turned into more...for ALL of us. Well, me and Mr, and the female half of this couple (long story, relationship was on the brink WAY before we got involved, and they broke up shortly after a few encounters). Thing was, I had already become VERY good friends with the female, and they had been a "play alone and together" couple, so we'd had threesomes with just him and just her, so we knew we liked being with just her. And my guy liked her a lot outside the bedroom, too. Anyway, long story short, we were talking and the subject of polyamory came up (not that we knew that word at the time), because he and i had developed feelings for her, and she'd developed feelings for us. So now, we are a love-triangle in a GOOD way. I am in love with him AND with her, and he is in love with her AND with me, and she is in love with me AND him. We're all in love with each other. So we just kind of made up these rules for our relationship...we have all-together time, and each couple within the triangle also has equal time with just the two. It's been almost a year now, and it's still going strong...We all live apart due to life/economic concerns, but we're thinking about combining households as we plan for this to be a permanent thing. We even want to have a "commitment ceremony" with the three of us, after Mr. Halfbaked and I legally tie the knot (he and she share the same last name, so after he and I get married, we'd all have it). The thing is, we have not found very many places to meet other people like ourselves, though we know they exist...We figured that maybe someone on HERE had some knowledge, either first- or second-hand, that they'd be willing to share. We realize that we're taking a chance outing ourselves on here....from the few people in the lifestyle we have told (we finally found a local club), that OUR lifestyle isn't necessarily welcomed. We figured it was worth it to put ourselves out there, since there are *very* few couples on here even close to local, so we wouldn't really be losing out on much. That said, if you're cool with sharing here on the forum, great. If not, and we totally understand, you could PM us...We're really just looking for other people like us....especially if they are swingers, because we still want to swing, too. Mr. and Misses Halfbaked...or maybe that's 3/4 now, lol ;-)

Young Swingers Myspace Swinger Party@Club Hedonism - - Hey Guys You have eplained your involvment and you did not have to but it did clear it up for those that wondered. Now that said ok you young ones go have some fun sounds like this cpl will take care of you and the club is sposed to be HOT! Hope its a great turn out and please do post. Enjoy the night, and we were just funnin with yas you know that! Hugs to you bothe Traci and Pat

people close to home - - Hey! Let's not forget SW Georgia! ........ SW Where? I believe we are just about the only ones. But I do agree with Lizzie, there are a freakin' lot of swingers in North and South Carolina. Maybe we all ought to move?

When is this site going to get back to SEX - - This was exactly my next post so i will go with it and say: "we are looking for friends"? "want people that are not into jumping in the sack"? CUM ON people swingers have sex and make friends. if you are into making friends, networking, or looking for romance there are plenty of sites for that stuff don

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