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would you? - if you found this on your car in the morning? - Well, since we don't take the bus, probably would push it off, since it's novelty is old. The people that would find it amusing would be either A- immature, or B- Swingers. You'd run across a lot of A's but the B's are much more rare. Guess I'd have to push it off and go to work..

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - well, I think it depends on the person. I've met many a single guy who thought joining a swingers group was an easy way to get laid. And I met one last night who has been a member of swingers groups for 13 years, and has been a swinger with many of his girlfriends, even though he is single now. So is the single guy who wants to get laid a swinger? No. But the single guy who has been a member of swingers groups for 13 years and had previous been a swinger with several girlfriends.....yes I consider him a swinger. mrs. garnet

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - I would be interested in this. I hope be part of group!!! Thanks

Open-mindedness - - I see open mindedness a bit situational for most people and while each has their own levels of diversity openness most still tend to set limits. However the observation about the lack of acceptance of bi males or non bi females in the lifestyle does seem out of context with our actions that reach out for sexual freedom. I saw one discussion in another swingers web site about gay marriage and I was somewhat surprised at how many swingers were defending the

Single male in this lifestyle.. - I have questions for couples and single females. - [quote=BMSHELL][quote]why is it that girls and couples look for girls more than guys?[/quote] So you're asking why do swingers prefer MFF instead of MMF? Because most women in the life-style are bi-sexual to varying degrees, and most men are not. Not even a little bit. Thus, MFF becomes the "third wheel" combination that most swinger couples can enjoy together. (Versus MMF, which is really more just about pleasing the female). Why is is to hard for a single-male to find a couple to play with? Well, see above.. most couples don't want MMF... and those that DO want MMF have about 10,000 of you to choose from. Supply and demand. This isn't that complex. [/quote] Yup. Tons more bi gals than bi guys. Probably 'cause, for just bunches of reasons, it's a lot more "acceptable" for a gal to like playing with gals than it is for guys to like playing with guys. And, as much as some of us see ourselves as rejecting society's "norms" and doing what we ourselves think is right, or acceptable, we still grew up in that society, had its standards pounded into us for years, and just can't truly get completely away from all of them. So more gals are likely to try it out and find out they like it. ~ Terry

Pocatello - - In in Pocatello Idaho for a few weeks. Heist places would you recommend going to meet local swingers in the area?

How to add an event? - Looking into adding an event. - A friend of ours is operating a local club and wants to promote a swingers night. We were asked if we could potentially help with this. We'd like to create an event on the events page. But I'm not sure how. I'm assuming there is some additional verification that has to take place first? Also i know many events seem to be restricted to couples and single females, is it a bad idea to open events up to everyone? This would be a semi public venue so it would be difficult to restrict attendees.

Do you frequently have... - - ...dirty dreams? What's the naughtiest dream you've ever had? And remember, we're all swingers here so something akin to boinking the cute neighbor in the house down the street might cause us to yawn a little rather than get turned on. [em]Emo_49[/em]

Swingers gone bad?? - - We agree these people are not swingers and should not be even close to the class of swingers.

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - Very nicely written! I couldn't agree more!

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