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What the Actual Fuck? - - Fine POSSIBITITYS but YOU have to be in charge of shoveling the sidewalks and keeping the hot tubs HOT...if memory serves that fucking island was like near the North Pole. If Trump is elected, word is that all swingers will be exiled to Atlantic City to work in forced servitude at one of his dumpy casinos...except for the hot foreign ones who will be placed in a special waiting area for when he needs a new trophy wife. [em]Emo_67[/em]

Speaking of beds... - A question for our friends - The wife and I have a question to post - wherein we ask this: What bed is the best possible match for a pair of swingers that love to play? This question comes about due to the recent demise of our bed. It appears that 2 years of AMAZING sex WILL destroy a low-quality mattress. The most frustrating part of the low-end mattress is the fact that even when it's just the Mrs. and I, there is entirely too much noise from the box spring set and mattress together to enjoy a hard ride without fear of the kids hearing and being mortified. Recommendations for soft, silent, and amazingly comfortable mattress sets will be greatly appreciated. -Scotch (& Kitten)

Certified Single Male Program - What do you think? - I personally see this life style as a community. The Good, the Bad; and the Ugly are all here in microcosm. I think we can all use a little education and improvement. That does not mean that anyone person that takes that instruction will change his or her ways. But it does not hurt to try it. I have read the information that is available here and think that everyone should do so. I believe that such a program will limit the population of single men by keeping some of those that are here only for trophy sex out. Those that really believe in the lifestyle as a community will be willing to put forth the effort to be part of it. I think this will actually increase the number of couples and swinging singles that are willing to join and pay money for the privilege. Swingular actually feels like a site for swingers where AFF has become nothing but a sex site for those that like to look and send emails. If you think that the number of single males is large here you should look there and I assume that most of you have. The majority of the women and couples there are non-paying. It does not appear that this is the case on Swingular. The admin here seem to care about this community and AFF could not care less. The fact that they are willing to put this out in open forum tells me that they do care about their customers. I have not seen the same from other sites. I would like admin to put something more solidly together and then let us pick at it. Most systems can and should be tweaked from time to time. Maybe we can make some good observations and maybe we won

Utah moms (Mormon) TikTok drama - - [quote=Gitterdone]I don't know who that person is but I do know that swingers will ways throw others under the bus. It's happened to me several times mostly to get with the female I was with. Men will tattle on each other in hopes that the female will leave and run to him which never did work. Nonetheless the attempt was there. They ways tell and swingers always talk. Yet this entire time I've kept so many secrets about others and never will reveal anything. Too bad no one else does. I've been around for a long time in the lifestyle especially when I was a couple. We knew about marriages breaking up. Two of who I know personally. Actually three now that I think about it. I'll never name anyone. All I ask is the same respect and keep it to yourself.[/quote]We don’t understand it. We get misery loves company but why sink everyone around because you are jaded.

MNF - Gonna throw this out there. - - Wife's a Giants fan, I am a Bronco's fan !!!?!??!!!we both love football season we like to go to iggy's in layton to watch the game good food. Does anyone know of any other places out here in layton area where football lovin swingers go ?

Swinging parties - Ice breaker/sex games - Check out these games. https://www.gameoflifestyle.com/ https://www.devierboutique.com/deviate-dare-swingers-edition-erotic-card-games-ice-breaker-combo-pack/

they fix mobile and killed photo albums - - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]It is just part of the new mobile rollout. You can only see each individual profile picture at a specific GPS coordinate. The idea is that swingers will bump into each other while they are all out looking for the locations that let them catch each others naked profile pictures. [/quote] Might not be naked. Might just be suffering from mange. [em]Emo_8[/em]

Swingular Changing name to: - I think Swingular should change it's name to "Hateular" - "Swingers" is defined as a form of recreational social and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Swingers commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimate. I'm sure no matter where you look on the internet - you'll find whatever definition you want. Again - it's our opinion you can't be single and in the lifestyle.

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - From certain perspectives yes that's what I'm saying. Religion twists things but from the view of an Islamic extremest what those terrorists did on that plane was the pinnacle of a moral example. From our point of view it was horrid and sick. We are in the out group to these terrorists and religion has warped their view so that they think they need to defend the ideals of their in group. Understanding that they believe they are doing good things doesn't excuse them from the bad things they do. Like how the Pope isn't innocent for using his influence to stop people from using condoms in countries riddled with AIDS and parent less children. He believes he is doing right but is inexcusable.

Hanging out this weekend - Habits tonight?? - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET][quote=HERRIMANFUN][quote=DELICIOUSLYWET][quote=HERRIMANFUN]We enjoy it if there is a couple we are interested in they have sections that aren't so loud that you can talk. But yes it is loud. And we have run into lots of swingers there lots of times. But I hear that a lot I think most people don't talk to people or just walk up to a stranger(s) and say hi. But I the male half does a lot that's how you meet people and then once you chat a bit it comes out that they are swingers. Not a big fan of he meet and greets it's always the same people unfortunately. And that's great for some but we haven't really made a connection at any that we have been too, yet. [/quote] We have been to the meet and greets too and we don't go very often and have not been to one in ages. Maybe twice a year we hit one but when we do go we pretty much introduce ourselves to everybody and if we missed someone we didn't mean to. You do have to be proactive to be successful in meeting people or at least reactive in a positive fashion when someone interesting approaches you. We have been to Habits and ended up leaving with someone, but we had already had a bit of friendly back and forth somehow with the people we left with or it was someone we met previously and had at least chatted a bit. We think we have only been there maybe five times altogether. Well, maybe Mr. Delicious will put on a collared shirt just in case we head that way but for now we are thinking maybe the Green Pig sounds fun. [/quote] Well if you make it to Habits please come and say hello. [/quote] Sounds dandy. For a limited time Mr. Delicious is sporting a now two week old full beard to contrast his shaved head. Part of a guy thing going on with some of his friends. Getting his Viking on which like his Norse god last name came to him through his family's Dublin roots going back to Norway before attacking or we mean landing in Ireland and becoming truly Irish. Mrs. Delicious is tall and sexy and carries her self like the strong willed woman she is so we should not be hard to spot. It is always fun looking for and finding someone you have not really met.[/quote] We are always on the back wall behind the dance floor towards the restrooms.

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