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We will be doing the Lap Dance Date Night class next Friday at Poler’s Cove. Thought a few of you would also like it.

See Polerscove.com for tickets.

Yes - sexy attire for the ladies ( or men!)
Well try and move things around to get there, what is the cost?
From their website:
Lap dance for 2 date night
+$1.73 service fee
Thanks, I couldn't finish quickly enough but we will do the next one
Dm us if you have questions. Pyrex will be helping out with the class. It has always been a sexy good time.

You can wear anything you want. There are probably 7-8 couples. Ladies often wear sexy outfits underneath for the class part and you know the guys are in normal clothes.

We learn a full routine while the men get the full show as our personal props.

It is a welcome and open atmosphere and environment.
Sounds fun. Sometimes, we miss not living up north. A lot more sexy fun things to do then down here.
That looked so fun! Will you be doing it again?