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Swingers Forum - Day hike or overnight backpacking anyone?

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Hike details:
Palisades Creek Trail to Lower Palisades Lake on AllTrails

Hey all! As the season is slowly coming to a close and I wanted to see if anyone had interest in joining me on my hike! Link to the details and location, but amazingly beautiful hike! It's my absolute favorite hike and I'd love to get some play time while at my favorite camping spots. I've made the hike over 10 times, I have an extra pack with everything needed enough for 1 extra(minus a companion or couple, and the clothes you think you'll need). There is a stream that runs along side the trail that is fresh water (glacial runoff) and I use a top of the line water filter and I freeze dry my own food and have some amazing recipes.

I don't want to make the hike by myself and would love to fool around during the hike or once we setup camp.

My schedule is quite adjustable so you tell me what would work with your schedule
If anyone is interested message me.