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Site Weirdness - A thousand less members online than usual? - [quote=CHEFFETTE][quote=UTAHCOUPLE4PLAY]I've only been on here about a month and I get logged out by the site frequently, even as I'm writing something.[/quote](M)Was just reading your profile and half way through I was loged out so guess they still have things to do, but still the best site for swingers. Anyway I like your profile LOL.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - [quote=TIFFND]Appreciate what you are trying to do...it is admirable. Just finished the survey. I did leave it in the comments section, but will include our opinion here, as well. And we are NOT trying to flame anyone's efforts. Just putting our thoughts in. For us..the single most turn off of any event is limiting who may attend. Excluding the old or young ones, or the heavier ones, or..etc....you get it. We all have our preferences for play partners, but believe it or not, We are both a bit curvier, and me a bit older, but we still have younger, AND thinner friends who seem to enjoy our company both in, and out of the playroom. As we enjoy theirs. I must qualify this a bit, tho, in saying that what we have encountered in the events we have hosted. We have found that although some folks do enjoy the company of the single guys, attendance is often severely limited if you include too many single males without dates. Sorry guys..just the way it is. And..perhaps, as much as we disagree, it is the same. Just as with the single guys, too many of us, as an older/heavier couple may do the same in limiting the folks you are really trying to target. No butt hurt intended for anyone, as I said...just our two cents! There I said it so you don't have to...LOL[/quote] Hear, hear! But one disagreement, sort of. Or maybe it's just a more specific comment about the topic. While I can't argue with limiting single men, simply because of numbers if there was no limit many things would have a population of maybe as much as 75% single guys, and neither they or many of the other attendees would have a great chance of hooking up. But I don't think they should be strictly forbidden. If nothing else, because of my wife's night time working schedules, I often end up being one of those single guys, and I nearly ended up sitting home alone for both last Christmas and last New Years Eves. And it's a special aggravation when looking at the RSVPs for some "no single men" party or event that is happening on a night when my wife has to work, and I see in those RSVPs some lady who I know would be VERY happy to see me there. A better policy, I think would be to limit the number of single men on a sort of sliding scale. State in the event or party description, for instance, that single men can request to come, and will be kept on a list. Then, at some specific date before the party/event, the hosts will look at how many couples and/or single women are coming, and decide on allowing some appropriate number of single guys, who will be selected from that list based on first signed up, first invited. I also have a problem with selecting attendees based on some of the standard criteria, such as age and even weight. Like with the "no single men" thing, I do have a personal interest here. Even though I do just fine at parties/events, if the hosts were screening for age I'd probably never get in the door. Hell, I'm finally 65 now, and am all too aware of all the assumptions many people make about anyone that old. And I imagine that if they got past the age and looked at our profile pics, they'd probably be certain that my pics are like 20 years old, if not older. (Actually, I admit that one of them IS a bit over a year old now.) And if they notice that my wife's 24 years younger, they probably figure she must have been either crazy or desperate. And I've met some ladies in their early to mid 20s who are just as much fun to be with, and I don't mean just physically, as those in, say, their late 30s or older. So yeah, I have a big problem with eliminating prospective attendees based on what age group they're in. OK, you probably wouldn't want to end up with something like 85% people from 20 to 35 and 15% over 55 (or the reverse), but just plain ignoring all people in some certain age group, or level of fitness group, or whatever is, I think, just plain ridiculous. And BTW, we did do the survey. ~ Terry

St. Pete FL... Anyone out there!?!?!? - - In Tampa there is club Elite and also Eyez Wide Shut. To be honest - this website is not the best for FL swingers, although I bought a lifetime membership a while ago when it seemed to be more robust with Floridians in the lifestyle. There are a TON of swingers in FL, and Tampa is not the exception - you just need to find the right avenues to find the right people. A few years ago this site lead me to my first house party with multiple couples and it was just north of Tampa, so I still check it from time to time!

truth dare or double dare - - I've loved this kind of thing - forever - and have designed my own games, too. Glad to see the excitement here for your game. Anybody up for putting together a convention to *play* such games? I always find that the swingers conventions are focussed on fucking - and I think it would be fun to play some games to lead up to it. Tease a little. Enjoy it. Spend a whole weekend doing this kind of game. If we schedule it, will anybody attend? When and where should we hold such an event? And, by the way, I'd love a copy of your game. Perhaps I can provide mine in exchange.

How did you start the lifestyle? - - I was invited to be in a couple of amateur porn movies back in the 80's. It was after the first gang-bang scene that the cameraman gave me an issue of a swingers magazine. Did the whole thing with the PO box and snailmail. Which wasnt easy, even if you live and worked close to home. I was driving over the road, so meeting other swingers was almost impossible. Eventually the internet came along and sites like SDC, Fantasyswingers and Swingular made contacting people so much easier.

swingers helper... - I know some of us need this every now and again... - What is your sign?

Why do they run? - Why do most couples run when you suggest a real full swap? - Yes, some responses do seem to be a bit \"hostile\" as someone put it...(and I\'m sure mine is about to sound the same)...but maybe that is because they may have felt attakced by the originator saying they must be insecure. How about instead of judging the \"security\" of a couple by saying, \"they must be insecure if they don\'t want to do this...\" consider that there are as many ways to swing as there are swingers. Yes, some people develop their boundaries based on \"insecurities\", others simply because of what they like and desire. We just aren\'t in this to go off and play around with other people, this is something we share and enjoy together. If you are into that, that\'s fine, but don\'t judge others because they aren\'t.

Tinder? Bumble? - What are your thoughts on tinder or bumble? Any luck meeting ls folk? - Any similar ones for swingers?

Guy and Gals - What do you think? - i like to get to know know people . so i always ask alot of questions about alot of stuff . and for the people that i would like to be playmates with . i like to watch them first do thier thing so i can see what all they are into and how they like it . everybody has a different style . and i love watching them and learning and also seeing if it turns me on . if it doesnt turn me on watching them then i wont play with them . and it gives u a chance to check them out . i know people laugh at me when i say this but i like to watch them play cause u can learn alot about them , as people aslo . some times u have never seen a person naked before . from our pics u can tell we both shave . i chatted with a couple for a while and then they wanted to meet us at the club so they sent some more pics to us . ... and i dont think the lady has ever shaved her private area . at all . i dont want to offend anyone by that comment . cause i dont care if u do or u dont as a person . but for my playmates . thats not something i want . and i think something like that they should be the ones to say something about it . but she didnt and i was honest with her . and told her that i would never want to play with her cause of that reason . but i would still love to be there friend if she wanted to . i guess she took what i said the wrong way . but that is totally different then us . and that matters to us . we shave all the time . so why would i want to play with someone that has never shaved . she had lots of black hair all in the front up and down and sideways . it look like bathing suit shorts . i think that she should have said something about that . to us . long before . idont like suprises . so i like to see people naked and watch them play first before i even think about really playing with them . i dont want to be caught in a room with someone and then change my mind for some reason and make them feel bad . cause something i might not like others would love . so i dont want to hurt anyones feelings . but something s bother me ...and iam not going to take one for the team or anything like that . so i think u should always be honest about yourself and what u need and want . and u should ask as many questions as u want or need to . one person said something like they talk to each other or watch the other couple to see what their mates want . thinking they are going to do everything the same . everybody is different . i love to be bitten but it is very hard to find someone to bit e me the way i like it . so if one person sees me getting bittten and then tries it i will tell him how i like it . and if that person can do it in a way that turns me on then ill ask for more . but if it isnt turning me on ill ask for them to do somethng else . when we get with out play mates it should be fun for all . and it s great to see when u really turn someone on .and everybody is getting into it really good . and we have been playing with a couple lately . where the lady makes us really weird faces . i have stop doing what i was doing to ask her if she was ok with what was going on . cause the looks are really weird . to my husband if that look was on my face it would mean get me the hell out of here . but she explain all is good and keep going . and i dont care how many times i have heard her saying iam ok .... the look always makes me aask . cause there might be one time that it isnt ok and i dont want to keep going . cause i always want to be invted back . i think it helps with stuff like this to get to know the people a bit before trying to play . i dont understand why swingers treat the life style sex different then dating . people are in a rush by what they see on the outside of the person before they know anything about them . and sometimes people have different ways that dont click with each other . and then they have regrets or hurt feelings or just a bad night with someone . i am sorry . i dont want to regret anything . and i try my damnest to find people that will make my night a blast and people that i can do that for them . i will always ask for what i need and how i need it . and ill always ask the other person what they are wanting and needing . but also go with the flow at the moment and kinda of use my own judgement on if i should ask for something s of just keep doing what iam doing .. its the quiet ones that worry me .... i have been told to shut up by others around . and i have also been told that i made and make the person feel special cause i let them know they can talk open with me and iam here to make them just as happy as they are trying to make me . have u ever tried to tell someone to stop doing something or change something and them not understand .one of my biggest problem is with the nipples . yes i like them to be bitten during sex when we are in the moment . but alot of guys bite them hard from the get go and then u can t start up the way u want . or when u are playing with someone and then they try for your ass without asking or u showing any signs that u want that . if i am light touching with a soft swap with someone i dont think they should go right for my ass .i tell people all the time get your finger out of my ass . maybe they were lost . maybe they were trying to move things along faster then what i wanted . hell i dont know what they were thinking but ill tell u this i put a stop to it from the get go . some took it in a bad way cause others have been in the room . and others have understood and made no big deal about it . but i think that is a thing that should be talked about first and not just thrown on someone like that in a group of people . but thats just me . and we all think and see things different .thats why people try to talk their way through things naughty dreams freaky kitty

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - Thank you!!!!

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