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Gardnerville Swingers

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ok questions for you laytonites....or anyone... - most people know my part time job... - I'm really curious too. I have run into people at parties that I knew outside the lifestyle, and ran into people in the real world that we recognized from the site. I would like to know if any research has been done as too how many couples in Utah are swingers (or a member count for this site that diversifies states) and what percentage of couples are swingers (I'm guessing it has to be higher than people generally think because of my experiences. Perhaps 20%). Anybody hear of any documented research that answers either question.

Swinger Friendly Bars/Clubs In San Diego - - Blacks Beach over by La Jolla. Is that still a nude beach? Used to be almost impossible to go there and not get approached by swingers. Nude volley ball, nude body painting. Great fun playing volley ball with a bunch of hot ladies wearing nothing but knit forearm protectors.

Shit Swingers Say - Hilarious Video.. - One of my all-time favorites.. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5v-6_6qat4&list=PL1JZ_IMsHzmym9pC-JbiN35ErrRCdq2aX&index=2]Shit Swingers Say[/url] (YouTube)

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - 1. Exchange clothes with the person to your right (left) and wear as much as you can. 2. Eat an item of your chose off of the person to your left (right). 3. Sit throw one round of play with a toy on you. ( leaves alot to the imagination and room for interpertation) 4. sit on the lap of the person to your left(right) for one round 5. Dance to a song erotically with a broom or like item to the song chosen by the person 3 seats to your left (right) 6. Tease the person to your left(right) with a feather 7. eat whip cream off of someone of your chose they pick the place there are so many others. We actually have a card game called fore-play that has 104 dares on them, then we also have truth or dare Jenga and a third of the blocks are blank and the rules actually say to write your own truth or dares on them with pencils..

www.thesexconcept.com - www.thesexconcept.com - We just started our on PPV website! Check it out and let us know what you think. We are always adding content that we hope swingers like. Thanks hotrandr www.thesexconcept.com

Swinging and the Mormon Church - - We know and have known many active Mormon swingers over the years and I think they pretty much have a personal "don't ask don't tell" policy. And, of course, they lie...to their Bish or whoever when asked if they're chaste and stuff. I'm fairly certain most religions pretty much frown on wife swapping and most other forms of sexual relations with someone other than your God approved spouse. So I think the bottom line for most people who espouse a religion would be denial or simply willful disregard of THAT particular religious doctrine. However, as FORMER Mormons (well raised that way, anyway) we do know that there is sort of a loophole that many may not be aware of so you can basically fuck other peeps (and do other naughty shit...short of murder) and still go to heaven...eventually. Check out D&C 132:26. Now the way I interpret that "scripture" I'm pretty much covered (even though I'm an atheist) and will still get to go to heaven and stuff if on the VERY slim chance I'm wrong and it isn't all bullshit. ;-)

becoming a poly couple - wanting another woman to join our family - Prolly not a swingers site. There are actually poly communities on the internet where you can start exploring but be forewarned, a lot of polys abhor the notion of swinging almost as much as the vanilla world does.

habits tonight????? - Come on people let's go - Habits is a nightclub on 39 S. Salt Lake favorite hang out for swingers but it's hot in on Saturday night

lifestyle camping - - Google Southwest Swingers Jamboree for pertinent information on an upcoming event.

Polyamory - Any thoughts on an exclusive 3 or more partner relationship? - This is like kissing to me.... Don't love anyone you have sex with except your SO... Well I am in a poly relationship with a married woman. Her husband is not poly and my wife is not poly. The 4 of us are good friends and both my wife and her husband know that the relationship is not platonic, far from it. They do not swing but we met at a swingers social. They were looking into the lifestyle but did not decide to go that way... We started talking on the internet.. they live a little less than 30 miles away. She and I had discovered that we loved each other from the several meetings and talking and I stopped by one afternoon, sat down and told her husband how I felt and she told him also. Understand we both understand that it is a secondary relationship and neither of us wants to leave our respective mates... We have discussed what ifs like; What if something happens to one of our mates? What if one of our mates starts to have problems with our relationship? We try to discreetly meet when we are each free and our mates are not around... This to alleviate any stress to our primary relationships... We do get together and eat and watch TV, play games, dance...Everything is open above board and consensual. Many people who are coming into the lifestyle, over the age of 40 and empty nesters have things in their profiles like; "looking for one or two couples for fun both in and out of the bedroom. Would like to find a couple or two to play with on a regular basis..." The implication is that they want a relationship that is closed...i.e., safe, secure and on a regular basis... To me that looks suspiciously like poly relationships. B and I need to find a place in MT but it's much much too unpopulated there, too cold and could get lonely....besides B likes her job/s.. Wears so many hats it isn't funny. All in all we do get to get out and go to parties/socials almost every weekend, if we want. Something to be said for populated areas even if super people live so far away...

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