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If you are looking for Swingers in Lincoln, MT, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Lincoln looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Lincoln, MT. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We would attend as well about 2x a month or so. The ones we've been to in Las Vegas were fun but one was dirty and nasty. I would think a good dance area along with a pool table and seating area along with play rooms would be great. A big community type play room as well as individual play rooms or a room with windows would be fun. The main thing is keeping it clean! There's nothing worse than going into a dirty, disgusting play area.

swingers resort - - Sea Mountain landed in Desert Hot springs after Dewie lost his place in Malibu CA. He brought the Hollywood vibe with him when he took over the new place & he sunk a ton of money into it. He works hard to keep everything high end, from the Egyptian cotton linens to the mineral water hot tub. Its a nice place. It tends to be high energy & It's normally packed. I often stay at a German spa that is a few blocks away & just get day passes to sea mountain when they are full. The clientele is a little mixed, but it's mostly pretty people & there is normally a lot of action there. Food in the area is hit & miss. My favorite reasonably priced restaurant is a place called Fisherman's in Palm Springs. The area gets kind of sketchy at night. I've had some run ins with crack heads when I've gone for supplies late in the evening. Sea Mountain itself is completely safe, but I would plan to stock up on supplies during the day. Also, the AM/PM station on Gene Autry Trail doesn't take credit cards after dark, so plan your gas around that as well.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - I may have steped out of line here but I still wanted everyone to know, I just sent this to the asshole (DON_JUAN_QUIXOTE) with all the remarks about the Military. Sir and I use that term loosely, you obvesely have no clue what the F' your speaking about and I can't help but think you are quite possible a F'in Democrat. It's only fair to assume (and we all know what that means) that you don't believe in anything George Bush or any other Rep. has to say. We have to agree with the rest that you TRUELY do not UNDERSTAND what you really have because of people like myself who go to work everyday in the MILITARY. We may not DIRECTLY save your life but when some asshole like on the day of 9-11 comes knocking on your door I am sure you will again be one of the first to cuss us again because we're NOT THERE to save your ASS. Personally if I was there I'may just have to sit back and say "have you ever heard of the "Just Due Process" you know what I'm talking about. Like when a child rapist goes to jail, as soon as the inmates find out what's he there for, he only has one way to go, be a BITCH for everyone else or die. Well I'd have to say you fit right into that mold. Sincerly MSGT USAF

LDS Survey Results - - [quote=HOTTYZX2]Oh yeah just cuz lds is one of the main religions does not mean it is the most common if you put all Christian religions together and I mean all of them including Mormons catholic etc all combined there is only six hundred million more Christians ( as a whole. ) than the Islam religion making them the most common. So no one is bashing on the most common religion because so far I am the only one to bring up Islamic religion. We are bashing on poser two faced punks..[/quote] The problem with your argument is you didn't comprehend what you read. [quote=LUCKYWONS]We are in Utah, so the most common religion is Mormonism, which makes this poll most applicable to the demographic, [/quote] In other words, Here in Utah the most common religion is Mormonism, which makes this poll most applicable to the demographic (i.e. Utah) A majority of the state's residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). As of 2007, 60.7% of Utahans are counted as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although only 41.6% of them are active members.[ According to a report produced by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life the self-identified religious affiliations of Utahans over the age of 18 as of 2008 are:[7] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 58% (labeled as Mormon on survey) Unaffiliated 16% Catholic 10% Evangelicals 7% Mainline Protestants 6% Black Protestant Churches 1% No Answer 1% Other Faiths 1% Buddhism <.5% Eastern Orthodox <.5% Hinduism <.5% Islam <.5% Jehovah's Witnesses <.5% Judaism <.5% Non denominational <.5% Other World Religions <.5% Margin of error +/- 6% So, If my math is correct, all groups designated as Christian, other than LDS, make up 25% of the states religions. That is already less than half the percentage of the Mormon church, yet just that 25% completely dwarfs Islam's .5% HOTTYZX2, calm down and clear your head before you go making radical declarations about numbers you obviously haven't researched. Granted this information was valid as of 2008, but I did not find anything more recent, and I think it is at least a good benchmark to go on. [quote=HOTTYZX2] And FYI Utah is the swinger Capitol of the nation. Utah has more swingers then organ and Washington has hippies..[/quote] I would love to know where this statistic comes from. I have been searching for it for weeks now and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know?

An out of this world (or state) encounter - swinging parties - [quote=HOTFIRELOVERS]I love you ABC Women you described utah parties very well. You are AWESOME!!! We have had soooo much fun and we are non drama people. However most parties have one or two that make it not as fun but you chose to respond how you want. Looks do not matter as much to us. We just like having a good time. That is what I hope everyone is trying to do. We enjoy all the parties soooo far keep them coming!!! goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo swingers!!!! [/quote] Yeah...what they said! Have to agree..ABC has it dead on..in our experience!

Question for the ladies - - Just asking them their size does not work. They are not truthful about it. It was not MY wife who laughed at the guy. She has been very patient with the guys so far, even though she hasn't gotten what she wanted. I hate to see her disappointed. We are exclusively looking for singlemen, we do not go to house parties or swingers clubs.

What's the universal swinger signal? - How can you spot a swinger?? - [quote=NEWFUNCOUPLEXXX]Hello kitty!! We are new lol!! so is habits just for swingers or mostly swingers?? The reason I ask Is some HUGE vanilla friends that I dont think even have sex invited us to go there few weeks ago!! I would flirt with you to if I was at maverick!!![/quote] Its not exclusively swingers. A lot of swingular people simply like going there on a regular basis. *psst. its the maverick in lehi. i'll be by the redbulls* :P

Swingers clubs in Amsterdam - - We are looking more for some interaction with others SUENDAN, LOL. It's always an option to have a party for 2 however. May try suggestions from PANDJSWING. Thanks for responding.

ha just horny...How bout you? - yep horny still haha - [quote=UtSkier]i think we are all always horny maybe that is why we are swingers. plus i love loads on my boobs[/quote] Wouldn’t mind to contribute my load on your girls 🙂🙂🙂

A&E New show about swingers... - neighbors with benefits.... - Well,, did anyone watch it? What did you think? My thought,,, just another catchy title for a reality series,, not realistic necessarily,, had some good points, but looks like they are going to have some "DRAMA", ( Britanny & Mike?). So much like all the other shows,, reckon they think everyone will get all worked up in the conflict and anxiously await the next show. Probably will watch another or two,, and hope to be wrong with the direction it seems to be headed already. On the other hand,, there has been a lot of coverage here in Tn on a wingers club opening up next to a school. Look for a lot of legal action on that one I bet!

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