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I’m defense of single males - Funny old geezers - We are in our sixth year on this site. We are also currently on three more sites, even after dropping two more. When we joined Swingular, we were taken aback from the negativity toward single guys. We did not see this this level of animosity on any other of the sites we are or were on. Aside from the folks from Idaho and Wyoming (and very, very few nationwide), this site is predominately Utah based. I am not negatively judging Utah since a survey or research was never done, but we had to wonder if this hatred is a Utah thing. Or was it a few couples who made it seem normal to criticize, demean, humiliate; and then everyone just jumped on the bandwagon? Human history has taught us that ostracizing is easier than accepting. Who knows? We certainly don't understand it. Many couples correctly point out that single guys are not [b]"swingers"[/b] since they don't swap. But, we believe that single guys are part of the [b]"lifestyle"[/b] for many couples. Why is fmf ok, but mfm is not ok? As a side note: The vast majority of our play is with couples(our preference). But we occasionally like mfm for the different dynamics it offers. We have been very lucky with mfm and haven't had a bad experience yet, which I cannot say is always true with every couple we've met.

Interracial Couple in the Lifestyle. - Why are we treated as Outsiders - It's a funny thing that something as passionate and erotic as the swingers Lifestyle have a dent in it's armor. What We mean is being judge by the Color of your Skin and Not the content of your Character. There are a lot of wonderful people in the world from all walks of life, we should want to learn more and except people for who they are. It's a harsh reality being an Interracial Couple, when one of you are wanted and the other is not Due to there Ethic Status. Let's be honest that sucks, no one likes being Judge. We just don't think it has any place being in the lifestyle we consider so wonderful. US2FOR2

Do you agree, that some times it\'s ok to swing with a solo marr - - Our two Cents... If your just hooking up for sex and not friendship as many in the lifestyle are does it matter what the other partners have going on in there lives? Where they work, are they married etc? Everyone swings for there own reason and if all your looking for is pleasure of a third or whatever then so long as they are clean, respectful and discreat it really shouldn\'t concern you (Same goes for females). When you meet at a swingers club do you check everyones credentials, do a background check and call references? HOWEVER... if your looking for friends, more than just a one night stand (Not the No-Strings arrangment) then surely you would talk about why everyone is involved in the lifestyle and honesty etc become doubly important. Just our outlook.. we are pretty tough on our screening for swing partners and friends been burnt too many times. Amanda & Peter

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - The bar is called unspoken, but I can't find ANYTHING on it.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Posted By: T4REAL69 Reply posted on: Jan 8, 2008 - 10:48 am Kristy Couldn't care one way or another as to your racial views...just don't hide behind the single man issue to justify them. Maybe he doesn't like single men as well? Scenario 1: They are racist. They don't like single men Scenario 2: They are racist and they like single men Scenario 3: they are not racist. They don't like single men Scenario 4: They are not racist and they like single men How do you know which it is? Isn't it kinda jumping to conclusion because he is racist that he doesn't like so and so because of the race and he is hiding behind the single guy issue?

Effinghman - Swingers - awwe dang u moved

Christian Swingers - - I recently came across some Yahoo groups where Christians who are swingers post talking about their activities. Some of these share their wives and others are into other things like B&D. Anyone here a Christian swinger? I would like to hear comments from anyone who wants to put in their two cents worth.

To message first or not - Do you reach out first? - I have been the writer in almost all of our attempts to reach out to people. I agree that the answers are nowhere near the proportion of messages. I try to remember it's similar to a salesperson prospecting or a major league baseball hitter. You're considered successful if you connect 3 out of every ten times. Anyway, we are both bi and actually met through another swingers website. We would love to chat with you and meet for a drink. If we click, we are open to playing on the first meet. Look forward to your reply. Ed and Gill [quote=Bicouplemarried]I started out strong messaging then I stopped not allot of results. I found more by posting on here saying hey this is us and what where looking for. And going to moose Lounge. Or I message people I see active in the forum. With that said Sammie hit is up if your interested. Or I'm guessing you go to New rec centre I'm there every morning. Good luck.[/quote]

Lying About Your Age? - Is lying about your age considered proper? - Does age really matter? I know several couples on this site and others that have porposely lowered their age. Basically, lying about how old they are. Is it considered proper among swingers to lie about how old they are? If they lie about their age, what else are they lying about? Once you find out how old they really are, and knowing they lied, would you trust them? Or, can you say you are younger if you look younger than your age? Does lying about age fall into the same catagory of deceit as posting pictures that are 5 to 10 years old, or saying 10 lbs or more overweigth is "Average"? Would having a penile implant or hysterectomy matter. Some would think it would matter more than age would. What's your opinion?

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - So, I've heard of Salt Lake City as being described as one of the most active swinger communities. So, obviously there are quite a few active and former Latter Day Saints who are swingers. I'm a bit of a data nerd so I'd love to find out more (we are recent ex-mormons and are new swingers). If you are (or were) LDS will you take my survey? I'll post results once I get a significant amount of responses. I apologize if something like this has already been done. [url=https://www.surveychampion.com/takesurvey/?survey=8FjB/4wbWElz04/k%200AX9vvLtoIaT6ekQRBC8/iO4rjrB4bKBUB5hw==]Click here to take the LDS Swinger Survey[/url]

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