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Physical Attributes vs. Personality - How important is being H/W proportional - The HWP cliche that we read in so many profiles is, in our opinion...totally lame. It's overused...over-rated...and a total yawner. Often...when we're contacted by couples whose profile states anything about HWP...we'll simply disregard them. Honestly...can't anyone come up with something more original and authentic than the good ol' HWP bit? Although Siren and myself consider many to be our friends (platonic)...with all types of swingers...it's always been what's inside that counts (play-wise). Personality is and always will be the deal breaker/maker.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Saw on Channel 2 last night that on the 10 o'clock news on Thursday there is going to be a news story on swingers. This should be good.

Can someone enlighten me? - - [quote=EVILDOERS]I'm just curious... like I mentioned in another thread, now that my thong pic isn't our primary profile pic we're suddenly getting a LOT of blind friend requests (well, I assume they're blind because they didn't wanna be BFF's when it was MY ass they were lookin' at. [em]Emo_59[/em] But I digress. So am I the only one who kinda has a problem accepting a friendship request from people with absolutely no pictures whatsoever in their profiles, little or no info of any kind in the written portion that would lead me to believe we might have anything in common or give me any reason whatsoever to let them look at our private pics in all their glory? I think this would make a good poll. What do you think the number one reason someone would have no pics at all in their profile? 1) They're shy....no, I mean REALLY fucking shy! 2) They don't own a camera, a phone with a camera, know someone who owns a camera or have a pencil to at least draw a stick figure of themselves. 3) They're in the Federal Witness Protection Program. 4) They're internationally famous movie stars and charge for autographed photos. 5) They can't quite figure out all this computer/internet/Instagram shit. 6) They really don't give a fuck but would REALLY appreciate it if we'd open our pics because their fap folder is gettin' low. 7) They're ghosts/vampires/aliens who are physically unable to be photographed. 8) They're not really swingers. They work for the NSA (or the LDS church) 9) None of your damned business. Just open your fucking face pics to them![/quote] #7 Well we are vampires but I promise we have pics lol

Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - Anyone going? cause we are :) wanted to see who we would meet there

Ways to point out Swingers in public - - We’ve also heard the black ring on right hand thing (no middle finger, that signifies asexuality). Mine is a black version of The One Ring from LOTR but I’m a geek.

Black Rings - Do Swingers really? - [quote=HYM4CYN]We came across a piece of jewelry that is supposed to identify lifestyle participants that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, anklet or pin. Its the shape of a heart combined with the infinity sign. We had one special made for Cyndi and when asked by vanilla people, we simply responded it stood for our love forever for each other. It was not long after we noticed another friend and neighbor wearing something similar. They had found it on a jewelry sight that caters to the lifestyle. Our friends are so vanilla they have no idea what they stumbled across. It seems there really is no for sure sign until you start swapping or taking your clothes off.[/quote] Interesting. This sounds just like the Polyamory symbol. I'll say, I've never been approached whether I've been wearing a black ring, polyam symbol, pineapple, buying the store out of unicorn cereal/merch, or otherwise, unless I've been at a lifestyle event. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - We are filing up cards for a game we are trying to put together and we've run out of dares. Give us some more ideas. Remember this is for a game with very "risky & daring" swingers and everything goes. These are some dares we've come up with so far... - take a shot and everyone slap your ass - remove an article of clothing

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - [quote=Sl1ckdick]Kik: sl1ckity and out in the 84108 for the week/weekend if anyone has recommendations for a good bar/hiking/etc[/quote] lol. BBBBBBBBC bro. Lol

Evil's latest poll. Fellas, would you ever... - - [quote=EVILDOERS][quote=EVILDOERS][quote=POUNDCAKE]ditto that. I would sooner lick diamonds out of a tigers ass.[/quote] Yeah? Hmmmm I'm as hetero as the next guy but I think dick would HAVE to taste better than tiger shit. But then I don't really like poop in my mouth. And for KRAZYGIRL...yeah chicks do it for me too...and guys don't. Just kinda tryin' to make a point about how silly it is for some of us to be so afraid of another guy's dick when as swingers we're supposedly sexual libertines. I actually posted this as a poll on another older and much bigger swing site. The responses (all anonymous...hint, hint Swingular!) have been extremely interesting. [/quote][/quote] I kind of thought to each their own was the point. I wish I had followed my gut and not responded to your post. I will not make that mistake again. I certainly won't be apologetic for a sexual preference. Nobody should be. With the comments I have read about homophobia I am pretty certain some people don't even know what the definition is.

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369][quote=BMSHELL][quote=LOOKIN4FUN369] I doubt they verify the age, just took the money and ran lol [/quote] "Took the money and ran" ? Really? The system does check the age the couple claims to be in their Swingular profile before allowing them to buy a ticket. [/quote] But a person can change there birthday on swingular and your system will allow them to purchase tickets so there not really a full proof way to keep the older from buying tickets [/quote] True, there will always be a smarter full.

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