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Who’s had luck with single guys? - - [quote=Athleticeuropean]No worries, I will not participate in such forums anymore. Not use to be judged by people who has never met. Have a great weekend.[/quote] It’s Utah get used to it! Don’t worry about some of them, they can’t even show up to their own meet ups. But seriously put some pictures and info on your profile. This is a swingers site. If you want to join them you have to establish trust before they are going to take time to meet let alone fuck you. Most cheater singles are the ones with no pictures. We have met some great singles men on here. One or two will be long time friends.

2 Year Anniversary Party for Swingers in Knoxville,Tn. - BYOB, On-premise Swingers Party - We have been to several parties at destiny's and we always have fun and we will be there this week-end . If you by be sure to say hello.

Donte and bre - Hot swingers - The lack of punctuation in that story made my private parts ache.

ok questions for you laytonites....or anyone... - most people know my part time job... - I'm really curious too. I have run into people at parties that I knew outside the lifestyle, and ran into people in the real world that we recognized from the site. I would like to know if any research has been done as too how many couples in Utah are swingers (or a member count for this site that diversifies states) and what percentage of couples are swingers (I'm guessing it has to be higher than people generally think because of my experiences. Perhaps 20%). Anybody hear of any documented research that answers either question.

Member Since - How long have you been on? - Swingers since 2006 swingular since sept 2007....The Tarts:p

Stansbury Nude Beach - - 4 to 5 couples going today. If you're a couple please stop by. We'll have ladder ball, music, frisbee and nakedness. Groups mostly not swingers but people do play there. 430

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - LOL someone really did it! haha lol that was funny MR

Politics / Religion and the LS - - When you think about it, with all the major, minor, overt or unspoken, and even subconscious qualifiers and disqualifiers that people in the lifestyle use to determine who is 'fuck-worthy', it's amazing that ANYONE is having any kind of naughty swinger sex! HaHa We've often said (And yes, we've been guilty of this as well.) that many swingers often spend more time looking for reasons NOT to fuck rather than looking FOR reasons to fuck. That seems kinda like the antithesis of swinging when you really think about it. Judging by the tone and rhetoric (And, again, I have been just as guilty.) of recent threads, those in positions of power and influence who would seek to divide us for their personal gain have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. [em]Emo_79[/em]

lifestyle survey - - Got into this by talking about our fantasies, roll playing a little in bed, reading stories about swinging in magazines. Background...grew up, like many here in Utah, in ultrconservative households where sex before marriage was forbidden. Met in college and married young because we were SO fucking horny. Virgins when we met. Became swingers probably because we wondered what we had missed out on not sleeping with other people. Why do you think there are so many horny swingers in little old conservative Mormon Utah? LOL

what is soft swing - - Classy- you really think that 'hard' swingers actually have random sex ??? We've never done anything random or haphazardly or out of desperation. We choose our partners carefully, get to know them and when the time is just right, we go for the gold. Nothing awkward or uncomfortable about it. Everyone knows what's going to happen- fucking isn't that big a deal, we've all done it a time or two. We're not afraid of fucking new people, you are. Big difference. Again: our OPINION is that soft swap is a big tease. Mrs U has expressed her displeasure many times when things ended up with foreplay rather than culminating in some of that random, awkward penetration.... Most of the time we risk getting arrested after such an incident by getting it on in the car.... Now that's a reason to follow through after getting the motors running- it isn't worth spending the night in jail for reckless driving or indecent exposure just because our chosen partners are afraid of penetrating each other. I'm done bitching about this. Off to fuck someone. You softies have fun groping each other.

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