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Paradise Valley Swingers

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Another Swingers Show on TV - - It is ch. 261 on DirecTV. there are two episodes airing on Saturday the 21st, one and 7pm, the other following at 8pm.

Swingers - Looking for colorado swingers - I used AFF and Literotica charroom heavily while living in Colorado Springs.

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - Hello everyone, coming from Georgia! Can't wait to start meeting everyone in person. Oh yeah, round of drinks and lap dances! We are driving in on Saturday and still trying to decide where to stay. Any suggestions?

MMF - - [quote=ONEFUNCOUPLE]Well It's great to see so many people agree with me!!!! Now I have to take baby steps with my other half so she can work up to that experience. I think she will like it and she thinks so too but she wants to get her feet wet "so to say" with just being with another girl and work up from there!!! [/quote] This is how we started FMF...I am bi and we started with just me playing with the girl and he watched, then I was comfortable enough to let him join....now we are full on swappin swingers...hahaha...love FMF, MFM, MFMF, MMFMM, and ALL other combinations...hehehe...have fun and let her set the pace...you will be happy in the end letting her do it how she feels comfortable...she will reward you for your patience...I know I did Lucky B...hehehe...kisses...Naugh-Ty and Lucky B ;)

Stabbing at swingers party? - - SCAREY!!!!!

Perhaps this the answer... - "Sweetie, is that couple looking at us?" - Bracelet, necklace, pinkie ring, secret sign. We all talk about how to spot swingers in normal every day life. Perhaps if we all just bought one of these :) http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/07/magnetu-connects-you-with-similar-people-in-your-area-because-d/ Seriously though, it would be horrific if one was to run into their boss at a bar who for whatever reason also happened to be carrying one of these devices while yours was set to swing. But none the less, it was the first thing I thought of when I read this article.

meet in greet in the ogden area - - going to check out a place, it sounds like we can get it for swingers only yahoo!

^^Weekend campground for nudist and swingers^^ - We host nudist swinger activities! - [color=#1e5612"][/color]G's Spot - www.gsspotnaples.com Date of event> May 4th- 6th Enjoy a totally secluded, rustic weekend campground in Naples Fl for nudist and swingers that injoy lifestyle activities. Tents RVs and Vans are Welcome or use one of our RVs . Tube/float on the lake or soak in the hot tub, DJ for dancing or karaoke, room for quiet reflection, reading, relaxation or sunbathing. Pot-luck dinners and socializing are a highlight with whatever level of participation is comfortable. Membership is free. Adults over 21 only and must sign a privacy agreement and show ID. Couples and select singles welcome

Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - We are a pair of Virgos here

Hosting a swingers Party - - there is a few ways to do this . and like i noticed someone say u have to be careful on how u do things . if u dont have a lic, then u cant TELL PEOPLE THEY AHVE TO PAY U . u can ask for a dontation to help with the cost . but if anyone choose not to pay u still have to let them in . if not u can get into alot of trouble . one way to charge and it be ok is to have a private group with priavte parties .u can tell the group what kinda of party and then ask them to please send a dontaion with a id pic of them being 21 and over and then email them the loctaion to the party .i am sorry u have friends that dont want to help out with their share to help the party be good . i have never met anyone like that . all the private parties i have been to or heard abot everybody was more then happy to pay to help the party . but u have to be very careful about stuff like this . cops look for every reason to bust a swingers party . if the achool is being handed to u , they will bust u . if u tell them they have to pay to come they will bust u . i would look in to it and the laws in your state . u can always stop by the cops station and ask some questions . but please be very careful . i hate to see people geting busted for trying to get together and have a party . if people in your group dont want to pay u . then i would throw the parties at a club . u can call clubs and tell them how many people are in your group and what night u would like to go and most of the time they will give u and your group a deal to get in . and then the poeple have to pay . and it isnt going to u . so u dont have to worry about breaking any laws . and yall still get to hang out and have fun . naughty dreams freaky kitty

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