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Troy Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in Troy, ID, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Troy looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Troy, ID. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Identifying Swingers! - Lots of talk and now some action! :) - Suz, I think you are correct. Now that I look again, you have to study it a bit to really see what it is. I like it. Perhaps they should implement a color-coded gem to denote lifestyle participation. Pink and Blue to denote single female and single male. Perhaps red for a couple??? -D-

michigan ?. can anyone help us out. - - were looking for a swingers bar, club, hangout. so we can meet new people in the lifestyle to hang out with and make some friends. so if you can please let us know. thank you watcher

swingers helper... - I know some of us need this every now and again... - OMG you find the funniest shit to post on here to keep me rolling. Thanks for always keeping me laughing. BTW....I have something much better to get you "up" hun ;)

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - We also said in our post LUSTYTWO4U: "It'll be interesting to hear what others have to say." And you're right - we did say "to us" - we didn't say everyone had to agree. Everyone is entitled to their ideas about the lifestyle - as we are.

Observations from the other side of the room - Some unsolicited advice - [quote=EVILDOERS]All good advice. You should give seminars to the GAZILLIONS of single males who think female swingers are nymphomaniac, wanton sluts who will fuck anyone, any time, anywhere and that their husbands/partners are pathetic, impotent cucks who don't know how to please their partners and need a "real" man to satisfy their wives/girlfriends. You could make BANK teaching the utterly clueless how to act like a gentleman and do a service to the lifestyle by helping to weed out the twatwaffles who have no business even ATTEMPTING to enter a lifestyle they know nothing about and should leave immediately![/quote] That's a really good idea! I am no authority but I agree that Utah guys have a bad reputation. I have heard similar stories from friends on vanilla dating sites where the guy just wants a one night stand. I am glad that my post was read and responded to. I agree that my comments are common sense as well. Unfortunately, common sense isn't all that common. Any suggestions on what to name my seminar?

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - we won the cruise in October. Can't wait for it!

another club under fire - club in peoria - [quote=CARRIERMANANDGEEKGIRL]Obviously, the Peoria city fathers have never heard of the Constitution. #1. - It's a PRIVATE club, which means it's not open to the general public. #2. - Nothing that happens inside is within view of the general public. #3. - The club's proximity to the police station has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. #4. - Swinging and/or swapping partners is NOT illegal. It will be really interesting to see what the exact wording of the ordinance is. It will also be laughable. [b]FLASH:[/b] "Consenting adults arrested for having consensual sex behind closed doors." Film at 11:00.[/quote] I always forget how spoiled ya'll in Florida are...Constitution or not they can and will shut this place down...look at Utah...we have NO swingers clubs and as of now Ogden has no strip clubs...talk about conservative...oh wait, I DON'T LIVE IN UTAH ANYMORE...roflmao I keep forgetting that lol

Swingular still active/ legit? - Looking for couples or singles - This site is overrun with Single Males whos sole purpose in life seems to be posting Dick Pics. Actual Swingers are few and far between here. I would wait and see how the site update is before paying money.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - I am saying that that logic doesn't justify intolerance. My analogy is logical. The majority say that swinging is wrong. Yet here you are. but thats your opinion ,,you are right & we are wrong then again we are right & you are wrong,, it's funny, its a no win situation,lol Alton aka joe dirt lol

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 1965 Mustang.

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